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Published: November 20, 2023 | Print Friendly and PDF

There is something very odd about the way that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has never quite left the centre of the political stage.

He is so widely loathed by the British public – as a hypocritical war criminal who used the Labour Party to advance a cruel neoliberal agenda – that when he was given a knighthood by the British state in 2022, more than a million people signed a petition demanding the honour be rescinded.

And yet “Tony Bliar”, as he is often known, just won’t do us all a favour and disappear into the political wings for good.

He is constantly hinting at a return to British politics and popping up in the corporate media to offer his advice on how the world should be run, whether calling for the UK’s Brexit from the EU to be reversed, accusing Jeremy Corbyn of “antisemitism“, or demanding the imposition of vaccine passports and digital ID.

The latest nauseating news is that the 70-year-old warmonger, once suggested as full-time “president of Europe” by the then French president Nicolas Sarkozy, is now being “touted by Israel as peacekeeper in Middle East”, to quote The Daily Telegraph’s headline from November 13, 2023.

The report explains that “serving as the envoy for the Middle East Quartet from 2007 to 2015”, Blair was handed the task of helping develop the Palestinian economy, with his role overlapping with Netanyahu’s second term.


It adds that Blair, who has an office in Israel, “was also a member of Labour Friends of Israel for decades when in Parliament”.

Indeed, his refusal to call for a ceasefire in the 2006 conflict between Israel and Lebanon, together of course with his ongoing unpopularity due to the invasion of Iraq and the so-called “War on Terror”, is regarded as the main reason why he was forced to resign as PM in 2007.

In 2009, Blair was awarded Israel’s Dan David Prize for “exceptional leadership and steadfast determination in helping to engineer agreements and forge lasting solutions to areas in conflict”, just five years after the $1 million annual hand-out went to WEF boss Klaus Schwab.

So how is it that Blair remains such a key global figure more than 16 years after he left public office in the UK?

A fascinating article by researcher Ben Rubin, which has just come my way, provides an important clue.

Rubin was looking into the UK charity My Life My Say, which collaborates closely with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and seems to be trying to build a remote-controlled “youth movement”, similar to the WEF’s Global Shapers, to shape politics in the UK.


In 2019 a group of young people were lucky enough to be addressed by Blair via a large TV screen, as he “clarified” what My Life My Say described as “his on going support” for the organisation.


And in June 2022 Blair was the main speaker at a conference on the “Future of Britain” organised with My Life My Say and hosted by the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College, London.




In investigating the background of My Life My Say’s trustees, Rubin discovered something that he describes as a “biggie”, adding: “To be honest, I almost fell off my chair when I saw it”.

He writes, accurately, that My Life My Say trustee Glen Manning is a senior banker with Rothschild & Co. I also note that he has enjoyed a long career with known Rothschild entities like J.P. Morgan.



In 2021 Manning became Portfolio Advisor to R&Co4Generations, a Rothschild “philanthropic” fund which is explicitly involved in the new form of public-private digital slavery known as impact investment and in the promotion of the closely-related United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

It claims its mission is all about “empowering the next generations” and chair Alexandre de Rothschild​​ writes of a desire to “create lasting and positive change”.

There is perfect synergy there with the title of Blair’s global institute and indeed with all the fake-left impact-based organisations that talk incessantly about “social change”.

The important thing to realise is that they don’t mean change for the better!

The aim of both the Rothschilds and Blair is to wipe out what is left of traditional human life and freedom in order to impose their new world order of artifice, surveillance and control, in which the 99.9% are confined in smart-city gulags, eating insects, while the criminal ultra-rich are free to treat the rest of the world as a privatised party-zone and safari park.

The money-based entity plotting to carry this out is deeply entwined with British and indeed global institutions, in a worldwide version of the state-corporate fusion that was at the heart of historical fascism and which I term the criminocracy.

The suggestion that Blair has always been working for the Rothschilds’ agenda makes perfect sense to me.

By 1997, when he became Prime Minister, their connections to the corrupt Tory regime in the UK were becoming all-too-obvious, with the revolving doors between Rothschild HQ at London’s New Court and the corridors of political power attracting increasing attention, as historian Niall Ferguson has noted.


It was time for “change” – but change that wouldn’t threaten the underlying seat of power in contemporary Britain. Tony Blair MP may have been an anagram for “I’m Tory Plan B”, as was pointed out at the time, but maybe he could better have been described as “Rothschild Plan B”.

I don’t think that it is a coincidence that Ronald Cohen, notorious as the “banker” for Blair and Brown’s New Labour, went on to found the impact capitalism so favoured by Rothschild & Co.

Neither is it irrelevant that Blair has a long history of involvement with the Swiss-based World Economic Forum

Back in 2016 he used its website as a platform to call for “a leap forward for developing countries” and in particular a “digital revolution” in Africa.

Neo-colonialism in Africa is a long-term Rothschild activity, as I described in Enemies of the People, and it is intertesting that Blair particularly mentions Rwanda, which earlier this year provided me with very useful insights into the nature and reach of the global criminocracy.

Such is Blair’s standing in globalist circles that he is even considered a possible successor to Klaus Schwab at Davos!


It is very telling that shortly after resigning from British politics, in January 2008, he joined Rothschild-associated business JPMorgan Chase in a “senior advisory capacity”.

