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What is in the Pfizer Documents? Is Naomi Wolf Gatekeeping on Eugenics & The True Culprits?

Published: May 3, 2023 | Print Friendly and PDF

Naomi Wolf’s speech What Is In the Pfizer Documents? at Hillsdale College has gone viral with well over a million views. Wolf is a feminist, Rhodes Scholar, and author that graduated from intelligence agency-connected Yale and worked for Bill Clinton and Al Gore as a political advisor. She currently heads up a media organization called the Daily Clout that has spearheaded one of the largest investigations into the criminality of “The Covid” by organizing 3500 volunteers, including doctors, nurses, lawyers, scientists and data analysts, to comb through the 55,000 documents a month being released by Pfizer under court order.

To date, the volunteers have published 64 reports that highlight the fraud of the mRNA vaccine campaign. The first 46 reports have been compiled into an e-book and a paperback, which they claim can be used in lawsuits, government testimonies, letters to universities that are still mandating the mRNA vaccine, and anywhere else that coerced people to participate.

There is no doubt the documents and crimes revealed by the documents are legitimate, and Ms. Wolf’s characterization that “The Pfizer Documents Contain Evidence of the Greatest Crime Against Humanity in the History of our Species” is spot on. However, similar to suspected conservative-flavored controlled opposition Stew Peters who released good information wrapped in poo to discredit the good information in the documentary “Died Suddenly,” is liberal-flavored controlled opposition Naomi Wolf releasing good information in a “limited-hangout” to “gate-keep” the population away from the most-likely domestic suspects by trying to pin the blame on China, China, China?


Watch the Complete Speech Above or Here.

First, the Speech itself and what is, apparently, the only partial transcript linked to the source documentation anywhere on the Internet. I couldn’t find one, so we created one ourselves.

Key Findings from the Investigation/Speech (Partial Transcript)

Pfizer knew one month after rollout (Nov 2020) that the vaccines did not work to stop covid. “Vaccine Failure” and “Failure of Efficacy”

In fact, 3rd most common side effect of the vaccines was COVID itself. Within a month or two, Pfizer got so many complaints of adverse events they needed to hire 2400 new full-time workers to process the adverse events paperwork.

By May of 2021, Pfizer knew that 35 minors had developed heart damage within a week of the jab. But the regulatory agencies( FDA/CDC) did not tell parents for four months that young people were getting heart damage (August 2021). 

At the same time that the “government” knew the vaccines didn’t work and were causing adverse effects, they were paying for advertising campaigns using social media influencers to get people to take the injections.

CDC told us that lipid nanoparticles (made from petroleum-based polyethylene glycol) mRNA stayed in the injection site. But they had no evidence of this. Pfizer knew the molecules “bio-distribute” throughout your body within 48 hours. The vaccine components would go to the brain, liver, adrenals, spleen, and, for women, accumulate in the ovaries and other organs. Industrial fats coated with PEG-contaminated women’s ovaries. The body has no mechanism to eliminate the toxins in the ovaries. The lipid nanoparticles crossed every membrane in the human body and were designed to usher the spike protein mRNA into your cells through the cell membrane.

Pfizer knew there were 300 deaths out of 4200 adverse effects.

“Industrial Scale” Adverse Events: Strokes, clots, neuro, Guille Barre, Bell’s Palsy, neurotoxicity.

#1 Side Effect: Joint pains. (Lipid nanoparticles go through cartilage).

Sixty-one deaths from strokes, 50% within 48 hours. Five deaths from liver damage and half of the liver damage were also seen within 48 hours.

Report 54 - Emergency use authorization (EUA) for kids came about four months ago.

Pfizer experimented on 62 children as young as two months old in early 2021 before it was legal to do so under the EUA, where there are records.  There may have been as many as 1000 children experimented on. Wolf speculates that these were “throw away kids” probably homeless, orphans, and children without responsible, loving parents. Twenty-eight records were “lost,” so we don’t actually know their health outcomes. Out of the 34 remaining records, A two-month-old baby suffered liver damage, and a 7-year-old British girl got a stroke.

