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"The Food Supply Chain Is Breaking" Warns Tyson Foods CEO

Published: April 28, 2020
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Source: dc whispers

Imagine a country that closed down nearly everything for 330 million people in order to hypothetically “save” 70 thousand.

And then imagine food becoming increasingly scarce for those 330 million for having done so and the resulting panic and further economic collapse that could quickly follow.

Now, realize you don’t have to imagine it.

We’re living it circa American 2020.

“The food supply chain is breaking,” Tyson Foods warns in a full page ad in NYT today

— Ana Swanson (@AnaSwanson) April 26, 2020

The above concern is a big reason why some governors are now working to responsibly open up all or part of their state economies – failure to do so SOON could create a downward spiral the likes of which America and the world has never seen even as the far-left media appears to grin wide-eyed in anticipation of that very thing. Remember those horrific food-shortage stories coming out of socialist Venezuela where families were literally forced to eat garbage and even stray animals that they found on the streets?

How stunning then to see the potential for something similar here in the United States just a few years later.

Weeks earlier some warned that the societal “cure” for the coronavirus could prove much more harmful than the virus itself.

Today, more and more are saying the same and for very good reason.

America must responsibly get back to work now before it’s too late.

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