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Thailand News Roundup: Department of climate change, digital wallet revived as political populism, pet sacrifices to occult deity statue, moneypox still pushed, and grisly murders galore

Published: August 22, 2023 | Print Friendly and PDF

I’ve compiled several stories which I think are worthy of your attention. Both for the outside world peeking in, and for readers based in Thailand who might’ve missed something.

🌍🔥Department of climate change and environment


Finally! It’s about bloody time, this was well overdue [sarcasm].

Citing recent remarks by UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres on "global boiling", Mr Varawut said the new department is essential to Thailand's efforts to address issues related to climate change. According to Mr Guterres, global surface and ocean temperatures have reached historically high levels, which signals that global warming has ended and the "global boiling" era is here.

"The department is vital as Thailand now has a body that is directly responsible for tackling issues related to climate change," he said.

This cannot be good. By royal decree no less. From the top. I foresee Thailand’s decision makers being as eager as the next deeply entrenched WEF controlled country, in dancing to the climate lockdown tune to a funky ‘coinciditis’ irregular heartbeat.

It’s a sad state of affairs when that UN insanity about global boiling is quoted seriously. Well, they want us to take it seriously. I just hope that all this is not a precursor to somewhere in Thailand getting the DEW treatment.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve encountered any NPCs quipping the ole’ climate boiling. Some handy tips to counter them:

  • The hottest decade was in the 1930s

  • CO2 is a trace gas making up 0.04% of 1% of our breathable atmosphere

  • Without CO2, all plants, animals, and humans would die

  • It is a life-giving gas.

If you would like more to make a handy crib sheet on refuting and denouncing climate alarmism fallacies, check out this incredible speech by Patrick Moore debunking the CO2 warming hoax. Essential viewing for anyone who is pro-human.


📲Digital wallet is hot (or not if you’re wide awake)


Daaamn I love the smell of CBDCs in the morning! I mean cash. Cold hard cash. I am a cash man. Most people are one government directorate away from getting a QR code tattooed right between the eyes.

The party shelved the policy after finishing second in the May 14 election, as the social welfare policies of the election-winning Move Forward Party were given priority when the latter was attempting to put together a coalition government.

“Now the situation has changed and Pheu Thai is now the core (of a new coalition),” Mr Paopoom said on Friday. “Today, the party would like to officially declare that it will move ahead with the digital wallet policy, using blockchain technology.

The policy involves a 10,000-baht digital handout to every Thai aged 16 and over, delivered to a smartphone. The digital money can only be spent within a four-kilometre radius of recipients’ homes and is valid for six months.

According to Chainalysis, Thailand is number 12 out of 154 countries for global crypto adoption. Therefore, one would hope that Thais will prefer Bitcoin and decentralised cryptocurrencies over centralised CBDCs, but I won’t hold my breath.

James Corbett just put out an uplifting piece on the global pushback against CBDCs. It is not futile to resist! Corbett wrote:

That's why this is the time to seize the momentum of public opinion and steer it into actual productive activity. We can encourage Cash Friday awareness. We can build up local trading communities based on alternative and complementary currencies. We can introduce those around us to Agorist.Market. We can promote community currencies and precious metals and decentralized cryptos and barter circles and the million other forms of survival currency that clued-in Corbetteers have been researching for years.

👿Occult deity “Khru Kai Kaeo” statue erected


I found this one bizarre and disturbing in equal measure. Is it a random local initiative? Is it something more sinister and satanic, quietly pushed by the global parasite class and their love for all things demonic?

This is such a weird story. First off:

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is allowing a controversial sculpture of the deity Khru Kai Kaeo to remain on the premises of the Bazaar Hotel on Ratchadaphisek Road for the time being despite a barrage of complaints.

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt said he ordered the BMA's permanent secretary to confirm whether or not the statue contravenes any laws or regulations. No violation has been found thus far, he said.

"As the sculpture is clearly visible from Ratchadaphisek Road, its scary-looking appearance might frighten passers-by and commuters. We understand that the sculpture makes some people feel uncomfortable. We will try our best to find a solution," he said

It is amazing that this was permitted to be built and placed in such a highly visible area in the first place (albeit on private property). People commenting on the article said “I’ve been around this area and get a weird feeling, it is a dark place.”

I’d like to think that my negative energy levels are low to none with all the meditation I’ve been doing lately, so I will find my way over there to see this abomination with my own eyes, and hopefully not be adversely affected

A few days later, another follow up piece popped up, literally warning the public not to make pet sacrifices to the deity.

Using pets as sacrifices for Khru Kai Kaeo, a deity represented by a gargoyle-like sculpture at a shrine in Bangkok, will make people liable to prosecution, the Watchdog Thailand Foundation (WDT) has warned.

The warning came on the back of growing concerns from pet lovers aghast at the news of worshippers obtaining cats, dogs and rabbits and using them as sacrificial animals.

