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The Plymouth false-flag was that sort of domestic routine bigger scale psyop for furtherance of government agenda

Published: September 1, 2021 | Print Friendly and PDF

There’s an old saying about looking after the pennies, and then the pounds looking after themselves, and it is broader in its meaning than it appears – or, to put it another way, it can be applied more broadly.

When people newly came to this site, in their panic, in the spring of 2020, because they were casting around to find something to help them cope with the absolute shock of the economic blockade (with fake pandemic as a pretext [although too many people don’t understand this]), then they found here a place dealing with what was very early on dubbed “coronohoax” in a fashion that they wanted to see – or so they thought.

The problem is, this site’s treatment of the psyop was in the context of understanding Government-by-hoax, where rule is consolidated and advanced by routinely executing psyops, and where there isn’t a year goes by when crime is committed by UK Government through its agents (the Krypteia, as they have been dubbed) to further a political agenda, and this concept is unpalatable to a majority of people who stumble upon this site. It is unfortunate indeed, because the Anglo-sphere, especially (because it is the territory and peoples directly controlled by the Anglo-globalist driving force towards New World Order, the City of London), is in the parlous state it is in because of monthly, weekly, daily (depending on scale of an operation), psychological manipulation in the domestic realm. Moreover, the course of the pathway of socially engineered change is founded on an entire history of co-opted counter-revolutionary ideas and Hegelian dialectic crises and fake news, and the fundamental capability to perpetrate this activity has long been established through Government being able to legislate against law, and its courts being able to reject the same.

The world that everybody sees and interacts with is one in which legalistic screens have been placed between them and the law, and these screens show a reality by which Government can claim authority and exercise it. When people are signing petitions and subscribing to alternative media, and doing whatever else they do under the impression that they are in opposition, then it’s merely a fantasy in the permitted parameters. On the other hand, to reject the false reality is the first step towards overthrowing the tyranny that is the Masonic City/Military Intelligence amalgam, and this process must involve dismantling the capability for psychological manipulation. To this end, in the last year or so at FBEL, the readership has been shown that the most notorious crime that occurs in their very own neighbourhoods, upon their very doorsteps, is to be suspected of being activity organised and executed by the socially engineering ruling power.

Likewise, the Plymouth false-flag attack of 12th August was yet another routine (albeit towards the larger end of the scale) psyop for furtherance of agenda for social engineering, but you will notice, reader, that true to form, alternative media doesn’t lift up the stone to have a look.

Indeed, it’s interesting how the incident in Plymouth was timed to coincide with the annual holiday of everyone’s favourite alternative media run by ex-military and based in a military town, the UK Column, when that organisation, being in Plymouth, was optimally placed to investigate. Frankly, it’s downright unsurprising that in the show of the 13th August (the last before the cessation of the operation for holiday), UK Column was the first media outlet (as far as the author can discover) to introduce the idea that Jake Davison had had a shotgun returned to him by police. Now, at FBEL, this is seen as being a device to reinforce the story that Davison was ever permitted to have a shotgun – something that in reality has to be an impossibility, what with him, at the time of the supposed award of a licence, being an 18 year-old, essentially somewhat mentally and psychologically handicapped boy living in inner city Plymouth.

Indeed, Devon and Cornwall Police have still not explained how it is that Jake Davison had good reason to possess such a firearm, or how he was adjudged to be competent for the same reason, or how a gun could ever be thought safe being kept by such a boy in a famously deprived area, or who it was whose authority as a referee overruled all normal practical considerations. The story about Davison having a legal gun has to be cover for what must be the real situation: he was given one for the day by those people who wanted him to be a patsy. Now, a UK Column presenter on duty the day after the Plymouth incident – the one from the place (Northern Ireland) that must be, historically, the biggest hotbed of intelligence agency activity in the UK outside of London – said that a source had passed on the information about Davison’s returned shotgun, and it’s extremely telling that UK Column would have this contact who would be divulging what was soon to be mainstream information rather than one who would be revealing data to disprove the official narrative. The author suspects the informant was in fact the security services, and offers the reader a demonstration of how the run of the mill pysop for control grid and agenda furtherance is merely given lip service by alternative media, while at the same time there is an impressing (fooling) of its consumers with a show of exposing narrative and having anti-establishment credibility.

Generally speaking, UK alternative media and alternative media figures (including influencers on social media with no media organisation affiliation) only see rum goings on (especially false-flag attacks) when they occur abroad (it’s usually a “blame Imperialism” thing), and at the moment there is great effort to have people focus on happenings in Afghanistan (with the latest development, the author suspects, being British/US special forces laughably branded as “ISIS” attacking their own side at Kabul airport). Now, this is not, as some people will criticise it, a distraction from whatever is going on in how UK Government is performing in its execution at the current time of the Covid-19 mass psychological operation: it is instead normal service resumed, with studious avoidance of the run of the mill means used by UK Government to sustain control grid and further agenda.

The reason that audiences in the English-speaking world have been hearing about Afghanistan in a tone of doom and crisis for what is now months (the author hasn’t paid attention to be able to tell the exact duration) is most likely due an effort to create tolerance for what will be revealed as an unexpectedly high number of “refugees” when the figures are finally sprung on the public, and/or to create a perception of victory from defeat a la Dunkirk (it doesn’t matter if the Taliban’s surge across the whole country was a known thing ahead of time or not, the pull out by Anglo-globalist forces is by definition a failure to hold militarily seized territory in a “War on Terror” that was much vaunted in very recent years as being crucial to wage in order to uphold the “rules based international order” – that is, until it became apparent that the US military could not overcome the obstacle of Russia in Syria, and Iran).

