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United Nations calls on the U.S. Federal Reserve and other central banks to halt interest rate increases

Published: October 5, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

The very same criminal UN that wants to strip all property rights and enslave the planet with their Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 along with their partners in crime the WEF is now telegraphing their global monetary policy.

The UN’s TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2022 is little more than a coverup that provides many excuse to the central banksters when they finally do crash the “markets” so epically that the global financial system will be rendered unrecognizable.

Today, inflation is caused by a mixture of disruptions in global supply chains, high (container) shipping costs, the impact of war on key sectors, higher mark-ups, commodity-market speculators and the ongoing uncertainty of an evolving pandemic. In this situation, central banks cannot bring inflation down at a socially acceptable cost. Instead, supply-chain disruptions and labour shortages require appropriate industrial policies to increase the supply of key items in the medium term; this must be accompanied by sustained global policy coordination and (liquidity) support to help countries fund and manage these changes (TDR, 2022; Gallagher and Kozul-Wright, 2022).

PSYOP-19 and PSYOP-UKRAINE-INVASION, which the UN was instrumental in manufacturing, are the main drivers of disruptions in all of the above causes for today’s inflation. Once again, the UN is describing the problems that it and its Cult nodes were responsible for, such that when their central banksters execute PSYOP-MARKET-CRASH the UN will be rolled into the WEF and then both consolidated into the BIS creating a true One World Government with its singular planetary CBDC.

The UN report continues:

In the meantime, policymakers should seriously consider alternative paths of action to lower inflation in socially desirable ways, including strategic price controls, better regulation to reduce speculative trades in key markets, targeted income support for vulnerable groups and debt relief.

If monetary tightening in the advanced economies continues over the coming year, however, a global recession is more likely, and, even if it is looser than the 1980s, it will almost unavoidably harm potential growth rate in the developing economies. The permanent damage to economic development in these countries will not only be substantial but will also leave the ambition to achieve a better world by 2030 dangling by the most precarious of threads.

Price controls are quite literally the very endgame of technocommunism in hyper-centralization. This is the antithesis of free market capitalism. And it is demanded in plain sight.

The permanent damage of today’s ruinous monetary policy is a feature, not a bug, functioning as one of the many mechanisms that will usher in the Great Reset. Or so the UN and WEF hope.

The report explains the cause for today’s PSYOP-HYPERINFLATION:

The Covid shock in March 2020 was quickly and predictably registered by sharp turmoil in financial markets, forcing the leading central banks to inject an unprecedented $9 trillion into them by the end of the year, approximately nine times the amount injected between late 2008 and 2009. This included liquidity support to financial institutions, direct credit lines to corporations and in the case of the Fed, extended swap lines to select central banks in other countries, thus earning it, somewhat hyperbolically, the title of the global lender of last resort (chapter III). However, the Fed’s move steadied financial markets.

This unprecedented liquidity injection had nothing to do with a “pandemic” and everything to do with propping up an untenable global financial system as interest rates were creeping up. These insane money printing operations were yet another massive wealth transfer from Main Street to Wall Street and the Cult that runs them.

When the keyword “sustainable” is invoked, what it is really meant is along the lines of PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE in that your depopulation and control is “sustainable” for their depraved agenda; to wit:


In the decade following the GFC, an opportunity was missed to put the world economy on a more stable, sustainable and inclusive growth path. Once the panic had been extinguished, the banking system propped up and growth somewhat restored, advanced country governments immediately began to cut spending, while central banks continued to prime financial markets with continued purchases of assets from private actors (quantitative easing). With this backing, non-bank financial institutions greatly expanded their portfolios (chapter III), while large corporations indulged in share buy backs and acquired rival companies. Yet weak capital formation, wage stagnation and unchecked wealth and income inequality held back a strong and inclusive recovery. Rising levels of indebtedness in developed and developing countries alike and across all sections of the economy kept economies ticking, although financial stress mounted, even before Covid struck.

Keywords “stable,” “sustainable” and “inclusive” translate to the growth path that reduces population with the average “global citizen” being "inclusively” “equal” in terms of eradication as per the UN eugenics agenda.

