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Published: September 26, 2023 | Print Friendly and PDF

“It is important to say loudly and clearly that one single worldwide criminal network, the criminocracy, is, behind the scenes, running everything from the WEF to the WHO, the UN to the EU, BlackRock to the World Bank” – Paul Cudenec, Converging Against the Criminocrats

I am happy to announce the publication of my latest book, Converging Against the Criminocrats: Essays and Talks for the New International Resistancea collection from my 2023 output, thus far.

The theme of international resistance to the global system has featured in my online writing since the very first day of 2023.

On that occasion (January 1, 2023), I reported for The Acorn bulletin on an event I had just attended here in southern France, launching a significant special edition of the review Écologie & Politique.

This focused on the threat posed to humankind by biotechnology, eugenics and transhumanism and several important fellow campaigners addressed the meeting, including philosopher Renaud Garcia; Silvia Guerini of the Italian network Resistenze al nanomondo; writer Bertrand Louart; editor and academic Jacques Luzi and representatives of Alpine technocritics Pièces et Main d’oeuvre.

The issue of the journal was so powerful that it had come under attack from what I called The Voice of the System, here making itself heard by means of four pseudo-environmentalists who, it turned out, all worked for the French state and/or European foundations promoting vaccines and smart cities.

This familiar tone or technique, I said, “never argues with those who challenge its so-called truths, nor does it present its objection in terms of a disagreement. Instead, it invariably condemns the objects of its hatred as morally bad and connected to everything else that it has already declared to be beyond the political pale”.

Anyone who fundamentally opposes the system is likely to be rebuked by this voice, as I was to witness time and time again in the months to follow.

Indeed, only three weeks later, in Ramping Up the Global Inquisition (January 21, 2023), I described more instances of this mendacious smearing in the UK and New Zealand, explaining that this was not something confined to one country or even to one continent, but “a worldwide assault on free speech”.

I pointed out that one of the smearing techniques often used by the global inquisitors was to attempt to contaminate one person’s reputation by linking them to another person whose reputation they had already contaminated by some dishonest means.

“Each lie they tell therefore becomes a launching pad for further lies and can be used to attack heretics without the need for any further ‘incriminating’ evidence”.


In Fighting Off The Encroachment (February 8, 2023) I again turned to the subject of resistance and concluded that all the varied campaigning with which I had been involved throughout my life had in fact been directed against one single phenomenon, “an expansion, an accumulation, a malignant growth”, which was “always encroaching, confiscating, stealing, developing, destroying”.

I added: “They just won’t leave us in peace, to live our lives as we wish. Our horizon is permanently darkened with the menace of their next state of emergency, their next all-changing war, their next technological advance, their next fake pandemic, their next Great Leap Forward, Five Year Plan, thousand-year Reich or Great Reset.

“To oppose this invasive process, which we might term the Encroachment, is not to be a disruptive anti-social trouble-maker but to be a defender of what we already have, what we used to have and what we deserve to have again”.

In Anarchy, Alchemy and Awakening (March 8, 2023), I marked the tenth anniversary of the appearance of my first book, The Anarchist Revelation, by looking back on its message and the reaction it sparked in various quarters.

And I found great relevance for today in words that I originally penned in 2013: “An awakening is required on a scale never seen before, an awakening that will spread like a tsunami around the globe, sweeping away the machineries and mindset of hateful oppression and denial.

“It is not so much a revolution that is needed, but a revelation – a lifting of all the veils of falsity and a joyful rediscovery of the authentic core of our existence”.

The report on London’s Secret Smart Stations Roll-Out (March 13, 2023) was only possible because a friend inside Transport for London slipped me a “restricted” internal document detailing the testing of SMART infrastructure (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) at a tube station in the English capital.

I explained that the prospect of real-time surveillance, monitoring people in terms of named categories, suggests an entirely predictable link to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and impact capitalism, the 21st century digital slave-system which is in fact the driving force behind the whole smart cities agenda.

And I concluded: “The agenda is clear. The very fact that it is being hidden from us shows that the Global Public Private Partnership knows full well that it is not something we welcome”.


Unauthorised Fragments of Freedom (March 19, 2023) introduced a piece of fiction which I wrote 17 years previously and which described “an England of curfews, timed travel restrictions, limits on the number of people that can gather for a party in a private home”.

I noted: “A great sense of sadness imbues the book, a sadness that is also a kind of suffocation, a feeling that the walls are slowly but surely closing in on human freedom, with most people seemingly unaware of what is happening”.

But, then and now, I like to stress the possibility of resistance and the main emphasis of the work was on “ordinary people’s courage in refusing to obey the system’s diktats, in testing the actual limits of its apparent total control by just saying ‘no’”.

