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Kyiv Nazis Manage to Blow Hole in Crimean Bridge

Published: October 9, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: kurt Nimmo

The corporate propaganda media in the West is celebrating the death of three people on the Kerch Bridge, partially disabled last night in what might be described as a suicide bombing.

According to Reuters, “Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 and the 19-km (12-mile) bridge linking it to Russia’s transport network was opened with great fanfare by President Vladimir Putin four years later.”

Propagandists love to use misleading and deflective language. For instance, the verb “seized” in the above sentence. Trained propagandists (otherwise known as establishment journalists) would have the ignorant, which comprise the majority of the American people, believe Russia violently “seized” (take over, conquer, subjugate are related words) the Crimean Peninsula, described as forever part of Ukraine. In fact, the majority of ethnic Russians living there have long attempted to place distance between themselves and the neo-Nazi worshippers in Kyiv. It was also known as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea after Victoria Nuland and her band of saboteurs overthrew the elected government and installed a neo-Nazi-influenced government.

If we are to believe the pathological USG liars and their war propaganda media, Crimea was “seized” from people who want to remain a part of a coup regime and kleptocracy that hates them and thinks nothing of burning them to death.

Headline-skimming Americans know virtually nothing about Crimea. Since the late 1700s and the reign of Katherine the Great, Crimea has been Russian in population and culture. The peninsula was administratively transferred to Ukraine under the rule of Nikita Khrushchev. He was born on the border of Ukraine and later worked in the Donbas.

Here in the West, the state and its media say the vote was illegal because the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe didn’t monitor it. The OSCE “partners” include NATO, the Council of Europe (enforcers of neoliberal “rule of law”), the unelected European Union, and the United Nations. It is not difficult to guess what they would conclude (and the UN eventually did).

PR Newswire reported in 2014:

A group of international observers from Israel, Spain, Italy, USA, UK, Latvia, Moldova and Serbia, which were invited by the Central Electoral Commission of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, visited the largest cities of Crimea - Simferopol, Yalta, Evpatoria, Alushta, Saki, as well as many villages in the countryside… All observers unanimously noted that the referendum was held in full compliance with international standards. (Emphasis added.)

However, according to the fake upholders of “democracy” at the United Nations, it does not matter over 90% of the people of Crimea no longer want to be associated with Kyiv-Ukraine, now effectively Ukronaziland, and soon to be a landlocked rump state, thanks to Vicky Nuland and her neo-Nazi co-conspirators.

For the UN, NATO, and USG, the will of the people is irrelevant, only the skewed “rule of law” mandates handed down arrogantly by a mega-state are legitimate. The ethnic Russians of Crimea, having lived there for centuries, are expected to obey the UN-EU-NATO authoritarians and allow sadistic neo-Nazis to rape, torture, and kill them.

That’s how mob rule—what is pleasantly referred to as the will of the people—works: 50.0001% can demand, at gun or drone point, what the “losers” do, say, and think. That’s how it works in theory. In reality, the ruling elite, through propaganda and other forms of manipulation (including dramatic false flags), shape the opinions and emotions of a vast number of Americans.

So now, we are told the secret service of Ukraine blew a hole in the 19-kilometer bridge spanning the Kerch Strait from Crimea to Russia. The bridge remains operational, especially its train route, and will be repaired in short order. The bomb was supposedly ferried by a suicide driver. Sensationalistic videos of the explosion are proliferating on corporate media websites.

Zelenskyy and his neo-Nazi collaborators no doubt consider this incident, which did not disable to bridge, a major propaganda victory. Maybe it is for the Nazi flag saluting miscreants in Kyiv. Russian munitions and troops will continue to be moved into Crimea over the bridge in preparation for the planned—no doubt with assistance from NATO, the Pentagon, and the CIA—neo-Nazi invasion of the peninsula.

If Russia is going to put an end to the genocidal insanity of Vicky Nuland’s installation of Nazi ultranationalists and their sworn mission to torture and kill all Russians (in addition to others considered sub-human, including Jews, for instance, Nuland herself, of Ukrainian Jewish ancestry), it will need to get serious in Ukraine. That will require at a minimum taking out all the bridges on the Dnieper River, including the old Darnytskyi bridges in Kyiv.

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