The above good cop bad cop rhetoric positions the UN as the former, and their partners in crime as the latter.

The GFC and the upcoming crash to end all crashes are ultra-synthetic centrally planned events. Remember, the excuse for the creation of the Fed was to help stabilize “markets” which is exactly the opposite of what has transpired since the Fed Reserve Act of 1913 was scammed into existence; to wit:

Over the last 2 days the monster pump in stock “markets” will shortly be followed by a series of mini-crashes or dumps, possibly starting tomorrow off of today’s final flushing out of the shorts.

Back to the UN report:

V - A new Bretton Woods: In an interdependent world, calling for greater ambition from domestic policymakers requires rethinking global economic governance from a development perspective. Almost eight decades on from the foundational conference in New Hampshire, the international financial architecture is struggling to address the imbalances and inequities of a hyperglobalized world order. A stable multilateral monetary and financial system with require more timely balance of payments and liquidity support, a swap facility open to all, a public credit rating facility and rules for managing sovereign debt crises. A bolder agenda to scale up public development finance will require an increase in base capital of multilateral financial institutions along with a reassessment of their lending headroom and priorities, combine with stronger price and quantity-based controls and incentives to ensure that complementary private finance flows towards productive transformation.

Keyword “interdependent” is yet another code for central planning with “global economic governance” nothing more than a polite way of saying technocommunism.

The UN is literally pushing for a singular CBDC here, and using meaningless terms like “productive transformation” as psuedo-economics jargon.

A new Bretton Woods, or Bretton Woods III, is the 4th Industrial Revolution One World Governance. This is the endgame in plain sight.

The report concludes:

Looking to the latter part of 2022 and into 2023, heightened uncertainty on both the demand and supply side will translate into continued volatility in commodity markets, further complicating the picture for developing economies who are particularly vulnerable to such price swings. Broadly speaking, commodity prices are expected to remain elevated through 2022 and 2023 due to a combination of slowing growth and dampening demand that will be offset by continued supply and transportation constraints, as disruptions resulting from the war are expected to have a long-term impact on the supply of raw materials from both the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The heightened uncertainty is a direct result of entities like the UN, WEF, WHO, CFR, IMF, BIS, CIA, the various “non-profit” foundations, illegitimate Federal governments and their criminal agencies, et al.

While developing economies, long the victims of the UN and psychopaths like Gates and his targeting of Africa and India with his DEATHVAX™ eugenics programs, are currently experiencing PSYOP-FAMINE thanks to the very Cult that that UN is an integral part of having most all of their problems.

This report truly is stunning in its dialectical problem, reaction, solution gamesmanship.

And UNCTAD, the agency within the UN that generated this report and which has most magnanimously tasked itself without ever bothering to get elected with the following globalist objectives:

  • Comprehend options to address macro-level development challenges

  • Achieve beneficial integration into the international trading system

  • Diversify economies to make them less dependent on commodities

  • Limit their exposure to financial volatility and debt

  • Attract investment and make it more development friendly

  • Increase access to digital technologies

  • Promote entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Help local firms move up value chains

  • Speed up the flow of goods across borders

  • Protect consumers from abuse

  • Curb regulations that stifle competition

  • Adapt to climate change and use natural resources more effectively

And who the fuck are these busybodies you might ask that are attempting to force themselves into all facets of business and life in general?

Rebeca Grynspan of Costa Rica is the first woman and Central American to serve as UNCTAD’s secretary-general.

Ms. Grynspan is a renowned advocate of human development, who has helped to focus the world’s attention on relevant issues such as the reduction of inequality and poverty, gender equality, South-South cooperation as a tool for development, and the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, among others.

A former vice president of Costa Rica, Ms. Grynspan joins UNCTAD from the Ibero-American Conference where she also led the organization as secretary-general.

Basically, Ms. Grynspan has done less than zero in the private sector and is a lifelong careerist politician/bureaucrat grifter. And what exactly is a “renowned” advocate of human development you might also ask? Well, it’s the usual UN jargon meant to convey legitimacy and importance, but signifying more of the same code for depopulation and control of the survivors who will “happily” own nothing, not even their own lives.


Do NOT comply.

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