This act is another example of anti-gun politicians using dirty tricks to pass unpopular legislation. Anti-Gun Politicians had brought VAWA itself before Congress in 2019, but many in Congress opposed it because they did not support the gun control portions of the bill itself. Who knew that it would eventually be resurrected and hidden into a 3000-page government spending bill.

This situation, of course, reflects another large problem in Government where a bloated, trillion-dollar spending bill is jammed through Congress at the last minute to avoid a government shutdown. Who knows what else is hidden in there.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to capture the headlines here in the United States, this massive spending bill will likely be overlooked by the corporate legacy media. It is ironic while the Ukrainians are being praisedfunded, and even given weapons in some cases. Meanwhile, regular Americans here in the United States are slowly having those same rights eroded bit by bit.