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UCLA hiring administrator to flag legislation opposing Critical Race Theory, craft legal challenges

Published: October 12, 2021
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The University of California Los Angeles’s Law School plans to hire an administrator whose job will include cataloguing legislation and policies opposed to Critical Race Theory and drafting legal challenges to them.

According to a posting for the job on the school’s website, the new administrator will oversee the creation of a database on legislation and "other formal policies suppressing antiracist education, training, or research associated with CRT."

The administrator will also work with lawyers and academics to develop "legal theories" that contest laws that prevent CRT from being taught in schools. The director will work in the school’s department of Critical Race Studies, which "trains students to both analyze how the law and legal institutions erect racial hierarchies and how to dismantle those same hierarchies." 

Some states, including Florida and Oklahoma, have banned schools from teaching CRT to students. And school board meetings across the country have exploded in recent months with upset and concerned parents who do not want CRT taught to their children. 

CRT and other so-labeled antiracist curricula hold that U.S. society and institutions are inherently racist. Parents have begun publicly oppose those ideas being taught to their children.

Last week, the Justice Department announced it will work with the FBI to investigate the actions of some of these parents, who teachers’ unions seek to label as "domestic terrorists" because they do not want CRT being forced on their school-aged children. 


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