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Iraq: Chevron evacuates staff from Kurdistan oil site, will Russia's Rosneft benefit?

Published: January 6, 2020
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Source: Boing Boing

Chevron said Monday it has evacuated all expatriate oil workers from Iraq, following last week’s Trump airstrike in Baghdad that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

Chevron, which is the number 2 U.S. oil company, said in a statement that as a "precautionary measure" all non-Iraqi employees and contractors have departed the company’s one and only site in the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq "for the time being."

"The safety of our people and facilities is Chevron’s top priority globally," a Chevron spokeswoman told CNN Business, which has more on the development.

As this 2017 article notes, Russian state-sponsored Rosneft has also been quite active in the Kurdistan Region in the last 4 or so years, and its investment in natural gas pipelines in the region continues.

When US companies leave, will Rosneft take over?

More about Chevron’s history of operations in Iraq on the Chevron website.

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