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Laredo Mayor: We’re Overrun With Illegals, So We’re Busing To Other Cities

Published: August 20, 2021
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Source: iheart

So they've been busing illegals to others Texas cities, making it their problem now.

Saenz says “we’ve had no other choice but to basically transport these folks further north because we can’t handle it here.”  Saenz adds, “we need solutions, short-term solutions. Keep in mind this is a federal issue created by failed federal policies, and they’re expecting us smaller communities to bail them out." 

He want more border patrol agents, pointing out that apprehended illegals are not being tested for COVID before being sent into communities. 

Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar is also demanding action from the Biden administration saying “imagine you’re a mayor and you’re limited with hospital beds, and you have someone from Laredo versus somebody that might not be from here. It puts them in a very difficult situation."  

With all this talks about Afghanistan, don’t forget that the crisis on the border continues and its only growing.

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