A Mengele-Type Experimentation on a Grand Scale on Human Reproduction

Wolf calls the “Centerpiece” of the documents the reports on Pfizer’s [Nazi Dr. Joseph] “Mengele-type experiment on a grand scale on human reproduction. 360-degree experiment on “How to disrupt and impair human reproduction.”

Pfizer told Women in their trial NOT to get pregnant during the trial!

 However, 270 women did get pregnant. Pfizer “lost” 234 records, a total violation of responsibility. Of 36 women records left, over 80% lost their babies from spontaneous abortion (miscarriage).

“Shedding” is real. Pfizer defines exposure to the “vaccines” as inhalation, sex, and topical skin contact, especially male-to-female spread. Pfizer specially told the men in the trial NOT to have sex with child-bearing women and, if they did, to use two forms of contraception.  There was something about conceiving with a vaccinated male that Pfizer was guarding against. What did they know?

We now know there is tremendous evidence that Lipid nanoparticles traverse the placenta, and enter the womb and a maternal-fetal medical specialist by the name of Dr. Jim Thorpe has found in his patients that the “Vaccine” causes calcifications therein, causing early delivery because of impaired or compromised placentas with chromosomal abnormalities.

The lipid nanoparticles covered in petroleum-based polyethylene glycol enter breast milk and then into nursing babies. The babies get seizures. One nursing baby died from seizures. Four lactating moms had milk that turned blue-green. In addition to the Pfizer documents, the National Institute of Health did a study and found that babies nursing from vaccinated moms had failed to thrive, wouldn’t put on weight and were agitated, restless and sleepless.

In the past two years, the percentage of moms who nurse has dropped from 34% to only 16% of moms and Wolf believes that the contamination of the breast milk from the “vaccine” is potentially the culprit. Interestingly, Bill Gates rolled out his lab-grown breast milk at this time.

Dr, Robert Chandler confirmed that 72% of vaccine harm went to women. Pfizer defines in the document that 16% of adverse events are “reproductive disorders.” “What kind of monsters look at 16% reproductive disorders and keep going?” The Pfizer documents have 20 different scientific terms for ruining a woman’s menstrual period, including terms for having two menstrual cycles per month, bleeding every single day of the month, and not having a cycle at all, as three examples. Other examples include 10-year-old girls getting menarche after injection and post-menopausal women beginning to bleed. 

In 2022, a 13-22% drop in live births occurred all over the world (but limited to vaccinated countries), double the number of stillbirths in Scotland and a stunning rise in miscarriages around the world. Eighty-nine stillbirths in one providence in Canada when usually they have 2-3.  Dr. Jim Thorpe describes in his practice dealing with 5-6 miscarriages a week when they usually have 1-2 a month. These events happened only in Western Europe and North America - where the vaccines were mandated.

The lipid nanoparticles affect baby boys as well.

Amy Kelly discovered that the lipid nanoparticles degrade baby boys in utero. They don’t even have to be vaccinated.  The particles traverse the testes and get into testicular Sertoli and Leydig cells which are the “factories of masculinity” balance male hormones. She asks, “Why did Pfizer analyze the reproductive organs of rats for a respiratory virus?”

Dr. Wolf’s Analysis

Was all this based on greed? “That’s not what this is.” She believes it is a “bioweapon,” and we are under attack.

A German company? Pfizer is a German/Chinese company [Etienne: This does not appear to be true. While Pfizer was founded by German Immigrants to the US, its corporate HQ is in New York. I can’t find any evidence that Pfizer is a “German/Chinese Company” ]; its subsidiary company is BioNTech which is purchased right before the pandemic is a German-Chinese company. The latter signed a memorandum of understanding with Fosan Pharma which is, essentially run by CCP. In 2021, BioNTech transferred 100% of its technology “to China.” So, ‘it is Chinese technology being injected into you.’ This is not being injected into Chinese. They (Fosun) created a billion dozes and opened 13 plants in Europe and 2 in North America to distribute these doses.

