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Macron Wins Reelection After Banning Opposition, Having EU Launch 'Fraud' Investigation Into Le Pen

Published: April 25, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

French President Emmanuel Macron easily secured reelection on Sunday after banning his political opposition and having the EU interfere in the election by launching a "fraud" investigation into his opponent Marine Le Pen just days before the vote.

The moves followed the Macron regime working together with Facebook to jail right-wing dissidents for "hate speech" and Big Tech uniting to suppress the "far-right."

This is what "free and fair elections" are all about!

From BBC, "French election: Delight in Brussels after Macron re-elected":

It was striking.

One French voter after another we interviewed ahead of Sunday's presidential election told us: "I'll vote Macron but only to keep Le Pen out."

A concerted public effort to keep a far-right, or right-wing nationalist, candidate from becoming president is nothing new in France.

But the emerging breakdown of Sunday's vote must give Emmanuel Macron pause for thought.

Add those reluctant voters of his to the 40% that voted for Marine Le Pen, plus the millions who spoiled their ballot or refused to vote at all, and Macron's "Pour Tous" (For Everyone) campaign slogan starts to look very hollow indeed.

In his victory speech, held in front of the backdrop of the French flag and the Eiffel Tower, an unusually humble-sounding Macron admitted that his was a divided country, and that he'd do his best to heal those divisions.

Peak democracy!


Macron is now gearing up to send more weapons to Ukraine and the EU is working on massively expanding their online censorship regime to further suppress the "far-right."


White House chief of staff Ron Klain on Twitter highlighted how Macron's approval rating is only 36% and yet he managed to secure reelection.

Seeing as how Biden's approval rating is right around there too, I'm sure they'll point to this to try and make sense of Biden being "reelected" in a landslide despite being the least popular president in history.

Whereas our "democratic" leaders are widely despised by the masses they rule over, "fascist dictator" Vladimir Putin's approval stands at 81.6%.

Ain't democracy grand?

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