The bank, which said he offered “unique perspective”, is estimated to have paid him £2.52m per year.

The departed PM also quickly signed a lucrative agreement with Zurich Financial Services to advise chief executive officer James Schiro and provide “general guidance on developments and trends in the international political environment”.

Schiro (pictured), who died in 2014, was also CEO of PriceWaterhouseCoopers and a director of a number of multinational companies including PepsiCo, Philips and Rothschild-linked Goldman Sachs.

He was on the Business Council of the World Economic Forum, was a board member of the United States-China Business Council and, in 1997, received the American Jewish Committee’s National Human Relations Award.


Blair told media as he walked in through several revolving corporate doors in 2008: “I have always been interested in commerce and the impact of globalisation. Nowadays, the intersection between politics and the economy in different parts of the world, including the emerging markets, is very strong”.

You can say that again!

The most cursory of glances at the 2023 “Ideas to Transform the Future of Britain” offered by Blair’s Institute for Global Change will confirm that he is peddling exactly the same plan as the Rothschilds and the WEF.

He wants a new 21st-century “strategic state” harnessing artificial intelligence and digital identity to “give and receive information in real time”.

Just like Klaus Schwab (funny, that!), Blair chooses the word “agile” to describe this new kind of governance.

He wants to see “far deeper state investment in technological and AI-era infrastructure, utilising cloud and modern software”.

And “a new treatment of data as a competitive asset, which can, for example, stimulate innovation in health”.

That’s about impact investment, by the way.

He also, somewhat predictably, calls for “a greater alignment between the government and private sector to mobilise effectively behind clear purposes, such as around climate”.

Blair sees the need for “a greater appetite for risk and innovation, with greater expertise from the outside informing direction”.

Maybe Rothschild & Co have some suggestions regarding the possible source of such “expertise”?

Blair goes on: “The United Kingdom has been at the forefront of many of these breakthroughs and was home to one of humanity’s great leaps: the Industrial Revolution.

“Another revolution is now taking place with developments in AI, a technology with a level of impact akin to the internal combustion engine, electricity and the internet, so incrementalism will not be enough”.

Great Leap Forward, Great Reset, Impact, Fourth Industrial Revolution – we get the picture.

“Growth and prosperity” has long been a catchphrase of the likes of the World Bank and Blair’s vision is, once again, very much in line, with its talk of a “new era of growth and prosperity”.

To achieve this, democratic opposition to industrial acceleration has to be crushed by Blair’s fascistic new “agile” state.

He wants “reform to build more critical infrastructure faster”, including an expansion of the meaning of that term.

Blair complains: “Planning has become the epitome of democracy’s efficacy problem, with a small number of organised voices halting progress, slowing construction and pushing up costs.

“Done right, a new model for national infrastructure planning would cut the time it takes to obtain consent by 80 per cent”.

Blair also wants to see “modernisation” of public services in the UK, including, of course, the National Health Service.


This would facilitate the impact agenda by imposing digital health accounts, with data held centrally in a “new NHS cloud infrastructure” and “used as a collective national asset to help our life-science sector to be world-leading”.

For “life-science sector” read the highly profitable Biotech and Big Pharma empires with which the Rothschilds have long been closely linked, as I have previously set out.

Just to make sure we get the point, Blair’s report envisages “turning the Genomic Medicine Service into a fully fledged part of the health system, providing whole-genome sequencing to all patients”.

Privatisation is very much on the Blair agenda. He want to give his proposed Integrated Care Systems “multi-year budgets so they can redeploy efficiency savings, use private providers freely and allow patient choice across GP practices and hospitals in their region”.

Schoolkids are on the Blair radar as well. His proposals for “reforming” education include:

“1. Establishing a digital learner ID that would contain all educational
information, enabling a personalised education for every child.

“2. Increasing parent choice and access to quality education by giving
schools the freedom to provide hybrid lessons and parents the right to
request online classes delivered by other schools, incentivising schools
to improve performance.

“3. Overhauling Ofsted so that accountability is based on real-time insights
and geared towards continuous improvement of standards”.

Real-time insights means permanent digital surveillance so that educational “outcomes” can be assessed and traded by the financial parasites of the impact industry.


Meanwhile, his solution to the need for “safer communities” is “an expansion of facial recognition technology” and his idea of caring for the environment is to call for “A Decade of Electrification”!

Although Blair has publicly accepted the Brexit decision, he would like to see “a better relationship with the EU”, which would involve “deepening the existing security partnership” and establishing a new “strategic pillar” on foreign policy, defence and security within the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.

Finally, I have described elsewhere how the Swiss-based Edmond de Rothschild entity, in setting out its support for the whole totalitarian Great Reset agenda, used the slogan: “We are bold builders of the future”.


Zurich Financial Services, the Swiss-based business that employed Blair in 2008, declares its desire to “create a brighter future together”.


How peculiar that Blair’s propaganda should manage to perfectly combine the two phrases, with its slogan: “Britain deserves a bold agenda for a brighter future”!


In truth, of course, the future he is trying to force upon us is anything but bright.

It is difficult to disagree with researcher Rubin’s warning that “Tony Blair is coordinating with the Rothschild family to fundamentally reshape British society and implement a global, digital slave state”.

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