In 2018, a Chinese study published that lipid nanoparticles damaged fertility in mammals. They knew. A 2021 study from Chinese-controlled Hong Kong found that the first injection enlarges the heart in rats, and the second injection can cause “catastrophic” damage to hearts in animals. (It is the second injection that we are seeing that causes greater damage, which damage gets worse with each subsequent injection.

Who got mandated for the jab? Reason backward. What is the effect?

The military! First responders. Nurses and, doctors, college kids were mandated despite the lack of evidence showing that the vaccine prevents transmission. How do you disable a country? “Take out the kids of the elite, of the leaders.”

Who else got it by mandate? Firefighters, police, pilots. The authorities went for the key populations. All universities except six mandated the vaccine. [Hillsdale did not mandate]. “CCP was permitted to cripple our country.” CCP could defeat us without a hot war. The disability of 18-39-year-olds is off the charts.

Wolf said there were 42,000 adverse effects in Pfizer documents, and 36000+ were in the USA. 8000+ in Europe, in country order of political importance: UK,   Most all adverse effects hit Europe and USA. “Our populations were targeted.”

Pfizer dose is 30 mcg of the active substance. Moderna is 100 mcg. Pfizer says in documents that 100 mg is so high that it is dangerous and has to be dropped. But did not warn about Moderna’s vaccine. They [Pfizer] wanted children to get 100 mcg.

“Dark summary of what is in Pfizer documents.”

430 million doses held by Pfizer, which will expire since no one wants them. Informed consent is the law, but we did not get informed consent.

Naomi’s coalition has lawyers who are suing Pfizer. She believes we are victims of mass murder and war crimes.

End Partial Transcript



Seven Solid Reasons to Suspect This is a Controlled Opposition Limited Hangout & Wolf is Gatekeeping


First, I want to be very clear. The documents are 100% legitimate, and Wolf is 100% right about the documented harm from the “vaccines.” The Art of Liberty Foundation has done its own investigation into the scam of “The Covid” and reviewed many of the same documents and reached many of the same conclusions. Our criticism and suspicions concern Wolf’s background, her partnership with Steve Bannon, her failure to use or even mention the word “Eugenics,” and her conclusion that the Chinese are the ultimate culprits where our conclusions and those of other investigators point to a domestically-centered, although international criminal conspiracy led by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins, the World Economic Forum and Blackrock in alignment with the DARPA/HARPA/US Military and the Intelligence Agencies.

While I am sure that Pfizer’s legal team has scoured what documents that are being released for anything super-damning, Steve Bannon and Wolf’s high-profile investigation into the release leaves them/her in the ultimate editor’s position to sweep up anything missed and control the narrative on the results e.g. China, China, China, no mention of eugenics or the Rockefeller Foundation or the intelligence agencies, etc. It also sucks the oxygen out of other groups doing their own crowd-sourced investigation into the documents.

Here are our specific suspicions and criticisms:


Leana Wen, another Rhodes Scholar in on “The Covid”

  1. Wolf is a Rhodes Scholar, which we believe is a talent-identification program for an inter-generational organized crime system that “creates legends” with unearned accolades and media coverage. The scholarships were set up by Cecil Rhodes, a Rothchild agent who cartelized African diamond mines. The former country of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) was named after Rhodes. He left his vast fortune to advance a private intelligence network in former UK colonies to control the “governments” of those colonies in what has become known as the Round Table Groups. Bill Clinton, George Stephanopoulos, Sen Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Callahan (DARPA’s Man in Wuhan), Leana Wen, Covid “created legend” crisis actor, and Tim Evans, former Rockefeller Foundation Director and Event 201 participant have also been Rhodes scholars.

  2. Wolf worked on Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign in 1996, which was after the Waco massacre and cover-up, the Vince Foster “suicide,” the White Water scandal, the Paula Jones scandal, and the Oklahoma City Bombing where the FBI and ATF were the prime suspects, and the Clinton Body Count. Everyone with two brain neurons to rub together knew Clinton was a criminal, but she was going to help him get reelected? She went on to work for the Al Gore campaign in 2000 after the Chinagate campaign finance scandal and Gore’s support of Clinton during/after the Monica Lewinsky scandal, in addition to his role in Clinton’s scandal and “suicide”-plagued administration.

