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Watch: National Guard Troops Arrive In Multiple US Cities Ahead Of Election Night Chaos 

Published: November 3, 2020 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: ZeroHedge

In preparation for any emergencies, including widespread social unrest following election results on Tuesday night, the National Guard has been deployed in several states.

Fears of election night chaos have gripped state governments for the last month, forcing Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts on Monday to "activate" 1,000 Massachusetts National Guard members.

And in Oregon, Gov. Kate Brown, for the second time in two months, declared a state of emergency for the Portland metro area, citing potential social unrest surrounding the election.

Governors have also mobilized Guard forces in Texas, Alabama, and Arizona to major cities in their respective states in anticipation of violence.

Last week, the Pennsylvania National Guard was deployed to the Philadelphia metro area amid a couple of nights of social unrest following the police killing of a black man. Guard troops have been since positioned to handle potential unrest come Tuesday night.

According to NBC sources, at the White House, beginning tomorrow, a "non-scalable" fence will be erected around the complex with 250 Guard troops on standby.

As of Monday afternoon, Guard troops have been spotted in several cities, preparing for Tuesday night.

Guard troops were spotted at a Best Buy in South Philadelphia.

Guard troops spotted outside of Philadelphia City Hall.

Guard soldiers spotted outside a retail complex in West Philadelphia.

Guard troops in a Humvee outside a Target in Philadelphia.

Guard troops at "Park West Town Center shopping plaza. Looters have targeted this place in May/June and last week," said one Twitter user.

No location was confirmed on this Guard deployment. Check out what could be special forces UTVs.

Retailers have been boarding up their brick and mortar stores from coast to coast in anticipation of looting.

Guard arrives in Chicago.

Convoy of Guard troops spotted on a highway heading towards Chicago.

National Guard on standby in Massachusetts.

Guess what's back on city street corners - piles of bricks (read here & here for what this could suggest).

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