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Lawmakers considering mandatory vaccine registry; Meier: ‘This is not what you do in a free society’

Published: January 20, 2022
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Registration of immunizations in Illinois would change from voluntary to mandatory under a bill Rep. Bob Morgan (D-Highwood) introduced last week.

Critics of HB 4244 include more than 10,000 citizens who have filed opposition slips describing the measure as “asinine,” and “unconstitutional.” Many say they are “disgusted” that lawmakers are even considering the action. 

The House committee on Health and Human Services planned to take it up on Wednesday, Jan. 19.

“…Health care providers, physician's designees, or pharmacist's designees shall (rather than may) provide immunization data to be entered into the immunization data registry,” the bill synopsis says. “…The written information and the immunization data exemption forms must include information that the health care provider shall (rather than may) report immunization data to the Department of Public Health to be entered into the immunization data registry. Effective January 1, 2023.”

State Rep. Charlie Meier (R-Okawville), who serves on the Health and Human Services committee, said his office has been flooded with calls and emails opposing the bill.

Meier called the proposal unconstitutional and un-American. 

“This is not what you do in a free society,” Meier said. “The State of Illinois should not be forcing health care providers, physician's designees, or pharmacist's to report private individual health records to the government.”


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