  3. Partnership with Steve Bannon - Steve Bannon is an Ex-Goldman Sachs banker, Hollywood media executive, and political strategist (Controller?) for Donald Trump, who also worked for the Chief of Naval Operations at the Pentagon while a naval officer. He produces conservative-flavored propaganda, including big-budget documentaries. He is under investigation for embezzling funds from the We Build the Wall project, where his co-defendants have already been found guilty. He was pre-emptively pardoned by President Trump from any federal charges in the matter.

    Bannon runs a “government-is-legitimate-you-just-need-to-vote-harder” media operation and appears to be part of the organized crime government’s control-of-perception media program.

  4. Naomi Wolf is running a well-funded media organization - The most powerful weapon in organized crime’s arsenal is control of perception. They are controlling the information that the population receives by providing controlled opposition voices with unlimited capital to dominate both the MainStreamMedia and the Alternative Media. Alex Jones, Stew Peters, the Young Turks, Tim Pool are some examples where “Government” is Legitimate/Vote Harder alternative media voices are funded with studio quality environments, social media managers, editors, producers, travel budgets, and PR professionals to dominate the airwaves where they are occasionally/frequently given access to the MainStreamMedia’s control-of-perception airwaves to trick truth seekers into the controlled opposition e.g. Alex Jones on CNN, Vice Media’s Tim Pool making Time Magazine, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks Huffington Post, MSNBC and Sirius Satellite Radio gigs.

  5. Naomi Wolf is on CIA CNN and FOX News… A lot! - Wolf is one of the 200ish people that get to talk politics and current events on the tell-a-vision. Real truth-tellers don’t get to be on control-of-perception CNN and FOX News. That is not how the control-of-perception system works. CNN and FOX News are used to “Create Legends” and develop a stable of people who can be counted on never to say anything on live tell-a-vision that hasn’t already been approved and scripted.

  6. Not a Single Mention of Eugenics - Similar to the way that Stew Peters dodged the word “Eugenics” in his documentary by using “Malthusianism” (which throws the truth seekers off the true path), Wolf describes in detail: “Mengele-type experiment on a grand scale on human reproduction. 360-degree experiment on “How to disrupt and impair human reproduction.” but completely misses the Raison d'être!


    What is the reason that the inter-generational organized crime system that runs the “Government” and media would stage a fake pandemic and trick the population into taking a bio-weapon that was designed to impair female fertility? The answer is Eugenics (and population control/reduction). Eugenics is the poisonous idea that you can improve humanity and “save the planet” by killing off the feeble-minded, those with genetic abnormalities and/or those that eugenicists believe are “useless eaters.” In the Art of Liberty Foundation’s investigation Solving Covid - The Covid 19, Eugenics and Vaccine/Drug Scam Timeline, we break down how some of the greatest criminal fortunes in the world were left to eugenics. In our article The Covid-19 Suspects and Their Ties to Eugenics and Population Control/Reduction we break down how the main players and funders of “The Covid” and the “Vaccines” are connected to eugenics.

  7. China, China, China - When Naomi Wolf pinned the blame on China, I nearly threw up in my mouth. It wasn’t China who wrote the Lockstep document in 2010 outlining the scenario that played out as “The Covid”; it was the Rockefeller Foundation. It wasn’t China that funded the fake transmission models used for the lockdowns; it was Bill Gates. It wasn’t China that conducted a trial run with Event 201 three months before “The Covid” was announced; it was Bill Gates, the WEF, and Johns Hopkins with participation from “former” CIA and Rockefeller Foundation Directors.


    Finally, it isn’t “China” or “The United States” that is responsible. It is inter-generational organized crime using “government” to rob and control populations. When Wolf tries to throw the blame on “China,” she neglects to mention that the organized crime system using “government” to rob and control the Chinese people is using the exact same techniques in the “United States” to rob and control the American people. The Chinese and American “Governments” were 100% in on this together and are controlled by similar, if not identical, and aligned criminal interests.

    The belief in the legitimacy of “Government” is the real “virus,” and more and more people are discovering the cure every single day.



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