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Ireland: 54% of Hospital Patients With Covid Are Fully Vaccinated

Published: September 15, 2021
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From The Irish Times:

About half of all Covid-19 patients in hospital and in intensive care are fully vaccinated against the disease, new figures show.

[...] At the end of August, 54 per cent of Covid-19 patients – or 168 patients – were fully vaccinated. Some 44 per cent were not fully vaccinated, and in 2 per cent of cases, the vaccination status was unknown.

Data on vaccination was available for 311 of the 323 patients then in hospital.

Of 55 patients in ICU, 26 were fully vaccinated, two were partly vaccinated, and 26 had received no vaccinations.

Some 72 per cent of all patients in ICU since late June had an underlying condition.

Between April and August, there were 193 Covid-19 deaths. Of the 178 patients whose vaccination status was known, 30 were at least 14 days after receiving the final dose of vaccine.

[...] About 90 per cent of the adult population has received a full course of vaccination, either two doses or one. People are considered fully vaccinated one week after their second dose of Pfizer vaccine, or two weeks after receiving any of the other three authorised vaccines.

Ireland is pulling a similar trick to the CDC where they inflate the numbers of "unvaccinated" deaths by not counting people as "fully vaccinated" if they get double jabbed and die with covid within two weeks of the second jab. (pdf)

What did Alex Berenson get banned for again?

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