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New York TimesĀ Invents 'Sexual Assault' #MeToo Case To Blame China

Published: November 23, 2021
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The 'news' over last years have again and again demonstrated the notorious unreliability of woke 'western' media.

Andrew Sullivan @sullydish - 21:27 UTC · Nov 12, 2021
2016 election. Rittenhouse. Covington. Russian collusion. Vaccines. Bounties on US soldiers. Lab-leak theory. Jussie Smollett. The Pulse shooting. The Atlanta shootings. Hunter Biden laptop. Inflation. Steele Dossier.

The MSM got every single one wrong.

When All The Media Narratives Collapse
In case after case, the US MSM just keeps getting it wrong.

To those U.S. centric stories one must add all the false claims made about foreign countries - see Syria and Belarus for recent example.  One then finds that the media do not report but, as Sullivan writes, "make the news fit the broader political fight".

There is currently a push for a boycott of the winter Olympics in Beijing. Western media are busy to push for an anti-China angle of the games. Their aim is a political boycott so no one 'in good standing' dares to visit them.

On November 2, by timely chance, some well known Chinese sportswoman posted a sad story about the end of her love affair with a once powerful older man on the Chinese social media site Weibo. That post was soon taken down, likely by the woman herself, but that was too late to prevent that the 'woke' western media and Olympic boycott campaigners made a hash out of it.

A day after the post was published and unpublished the New York Times mangled the facts to make it into a 'woke' anti-China story:

A Chinese Tennis Star Accuses a Former Top Leader of Sexual Assault
Peng Shuai’s accusation against Zhang Gaoli takes the country’s budding #MeToo movement to the top echelons of the Communist Party for the first time.

Peng Shuai, the professional tennis star, publicly accused a former vice premier of China of sexual assault, igniting an online firestorm of attention to a #MeToo allegation that for the first time touched the pinnacles of Communist Party power.

Ms. Peng made the accusation in a post on Tuesday night on her verified account on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. In it, she described an assault by Zhang Gaoli, who from 2012 to 2017 served on the party’s Politburo Standing Committee, the top ruling body in China. She also described having had an on-and-off consensual relationship with Mr. Zhang.

The post was removed within minutes, but the allegations swirled through the country’s heavily controlled internet, fueled by the fame of the accuser and the accused. That kept the censors inside China’s Great Firewall scrambling.
Ms. Peng’s accusations could not be corroborated.

Where is the headlined 'sexual assault' one might ask. The NYT piece wont say:

Mr. Zhang retired in 2018, when, according to Ms. Peng’s account, the two resumed a relationship that had begun when he served in Tianjin, which would have been between 2007 and 2012. She said he had first assaulted her after inviting her to play tennis with him and his wife. “I never consented that afternoon, crying all the time,” she wrote, not specifying when exactly the assault occurred.

As it turns out no 'assault' had happened. Moreover Peng Shuai never alleged that an 'assault' happened. The New York Times made that up!

A full English language translation of Peng Shuai's Weibo post can be found here.

Peng Shuai, who is 35, had an unusual relationship with a married man who is 40 years older than she is. They first started to have consensual sex a decade ago and that affair kept going for a while until the man got promoted:

About seven years ago, we had sex. Then later on after you got promoted to be a member of the Politburo Standing Committee in Beijing, you never contacted me again.

The man, Zhang Gaoli, was in a new powerful position where any scandal would have had serious consequences for him, anyone involved, the party and the country.

But he had not forgotten Peng Shuai and as soon as he retired he again contacted her:

About three years ago, Zhang Gaoli vice president, you retired. You asked Dr. Liu at the Tianjin Tennis Centre to contact me, and asked me with play tennis with you at Kang Ming Hotel in Beijing. After we finished playing tennis, you and your wife Kang Jie brought me to your home. Then you took me into your room. Like what happened ten years ago in Tianjin, you wanted to have sex with me.

She did not want to have sex that afternoon and she nowhere claims that they had sex that afternoon. He asked for sex. She said no. Nothing happened. She stayed for dinner:

That afternoon I didn't agree, and I kept crying. I had dinner with you and auntie Kang Jie together. You said the universe is very very big. The earth is merely a speck of sand in the universe, and us human beings are smaller than even a speck of sand. You said a lot more than that, and the purpose was basically to persuade me to drop my guard. After dinner, I was still not willing to have sex. You said you hated me. You said in those seven years, you never forgot about me, and you will treat me well etc... I was terrified and anxious. Taking into consideration the affection I had for you seven years ago, I agreed... yes, we had sex.

She agreed, they had sex, and a lot of affection for each other:

Romantic attraction is such a complicated thing that explain it clearly. From that day on, I renewed my love for you. Throughout my time with you after that, purely based on our interactions, you were a very good person, and you treated me well. We talking about recent history, as well as ancient eras. You educated me on so many topics, and we had discussions about economics, politics. We never ran out of things to talk about. We played chess, sang, played table tennis, played pool and also played tennis together. We always had endless fun. It was as if our personalities fit perfectly together.

Does anyone see an 'assault' accusation in that?

Zhang Gaoli is married and has two grown up kids. His wife knew of his affair with Peng Shuai but seems to have put up with it. (China has, just like France, some traditional tolerance for having mistresses.) The relation was otherwise kept secret. At the end of last month the affair unfortunately ended in disharmony.

I really want to just live simply, but things turned out different than what I wanted. On the 30th, we argued very badly. You said on the afternoon on the 2nd, we would go to your home to slowly talk it out. Today at noon, you called to say you are busy, denied everything, made excuse to say we would talk another day... and just like this, you disappeared again, just like seven years ago.

