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Tucker Carlson: The ADL Supports 'Replacement Theory' When It Comes to Israel

Published: April 13, 2021
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Tucker Carlson on Monday night touched the third rail by highlighting the Anti-Defamation League's hypocritical support for "replacement theory" when it comes to Israel.

Watch the full historic segment:

Tucker Carlson is an absolute legend.

As I reported over the weekend, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt demanded that "Tucker must go" for discussing "replacement theory" in America.

Fox News remarkably rejected Greenblatt's demands.

Carlson fearlessly highlighted the ADL's guide for pro-Israel activists on their website where they tell followers to say that the idea of "bi-nationalism" in Israel "is unworkable given current realities and historic animosities" and amounts to "nothing less than an indirect attempt to bring about an end to the State of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people."

"With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians, and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority within a bi-national state, thus likely ending any semblance of equal representation and protections," the ADL says. "In this situation, the Jewish population would be increasingly politically – and potentially physically – vulnerable."

"It is unrealistic and unacceptable to expect the State of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory."

Greenblatt made clear over the weekend that he's planning to go after all of Fox News' advertisers and even their upstream cable providers to demand they get Tucker Carlson off the air.

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