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Death Toll in Kabul Airport Massacre Rises to 170

Published: August 29, 2021
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Following several suicide bombings at and near the Kabul Airport, and with just four days left until the August 31 withdrawal deadline, the death toll rose to 170 with at least 200 injured. 

Despite the attacks just a day ago, crowds of people formed outside the airport Friday seeking safety from the Taliban. 

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, health officials’ estimate of the number of bombing victims, which did not include the 13 U.S. service members killed and 15 wounded, was supported by interviews with hospital officials, who requested anonymity because they were instructed by the Taliban not to speak with the media. 

Some of the people killed were Afghan Americans with U.S. citizenship. 

The White House said early Friday that 12,500 people had been evacuated in the previous 24 hours. About 5,400 people remained inside the airport, despite it being under total lockdown, the Pentagon said Friday. 

According to Maj .Gen. William Taylor of the Joint Staff, around 111,000 people – American citizens, Afghan allies and foreign nationals – have been evacuated in total. 

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