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One of Britain’s Richest Men Found Stabbed to Death in His Country Mansion

Published: April 8, 2021
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Source: cryptogon

Via: Daily Mail:

One of Britain’s richest men has been found stabbed to death in his country mansion, it was revealed today.

Hotelier Sir Richard Lexington Sutton, 83, was attacked inside his £2million home in north Dorset, last night.

The Baronet – whose family title dates back to the time of King George III and whose property empire is thought to be double that of the Ministry of Defence – is estimated to be worth £301million.

A woman, thought to be his second wife, named locally as Anne Schreiber, is also believed to have suffered knife injuries in the attack at the home, named Moorhill.

Sir Richard recently ranked at number 435 on the Sunday Times Rich List and owned the five-star Sheraton Grand on London’s prestigious Park Lane and the luxury Athenaeum in Piccadilly.

Last night police arrested a 34-year-old man, known to Sir Richard, on suspicion of murder.

Detectives had earlier tracked a Range Rover more than 100 miles across four different counties to Hammersmith in London, where they made the arrest.

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