The WEF are Life-Hating Liars is a talk I gave to a conference in London on March 25, 2023, organised by my friends at Real Leftwho are playing an important role in helping build the new international resistance movement.

I warned that the global system aims to advance its control agenda with the active support of the left and “the language and general tone of the left is weaponised against the very values that the left is historically supposed to defend”.

But, of course, this is all lies and posturing aimed at disguising the reality of the same old venal and destructive industrial racket.

“Painting it green and draping its infernal machineries with rainbow-coloured bunting changes nothing”.

In Targeting the Enemy (April 11, 2023), a piece for The Acorn, I described the ongoing revolt against the Macron regime in France and how it had been met with military-style repression.


I commented: “This looks less like a ‘liberal democracy’ than a colonial government of occupation, determined to ‘put down the natives’ at any cost. And this, of course, is exactly what it is! France is not run by representatives of the French people, but by representatives of the global money power, the criminal gang which owns pretty much everything, everywhere”.

In the same Acorn, I assessed a dismissive label that has been applied to my political views for decades now and asked: Who are the Real Extremists? (April 11, 2023).

I also supplied the answer, identifying “those who are already extremely rich but want to get even richer; those who are extremely deceitful and dishonest in their dealings; those who have an extreme disregard for the lives and well-being of others and an extreme fear of real democracy, along with a deeply unpleasant propensity to use extreme violence to protect and expand their power”.

In Remembering Who We Are (April 18, 2023) I explored the power we find within ourselves when we become aware of our belonging to something greater than our individual being. I argued that this power, which I called “with-energy”, is our greatest weapon against the criminal ruling class.

I wrote: “When we come together and feel with-energy, we connect to that reality. When we understand what this with-energy is, we are remembering that reality. When, together, we consciously use our with-energy to reclaim our belonging to that reality, we will become so strong and so free that no system will be able to hold us down”.


The article When Protest is Branded Terrorism (April 25, 2023) was sparked by the French government’s use of the term “intellectual terrorism” to describe the opinions of its critics and by the deployment of “anti-terrorism” legislation to ban people from banging saucepans in protest at Macron’s presidential visits, as well as by the detention and questioning of a young French publisher by British police under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000, purely on the basis that he had attended anti-government protests in his own country.

Recalling that I myself had been detained under the same law in 2013, I noted: “The term ‘terrorism’ has been deliberately twisted out of all recognition in order to smear political dissent and to judicially enable police-state repression of protest”.

Macron’s bankster regime was again the focus of my writing in Adieu to the Illusion of Democracy (May 2, 2023), in which I reported and reflected on the massive Mayday protests in France, which had been met with brutally violent repression.


“France, like so many other countries I might mention, is not an actual democracy but a plutocracy which has, until very recently, managed to pass itself off as a democracy. The only interests that matter are those of Big Money, of Capital. The opinions and well-being of the people are of no interest to Macron and his former employers, the Rothschilds”.

I mentioned a new slogan, Travail, Ordre et Progrès, which seemed to have been adopted by the regime to replace Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, and I followed this up in a subsequent piece entitled Work. Order. Progress. (May 15, 2023).

Drawing on research I had carried out for The Great Racket, I provided historical insights to explain the connection between the Macron regime’s proximity to the Rothschilds and the fascistic tone of its politics.

I remarked: “What better way of ensuring ‘order’ and sustainable prosperity for the ultra-rich than by banning troublesome trade unions and left-wing political opposition, sourcing prison camp labour for private gain, embarking on massive industrial and military spending and remodelling human life to answer the needs of their greed machine?”


The Worm Behind the Facade (May 23, 2023) was not so much an essay as a piece of creative writing, imagining our resistance to the corrupt global system as an attack on a vast parasitical grub, long hidden behind the facade of nation-states.

“Again and again you struck and as you did so you were joined by others, dozens of others, hundreds and thousands, all using whatever weapon they had come across to stab at the worm, some even tearing at its flesh with their bare hands.

“Others set about ripping the tubes from its body so that it could no longer grow fat from the flesh of their children”.

An important point in the evolution of my personal political terminology came with the publication of Criminocracy and its Lies (June 26, 2023).

Discussing how best to describe the gang that rules the world, I wrote: “These ultra-rich are not rich by chance or because they work harder or better than the rest of us. They are rich because they are criminals, who have, like dry rot, gradually taken over the whole structure of our societies. The system under which we live is therefore a criminocracy, rule by criminals”.


