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Poll: Americans Are More Likely To Go To War With The Government Than Submit To The Draft

Published: July 3, 2024 | Print Friendly and PDF

By Brandon Smith

In a national poll last month Americans were asked if they believed a new civil war was likely to happen within their lifetime. The establishment media was shocked to report that 47% of the population said yes. Those of us in the liberty media were not so surprised; I believe according to the evidence that we were already a short step away from civil war in 2021-2022.

There were A LOT of guys (millions) getting ready for the possibility of vaccine passport enforcement. Gun ownership in the US hit record highs during that time period and conservative/patriot groups saw a spike in public interest. As it turned out, the “conspiracy theorists” were right all along, there really was an organized agenda to eliminate constitutional protections…

If we had allowed the vax passport policy to take hold, our liberties would have been officially erased forever. Economic freedoms would be abolished. Access to the jobs market and trade would be impossible for anyone refusing the vaccine. Real-time tracking of the population along with a social credit system would have become the norm using mandatory cell phone apps. After that, America would essentially turn into a Chinese-style concentration camp.

A lot of people woke up during that period and realized that an attempt at a totalitarian state in the US was not only possible, it was happening right in front of them. Luckily, anti-mandate conservatives were loud enough and the majority of red states passed legislation to block lockdowns and vax passport efforts. The Biden Administration, the CDC, the WHO and globalist groups like the WEF abruptly backed away from their draconian programs and gave up on the mandates by the end of 2022.  And to anyone who actually believes the CDC numbers on total vaccinations are accurate, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…

That said, the same people are still in power today and those people are looking for another avenue to institute sweeping controls on the populace. One tried and true method for them to achieve that goal is to start a global war and then use the inevitable chaos and fear to bring in authoritarian measures. In other words, WWIII might be Plan B.

The signs of this plan are everywhere, but perhaps most disconcerting is the growing discussion among western nations about military conscription (the draft).

The most recent passage of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) included a measure to automatically register all males ages 18-26 for the selective service list. To be clear, signing up for the selective service was already mandatory, the new NDAA only made it immediate instead of relying on young men to sign up on their own accord. There has also been a drive to automatically add women to the draft database.

Critics argue that the public is “overreacting” to the bill because it changes very little in terms of the draft scenario. What these people don’t understand is that it’s not the minor revisions in the NDAA that have the public concerned, it’s the overall increase in rhetoric surrounding the draft that matters. Numerous military officials in the US and Europe have mentioned conscription in the past year.

Chris Miller, the former acting Defense Secretary, publicly suggested that the government should bring back mandatory service.

Last month, a Washington DC-based think-tank group called Center For A New American Security (CNAS) released a report in which they war-gamed several conscription scenarios for a large scale mobilization against China. The Department of Defense used to run conscription simulations but has not done so in over 50 years (at least not any simulations that have been made public).  It should be noted that the CNAC’s financial supporter list is basically a Who’s-Who of globalist foundations and corporations from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation to JP Morgan.

The group found that the mobilization of a force of 100,000 new recruits within 200 days would be nearly impossible under current cultural conditions. They noted that the internet and social media present a significant obstacle, ostensibly because it allows people to share unfiltered information.

Even during the covid lockdowns, the insane level of control alphabet agencies and Big Tech companies used to throttle information was not enough to stop Americans from spreading the truth.

The think tank also suggested that any significant draft could only succeed if the public knew they could face real punishment if they refused to comply. Interestingly, in a recommendation to the president the report mentions that ‘older recruits’ should be targeted for conscription FIRST. It doesn’t cite a specific age group, but I find this suggestion highly suspicious – Older American men are more likely to resist any draft effort. Why go after us first, unless the goal is to remove us from the equation and throw us in prisons before we have a chance to organize?

If you think that these kinds of discussions are limited to smoky backrooms in Washington DC among military analysts, think again. Far-left media outlet Vox just published an article titled ‘The World Is Running Out Of Soldiers’, and it’s written as if that’s a bad thing.

Vox seems to be in favor of the war machine and they examine an extensive list of issues showcasing why a draft might be necessary. They specifically mention the Center for a New American Security report and even discuss why drone technology simply isn’t enough to fight the next big conflagration. These people want men (and women) to fill the current gaps in military recruitment and conscription is a built in measure, not only in the US but also in Europe.

Most Americans know that when the government and the media start talking about a sweeping societal change they know the citizenry isn’t going to like, they are trying to incrementally acclimate the public to the eventual enforcement.

The US government and media warnings about low military recruitment numbers have been endless, while “experts” assert that war is coming soon with Russia, China and perhaps renewed conflicts in the Middle East. European governments have also been promoting conscription propaganda while doom mongering over a possible Russian invasion.

The reality is that global elites aren’t “predicting” a war, they are preparing to CREATE a war from thin air. And, in order to create a global war they have to get people to show up and fight. But what if no one wants to fight? What if no one shows up? Conscription is the only answer. The question is, what will the population do when faced with forced military service and forced participation in a war between major national powers?

Public trust in the US government is at all time lows in 2023-2024. Less than 20% of the US population supports a return to the draft similar to what we witnessed during the Vietnam War. People have to care about motivations for a war before they’re willing to die in one. This has never been more true than it is today. Beyond that, we have to take into account who the war fighters are – Who does America typically send to fight and die?

In the past it has always been majority conservatives who joined the cause; the people who had the mental and physical capacity to fight along with the patriotic motivation. These are the front line combat soldiers – Not the rear echelon people. Not the logistics people. Not the mechanics and cooks and people working at a desk; the guys who actually pull the trigger.

The US military has spent the better part of the past seven years driving conservatives away from military service in favor of woke ideology and DEI propaganda. So who is left to do the real fighting? Well, what about progressives?

As the DC think-tanks are well aware, social media outrage over the mere mention of a new draft shows clearly that Gen Z isn’t going to comply with conscription. Progressives are terrified of the idea while conservative are highly suspicious. Not to mention, 70% of Gen Z is physically or mentally unfit to meet basic training standards anyway.

What about adding women to the draft? Doesn’t that double the conscription pool? No, it actually weakens the conscription pool because in order to draft women into combat roles basic training standards would have to be lowered dramatically. As the Marine Corp discovered experimenting with mixed gender units, inclusion of women in combat roles greatly reduces unit performance.  Any military that fields a large number of women under front line conditions will lose, badly.

The men that are qualified to fight are mostly conservatives and they aren’t going to go to war for the current administration. They certainly aren’t going to die for Ukraine and I doubt many are interested in dying for Israel either. If they fight a war it’s going to be here at home to remove pervasive and corrupt puppet officials along with their globalist puppet masters.

Now, whenever I bring up this possibility there’s always a contingent of government-stroking shills that claim this outcome is impossible. Next week I will be publishing an article outlining exactly why any administration seeking to go to war with a conservative citizenry will lose. To summarize, it’s a numbers game and the numbers are in our favor.

Recent surveys show that around 30% of adult Americans are now preppers. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reported a 50% increase from just 2017 to 2020 in people capable of up to 30 days or more of self-reliance. That’s a HUGE concentration of liberty minded people, tens of millions. Along with the 50 million+ gun owners in the US, it’s the largest army in the world by far.

To be sure, there are foreign threats out there. But, it’s hard to take the government’s cries for military readiness seriously when our borders are wide open and they are allowing millions of foreigners into the country every year without knowing who they are. No, the fight is going to be here at home, not overseas, and I think there are a number of political elites that understand this. A global war and forced conscription is their attempt at removing the “malcontents” before we cause them too much trouble.

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