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Covid rising faster among vaxxed Vermonters

Published: October 14, 2021
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For first time, Levine boosts treatments, not just vaccine


Positive Covid-19 test cases are up in highly-vaccinated Vermont while declining nationally, Vermont Department of Health reported today. Covid-19 positive cases last week grew at a higher rate among vaccinated Vermonters than unvaccinated.

While positive cases are on the wane nationally, positive tests in 88.7% vaccinated Vermont are up 26%. Vermont had 14 Covid-19 deaths this month through October 11.

Published data offers no breakdown in vaxxed-unvaxxed deaths, and Levine he didn’t have that information at his fingertips and would ask his staff to provide it. There were definitely some vaxxed fatalities, he said, which he said is to be expected with a vaccine with a 90-95% effectiveness rate. By September 25 last month, 76% of Covid fatalities were vaxxed.

Positive test cases among the fully vaccinated rate rose 7.1% last week, compared to 6.9% among the “not fully vaccinated.” Commissioner Levine said he believes it’s the first time vaccinated Vermonters tested positive at a higher rate than unvaccinated. When asked to explain, he said “I guess I try not to explain things that are .02 different. I wouldn’t want to blow that difference out of proportion.” The total number of positive cases per capita was still almost four times greater for unvaccinated people, statistics show.

Gov. Phil Scott said he’s not sure why the 26% Vermont uptick has occurred.

“We’re expecting we’ll see that drop again,” Scott said. “It’s unfortunate. I wish we had the answers.” Vermonters must continue to get vaccinated, he said.

Also, Health Commissioner Mark Levine for the first time publicly endorsed a specific drug treatment program for the treatment of Covid-19. Until now, the only prescription drugs Levine has publicly recommended have been vaccines. “People who get Covid should consider asking their health provider for mono-clonal antibody treatments,” Levine said. “Monoclonal antibodies are recommended for patients with mid to moderate disease.”


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