Referring to the dishonest language with which this gang invariably attacks its opponents, I observed: “In the inversion that is so typical of the system, exposure of their criminal activity and associated lying is, itself, defined as ‘criminal’”.

This issue was again to the fore in The Money Behind The Smears (July 5, 2023), a contribution to The Acorn.

I explained that I myself had been denounced by the inquisitorial voice of the system, which on this occasion had issued forth from the mouth of a supposedly anarchist website in Quebec.

“So why the attention now, three years after I was first excommunicated by the High Priests of the Central Global Church of Woke Pseudo-Anarchism?

“I think a clue lies in the reference to other like-minded thinkers with whom I have been collaborating both in the English-speaking world, partly via Nevermore, and also in France and Italy.

“The article warns of ‘a transnational echo chamber of conspiracists who have been embracing increasingly reactionary, transphobic, and antisemitic ideas’. In other words, they are worried that we are coming together and regrouping outside of the controlled woke-left mind-prison to begin to form a coherent long-term international resistance movement!”

The Church of England: Enslaving God’s Children (July 12, 2023) addressed the hypocrisy of this supposedly Christian entity in apologising for its historical collaboration with the transatlantic slave trade, while being involved in its contemporary digital equivalent, namely impact capitalism.

I concluded: “We should remember that this state institution is, after all, headed by the man who launched The Great Reset in 2020 and whose family has, for generations, acted as an important link between the British Empire and the private financial interests to which it is still entirely subservient”.

The article BRICS in the Wall of Global Greed (July 17, 2023) was primarily aimed at those who, like me, oppose the British-American plutocratic empire but who somehow imagine that the “multi-polar” version now being wheeled onto the global stage is new, different and less dangerous.


Drawing, again, on previous historical research, I showed that Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa had all long been in the grasp of the criminocracy and that they were spearheading its current insidious agenda.

I warned: “A world order is still a world order, whether or not it terms itself ‘multi-polar’. The poles in question are merely geographically diverse manifestations of the same overall network and any ‘shift’ in power towards BRICS can only be regarded as a manoeuvre, an internal reorganisation within the public-private global governance”.

Shining Light on the Climate of Manipulation (July 29, 2023) was a talk I gave to fellow resistance campaigners in Italy.

Referencing the work of Cory Morningstar and Jennifer Bilek, as well as my own research, I explained how various aspects of “woke” dogma were being used by the criminocrats to impose their global agenda.

I remarked that in the contemporary “labyrinth of lies”, it had become very difficult to distinguish fact from fake, reality from spin.

“The best indication of something or somebody’s integrity is that they are denounced as criminals by the system and the strongest warning sign of misinformation is when a certain proposition is presented as sacred truth, protected from contradiction by a special taboo status”.

And I stressed: “We urgently need to see the emergence of a new international movement of resistance against this toxic entity, given that it has successfully disabled and recuperated so many existing ‘radical’ groups”.

The starting point for Cogs of Corruption and Control (August 15, 2023) was a social media post from a business in Rwanda, East Africa, promoting “mobile money services” leading to “financial inclusivity” and “economic & social gains”.

My investigation into Vanguard Economics Ltd of Kigali shed much light on the new wave of corporate-colonialism targeting Africa, which is based on impact capitalism and the closely-related UNSDGs.

I remarked: “While its direct ownership may be hidden from public view, the firm’s list of 23 ‘partners and collaborators’ not only gives us a clear indication of its allegiances, but also helps us identify some of the cogs that make up the corrupt contemporary machine of global greed and control”.


For a Convergence of the Uncorrupted (August 28, 2023) was a heart-felt call for a reshaping of the political landscape, for a coming-together of all those whose outlook is based not on self-interest and obedience to power, but on the deep, innate values naturally shared by decent human beings of all backgrounds.

“Imagine if all these people could shake themselves free from the constraints of political or religious allegiance, or from their hesitation to step forward! Imagine the power of a convergence of all these streams of uncorrupted thought, united in their rejection of the global dictatorship and in their demand for a free future!

“The essence of their individual ideals would not be lost in the process, but embraced within one mighty river of righteous revolt”.

Finally, while all the links in the articles were valid at the time that they were published, there is a growing tendency, that other researchers have also noted, for inconvenient material to disappear from the internet, even from archive sites, and by the time you read this, some of them may no longer work.

I regard this, along with the increased stifling of dissident views on social media, as being not only an inevitable stage of our struggle against the criminocrats, but also a telling sign of weakness on their part.

They know that we have seen them. They know that our resistance is under way. And they are frightened of us!

[Audio version]


You can read Converging Against the Criminocrats: Essays and Talks for the New International Resistance as a free pdf or as a physical book.



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