You played with me, and dumped me when you are done with me. You said there were no transactions between us. Yes, that is true, our affection towards each other had nothing to do with money or power. But I have a hard time finding closure for, and coming to terms with our three year long relationship.

And that's it folks. Zhang Gaoli and Peng Shuai had a years long affair. They loved each other. But after three years they broke up. Peng Shuai has trouble to get over it. Hours later she makes a public post about the issue which she, minutes later, deletes. That's it.

Read her post yourselfNowhere is there any claim of an 'sexual assault' in it.

Nor is there evidence, as the Times insinuates, that the somewhat embarrassing post was taken down by a censor and not by Peng Shuai herself. The New York Times makes all that just up.

The story then made the rounds through other 'western' media.

To no ones surprise Peng Shuai has since avoided the public. But that only encouraged the continuation of the 'western' media onslaught.

Ten days later some self-important man from the Women's Tennis Association (pushed by whom?) got involved:

Steve Simon, the chief executive of the WTA Tour, called on Sunday for Chinese authorities to investigate allegations of sexual assault made by the Chinese women’s tennis star Peng Shuai against Zhang Gaoli, a former vice premier of China.

Simon also called for an end to official Chinese censorship on the subject, and suggested the tour would consider no longer doing business in China if it did not see “appropriate results.”

“Obviously she displayed tremendous courage going public,” Simon said of Peng. “Now we want to make sure we’re moving forward to a place where a full and transparent investigation is conducted. Anything else, I think, is an affront to not only our players but to all women.”

What please is there to investigate about a consensual affair between a prominent man and a prominent woman in China? Nothing of course but soon everyone with a name in tennis felt that they had to step in. The WTA even released a statement on its site (which I can no longer find).

Yesterday Peng Shuai responded to Mr. Simon's claims with an email which she also made public:

CGTN Europe @CGTNEurope - 17:32 UTC · Nov 17, 2021
Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai has sent an email to Steve Simon, the WTA Chairman & CEO, CGTN has learned. The email reads:


The email says: "The news in that [WTA] release, including the allegations of sexual assault, is not true. I'm not missing, nor am I unsafe."

In the email Peng Shuai also sensibly asks to confirm any further WTA statement about her with herself. Something that should have been understood in the first place.

Too late - the notorious liars at the New York Times only use the email to further their political bidding:

First came the shocking #MeToo accusation by a famous athlete against one of China’s top leaders. Then came the accuser’s disappearance from public view, one so thorough that questions swirled about her health and personal safety.
The latest pushback on China’s effort to squelch the accusation came early on Thursday after Chinese state media tried to refute it, while saying Ms. Peng was safe and sound. It published an email purportedly written by Ms. Peng herself, saying the sexual assault accusations were not true and asking for officials who run women’s tennis to stop meddling.

Note again that Peng Shuai original post DOES NOT CLAIM that there was any assault. There are no '#MeToo' accusations against Zhang Gaoli, only a sad outcry of a woman at the end of a consensual affair.

In her email Peng Shuai explicitly confirms that there are no sexual assault accusations. The Times has no evidence that the 'email purportedly written by Ms. Peng herself' was not written by herself. Why does it insinuate that?

The Times has presented exactly zero evidence that any 'assault' has happened. Peng Shuai has never claimed that any 'assault' happened. She then explicitly denied it. But the Times "makes the news fit the broader political fight". Its target in that fight, supported by Mr. Simon, is China.

The response by the Women’s Tennis Association just hours later was unequivocal, suggesting that the email was very likely a crude fraud. “I have a hard time believing that Peng Shuai actually wrote the email we received or believes what is being attributed to her,” said Steve Simon, the association’s executive director.

The international furor over Ms. Peng’s accusation has erupted only weeks before a major event on China’s calendar — the Winter Olympics in Beijing. The Chinese government now faces a new firestorm of criticism of its behavior, which has added fuel to calls for a diplomatic and commercial boycott of the Games.

And that folks is exactly what the New York Times wanted to happen.

The screed continues with quoting 'experts' from the anti-China Lowry Institute, a Chinese 'activist' living in the United States, several tennis players who misjudge the non existing case based on the false NYT reports, the discredited Human Rights Watch and some anti-Chinese writer in Australia.

To repeat it again. Some grown up woman made a social media post in which she was sad about the end of a years long love affair. Minutes later she, or someone else, takes the post down. Screenshots however had been made and continued to circle.

There are no accusations of an assault in her post. She says that one afternoon she did not consent to have sex and she does not claim to have had any sex at that time. Later, in the evening, she consented to have sex and the night reignited a dormant love affair that continued for three years. After the issue becomes public an email by Peng Shuai explicitly confirms that there are no accusations of a sexual assault. Without any evidence that the reasonable email is fake its provenance gets questioned.

The claim of an 'assault' was completely made up between the ears of some New York Times writers. To call them liars is an understatement. They lie, invent and manipulate 'facts' for nefarious reasons:

Andrew Sullivan @sullydish - 21:27 UTC · Nov 12, 2021
2016 election. Rittenhouse. Covington. Russian collusion. Vaccines. Bounties on US soldiers. Lab-leak theory. Jussie Smollett. The Pulse shooting. The Atlanta shootings. Hunter Biden laptop. Inflation. Steele Dossier.

The MSM got every single one wrong.

No, the MSN did not not get those wrong. It willfully manipulated the news on those cases. It invented 'facts' which were free of any evidence. It created big piles of bullshit.

The Peng Shuai 'assault' case is just another one of those.

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