But much more important than anything that is happening in Afghanistan at the moment is the Plymouth false-flag – and its fall out.

When a search was performed on 25th August using the Duck-Duck-Go engine, and the term “incel terrorism”, it produced results that have been reproduced in this article (below) so that the reader can see that there is an agenda, the furtherance of which is clearly reliant on there having been another shooting incident supposedly carried out by a misogynistic, white male. It is pretty clear from the stuff dragged up in this cursory search that the Plymouth incident was a “reaction” in an ongoing Hegelian Dialectic dynamic in the English-speaking world where the “solution” will be the conflation of “Incelism” (for want of a term) with terrorism.

Without either the reader or the author having to know much about “Incels”, the “problem” component in the dynamic looks to be founded on the frustrations of the casualties of  social engineering to make first rate countries controlled by powerful middle classes into third rate ones populated by a mass of impoverished and weak. So, “Incelism” is a problem that is a consequence of the development of Anglo-globalist technocracy, thus it can be said that these social engineers own all the elements of the problem-reaction-solution in this case (again).

The “solution” component, that involves the marginalisation and criminalisation of Anglo-Saxon heritage males (this is, indeed, the perennial target demographic because it is the most dangerous to technocratic ambitions by dint of historically constituting the populations of countries with a culture of common law liberty), and the making of them into always potential violent extremists, is done in defence of the equality and diversity prong for establishment of new order. The aim is to make criticism of affirmative action into a thing that can be automatically rejected as an article of criminality, and this is going to be especially useful for the technocratic tyranny in the apocalyptic moments before the Anglo-globalist west turns into the perpetual Idiocracy (for trouble-free rule – see here), when people who don’t know what they are doing, but have been put in charge solely because they are from a government-preferred client grouping (and being from a minority [or “victimised” class], put in power over a majority [or “victimizer” class] that has been demonised as the erstwhile, now overthrown oppressor, becomes motivation for zealous prosecution of function of authority), inevitably produce Kafkaesque dysfunction.

To return to the opening theme, the pennies are the routine pysops, and the pounds are the big agenda fulfilments, so of course controlled alternative media has no interest in the Plymouth false-flag.

Here is that promised list of search result material. The first five items are different from the rest because they come from a horizontal band of image links at the top of the results page; they don’t have extracts from the articles to accompany a link-title. All of the actual links have been taken out – the reader can search for any of the articles that are of most interest:

‘Treat incel ideology like terrorism’: Followers of ‘involuntary celibate’ movement should face same probes as suspected terrorists, experts say – Daily Mail, 16th August

Plymouth shootings: Attack could be reclassified as terrorism over Jake Davison’s ‘incel’ links – Sky News, 16th August

‘Incel’ forums should be tackled like any other kind of terrorist activity – The Independent, 16th August

Teachers in England encouraged to tackle ‘incel’ movement in the classroom – The Guardian, 20th August

Janey Godley: Is incel culture terrorism? – Herald Scotland, 18th August

Incels: A new terror threat to the UK? – BBC News

While some incel suspects could be characterised as intending terrorism through a “revolution of the unhappy”, others may have similar motives to school shooters in the US: killing for revenge and …

Incels in the UK: What are the laws – and is it terrorism … (newseu)

What are the UK’s current laws around gun ownership and terrorism? And is the incel movement part of rising far-right terrorism? What happened in Plymouth? Jake Davison shot and killed six people in a six-minute spree in Keyham, a suburb of Plymouth, in the southwest of the UK. The 22-year-old shot his 51-year-old mother Maxine Davison before going into the street and killing Sophie Martyn …

It’s time to take Britain’s Incel terror threat seriously … (Spectator)

Far-right and Islamist extremism are both cause for concern in Britain today. But there’s another threat which all too often slips under the radar. Referrals to the UK government’s Prevent …

Is the “incel” ideology a terror threat? That’s the wrong … (New Statesman)

Against a backdrop of escalating incel-inspired violence across the world, Canada has led the international charge in classifying incel incidents as a form of terrorism.

The misogynist incel movement is spreading. Should it be … (Guardian)

But incel terrorism in the United States has been much deadlier than far-left terrorism, which receives intense political and media attention in the US, the New America analysis found. Its data…

KIRSTY STRICKLAND: Incel movement poses a domestic terror … (Courier)

Women blamed for incel terrorism. In the days since Davison’s killing spree, some have even gone so far as to blame women for his crimes. On Twitter, one man suggested women “collectively …

We should call killings by incels what it is: terrorism (Crikey.com)

“The question is really whether or not the authorities want to treat the incel phenomenon as a terrorist risk,” he said. “If we see more of these sorts of attacks, then I have got no doubt …

Incels: America’s Newest Domestic Terrorism Threat – The … (hoffmangroup)

By advocating bloodshed as a means of broader societal intimidation, incel ideology conforms to the core definition of terrorism as violence designed to have far-reaching psychological effects.

Laura Bates on why incel ideology should be treated as … (terrorists) (Stylist.co.uk)

But in spite of clear evidence that the shooter, Jake Davison, was deeply immersed in so-called ‘incel’ ideology, police, politicians and mainstream media have all repeatedly stated that there is…

Incels: The Radicalised Extremist Community of White Male … (Bylinetimes)

Incels and Terrorism The first mass shooting explicitly linked to the incel community occurred in 2014, when Elliot Rodger posted a misogynistic manifesto online railing against women before shooting dead six people, injuring 14 more. Four years later in Canada, Alek Minassian killed 10 people by driving into a pavement.

Naturally, controlled alternative media of the “the Jews did it” nutbar variety might be all over it, but this is activity for discrediting scepticism and thus seeming to justify the failure to engage by “serious” outlets.

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