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Westport, Connecticut, police testing new 'pandemic drone’ to monitor and analyze social distancing data

Published: April 22, 2020
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Source: courant

With confirmed COVID-19 cases in Connecticut now exceeding 20,000 and deaths passing 1,400, the state will join with Quest Diagnostics to dramatically increase testing that Gov. Ned Lamont says “is so key to our being able to reopen our economy.”

Quest Diagnostics, in partnership with Hartford HealthCare, has committed to adding 2,000 coronavirus tests a day in Connecticut. The new tests will represent about an 80% increase over the current daily average of 2,600 tests statewide. There have been 64,192 tests performed in Connecticut to date.

“This is a tremendous advancement for our capabilities across the state to substantially increase our testing,” Hartford HealthCare CEO Jeffrey Flaks said.

The state also announced it is seeking proposals from groups to support sample collection sites, “particularly in urban and under-served communities,” and certified testing labs to further boost capacity.


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