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NEW - PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION Update: CBO data shows Americans earning less than $400K per year will pay $20 billion more in taxes over the next decade under Biden's "Inflation Reduction" Act.

Published: August 16, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

From the “Patriot” Act to the “Inflation Reduction” Act, reality inversion is the low-grade psychological weapon of the illegitimate government housed in the foreign nation of Washington, D.C. that is waging on behalf of the One World Government its full spectrum soft war against We the People residing within the 50 united States.

To combat PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION which has solely been generated by a privately owned criminal central bank that has been conjuring fiat out of thin air like drunken and cracked out sailors since 2009 means that 87,000 new IRS goons must be deployed to unconstitutionally steal ever more of this counterfeited money from the middle class and poor via “income” taxation.

As many readers of this substack are by now acutely aware, taxation is nothing more than social engineering used to extract the plasma of Americans in order to further control them. And now the social engineering screws are being tightened to ensure the societal and economic trends continue their rapid downward spirals.

This substack has also covered the illegality of “income” taxation and the moral and ethical implications of such theft, as well as the mechanics of technocommunism and the upcoming CBDC scam in the hopes that more and more people appreciate the nature of the crimes being perpetrated against them, and that this information is disseminated far and wide.

Yesterday’s CBO data incontrovertibly exposes said government lies and crimes and further corroborates all of this substack’s arguments and evidence on taxation, the illegitimate government and all of its unconstitutional agencies, and the dire state of this our Constitutional Republic.

EDIT: HUNDREDS of billions of dollars have been sent to Ukraine in an illegal proxy war since Congress never voted on America entering said war. That taxpayer theft money for "Ukraine" is being laundered right back in Washington, D.C.

That army of IRS goons can go recover that tax theft in the Ukraine, where they actually have more jurisdiction than in the united States since those billions were stolen from We the People in the first place.

Do NOT comply.

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