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Meanwhile In China, "Residents Forcibly Taken Away After Refusing To Be Quarantined"

Published: February 4, 2020
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Source: ZeroHedge

Radio Free Asia (RFA) has tweeted a disturbing video on its Twitter account Tuesday morning detailing how some residents in Kunshan, Jiangsu, a city in southeastern Jiangsu province with Shanghai bordering its eastern border and Suzhou on its west, are forcibly removing people from their homes who refuse to be quarantined.

RFA said (in a translated tweet): "[Residents of Kunshan, Jiangsu refused to be quarantined] [Forcibly taken away by staff members] Online circulated clips, a group of personnel wearing protective clothing of "Kunshan City Governance" went to a household to persuade the residents to prepare for packing to be isolated, but the head of household refused to cooperate. The staff then entered the house and took the residents one by one and sent them to the ambulance. The male head of the household questioned the staff members for breaking the law and fiercely resisted. During this period, the staff members' protective clothing was broken and they tried to hide under the car."

Local media, QQ.COM, reported that some residents in Jiangsu were being locked in their homes by authorities.

Several videos document how authorities mounted metal tubing across people's front doors to prevent them from leaving.

In one video, it shows a person inside an apartment, who can't leave because authorities mounted metal piping across the door frame.

As of Monday night, total confirmed cases of coronavirus in China exceeded 20,500, deaths hit 425 (427 if we count two deaths abroad), and 171,329 cases under observation.

China has shut down over a dozen cities and made it mandatory that more than 50 million people stay home while the virus runs its course.

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