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Epstein Collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell Hides Details About Secret Husband From Federal Prosecutors

Published: July 15, 2020
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Ghislaine Maxwell, widely alleged to be the accomplice of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has revealed that she is married during her trial for assisting Epstein’s child sex trafficking network.

Maxwell is stonewalling about her husband’s identity, according to federal prosecutors. They believe she refuses to disclose his identity because she is hiding the extent of her wealth.

“In addition to failing to describe in any way the absence of proposed co-signers of a bond, the defendant also makes no mention whatsoever about the financial circumstances or assets of her spouse whose identity she declined to provide to Pretrial Services,” Assistant US Attorney Alison Moe said to Manhattan federal court Judge Alison Nathan at a video conference.

“There’s no information about who will be co-signing this bond or their assets, and no details whatsoever,” Moe added.

Maxwell was denied bond at the hearing after prosecutors argued she was an “extreme” flight risk due to her privileged connections and history of hiding from authorities. The Judge believed there was merit to those arguments and denied Maxwell the $5 million bond that her lawyers were requesting. Maxwell will be housed at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn awaiting her trial.

Big League Politics has reported on Maxwell being charged with six counts of recruiting and grooming underage women for Epstein’s perverted operation:

Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has been apprehended by federal authorities, according to widespread reports.

She was apprehended in Bedford, New Hampshire at 8:30 am on Wednesday by FBI agents. She is expected to appear in a federal court sometime today and be charged for her alleged role in Epstein’s child sex trafficking network.

Maxwell has been indicted on six counts stemming from her alleged decades of helping Epstein groom his underage victims.

“In some instances, Maxwell was present for and participated in the sexual abuse of minor victims,” the indictment says.

Big League Politics has reported on how Maxwell has skirted accountability and lived high on the hog even after Epstein’s alleged suicide.

Maxwell certainly knows many secrets about powerful interests so it would not be surprising if she died suddenly before she could divulge that information similar to her former partner Epstein.

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