In a Facebook post, the foundation said believers must think twice before they consider harming pets and using them as sacrifices to the half-human, half-mythical bird sculpture installed at the Ganesha shrine near Huai Khwang intersection.

Although it is not against the law to worship a statue, the animal sacrifice craze shows how insecure many Thai people have become in their desperate search for spiritual support, he said.

Although it is not against the law to worship a statue, the animal sacrifice craze shows how insecure many Thai people have become in their desperate search for spiritual support, he said..

What the f***? That last part sums it up. Human beings turn towards religion in dark times, which can be community driven and wholesome, providing support and a sense of belonging to be gained across all faiths. However, some choose to turn towards dark entities and the occult. I immediately thought of all the weird stuff coming out of the US about extracurricular devil worshipping classes at schools and suchlike.

Needless to say, this really is a spiritual war, and we grow ever closer from the metaphysical to the real manifestations of that.

Flogging a dead monkey


They just won’t let up with this one. It simmers and stews and bubbles back up the surface every few weeks. I guess they are hoping to get a bite from the general public and sell some vaxxeeeens.

More than 120 people have contracted monkeypox (mpox) in Thailand --which now has the highest number of such cases in Southeast Asia, a Chulalongkorn University virologist said on Wednesday.

Citing the World Health Organisation, mpox is the new term for what was previously known as monkeypox. It is now being used instead in a bid to mitigate a rise in alleged racist and stigmatising language associated with the ailment.

I am disappointed to see Chula University playing along with the propaganda. The institution has long had a reputation as being one of the best, most academically prestigious universities in Thailand. They were all over the C19 injection advocacy too. Never forget.

Multiple murders


This is not part of a globalist agenda, yet it would be remiss to not report on how many gruesome murders have taken place in Thailand of late. Beneath the “amazing Thailand” slogans for this tourist destination, there has always been a sinister underbelly of horrific murders happening far too often, usually between family members or due to jealousy from a lover’s tiff. Lately, it just feels like an extension of the misery and hard times leading to people acting out on their darkest urges.

He broke into a room on the 9th floor of Building 5, where he shot Sopha'ssister, Thawee Sinma, 60, and two boys identified as Thanakrit Kaewkret, 7,and Kritpas Kaewkret, 9.

He then shot himself in the head in front of the condominium, said Pol Capt Chairat, before explaining the two boys were the sons of his estranged wife Viraya Sinma, 39, by a former husband.

Jealousy and family problems were believed to be the motive for the killings, police said.

This is so sad. Rest in peace dearly departed.

Surat Thani: Rescue workers and divers are still looking for body parts belonging to a Colombian plastic surgeon who was murdered and dismembered by his former boyfriend on Koh Phangan last week.

The search was spurred by the confession of the suspect, Daniel Sancho Bronchalo, 29, who admitted to dismembering the body of 44-year-old Edwin Arrieta Arteaga into 14 parts before dumping them around the island.

He told police that he had initially intended to dump the body parts in the sea, but he couldn't fit them all into his duffel bag. As a result, he dumped parts that wouldn't fit at a landfill on the island, where they were found by local rubbish collectors.

This story really rocked Koh Phangan island. Dismembering and using rubbish bags for the corpse. Dark and premeditated and evil abound.

Deputy national police chief Pol Gen Surachate Hakparn said on Friday that German national Olaf Thorsten Brinkmann, 52, is the prime suspect among the four arrested for their alleged involvement in the murder of Hans Peter Walter Mack, 62.

Pol Gen Surachate said that police also seized a speed boat belonging to Mr Brinkmann and found that he planned to dump Mack's dismembered body into the sea. Police also obtained CCTV footage showing Mr Brinkmann and Mr Uddin in a fishing gear shop.

An owner of an electric saw also testified that he sold the saw to two foreigners that was used to dismember Mack's body.

There are multiple stories covering the death of German national Hans-Peter Mack. Extortion is believed to be the primary motivator, with 2 million baht having been transferred out of the deceased’s bank account before he met his maker.

Some comments on the articles alluded to a 2018 story reporting on Mr. Mack being prosecuted for trafficking an underage (15 year old girl) prostitute. The commenters suggested the killing could also have been a late retribution for this…

👋🏻Farewell until late September


I am hitting the road this week to travel domestically for my day job for a few weeks. It will be the longest time I will have spent apart from Mrs. Creed since we found each other in February 2020. I am going to really miss my wife’s company, she is a wonderful woman and I am very lucky to have her in my life.

Sometimes we must travel the road of the lonely ones. I will be back here in September and intend to complete part 3 of my climate alarmism series in Thailand, as well as a piece on genomic surveillance and volatolomics, and two podcasts coming up - one where I’ll be the interviewer, for the other I shall be the interviewee...

Stay tuned, stay sane, stay strong, stay sovereign.


Nicholas Creed is a Bangkok based dissident blogger. All content is free for all readers. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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