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Boston Police Protesting Vaccine Mandate Outside Mayors Home At 7 AM Use Megaphone To Blare Music And Shout “Paging Dr. Wu”

Published: January 16, 2022
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Boston Mayor Michelle Wu and her neighbors were woken this morning by a group of demonstrators protesting the city’s vaccine mandate outside her home in Roslindale. 

The group of five protesters — including Shana Cottone, a Boston police sergeant who leads Boston First Responders United — gathered outside the mayor’s home around 7 a.m to blare music and use a megaphone to chant, “Paging Dr. Wu.”

Since the vaccine mandate was put in place by Wu last month, some in the city have expressed their opposition to the requirements. The vaccine mandate requires that residents show proof of vaccination at indoor businesses like restaurants, bars, fitness centers, theaters, concert venues, and sports arenas.

“Unfortunately, this isn’t something that I bear alone,” Wu said of the messages. “I know I can count on more than one hand the number of women of color, elected officials, in Massachusetts who have experienced similar hatred, similar protests at events. We won’t be intimidated from doing the right thing.”

The mayor isn’t the only Massachusetts politician who has faced protests at their home. Governor Charlie Baker’s home is often a site for protests, and last year New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu said he had “aggressive” protesters at his home. 

Wu’s neighbors were less than happy with Monday’s protesters, according to The Boston Globe. Kelly Gallagher, who lives in Wu’s neighborhood, called the protest at her home “disgusting.” 


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