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Trending Articles:

Facebook employee dead after 'apparent suicide' at headquarters

The Menlo Park Police Department said on Thursday it responded to an “apparent suicide” at the headquarters of social media company Facebook. A man who was later confirmed to be an employee of Facebook killed himself by jumping off of the fourth floor of a building at Facebook’s campus.

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Editor of Chinese paper complains about censorship, gets censored

Hu Xijin, editor of the Chinese state-run Global Times newspaper, recently took to the microblogging site Weibo to rail against China’s internet censorship. But his post vanished shortly thereafter, according to Bloomberg. Whether the post was deleted for him or he was pressed to remove it, it’s an ironic ending to Hu’s call for greater connectivity, which he said in the post would help him do a better job as a journalist.

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Vaccine Mandates for Everyone, Everywhere - A Globally Coordinated Agenda

In the United States, those who are vaccine risk-aware have much to be concerned about right now. More and more states—and many legislators from both political parties—are displaying a willingness to impose heavy-handed vaccine mandates that trample on religious, parental and human rights—including the precious right to “security of person” guaranteed by Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Home Depot And Lowe's Accused Of Scanning Millions Of Customers Faces

Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's have become partners in Big Brother's ever expanding public surveillance program. Home Depot's "You Can Do It. We Can Help" slogan should really say, "We Can Do It. We Can Help Big Brother." And Lowe's "Do It Right For Less. Start At Lowe's" slogan should say, "Doing It Right And Identifying Every Customer, Starts At Lowe's."

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Whoops, my finger slipped! Hawaiians panic as police trigger false tsunami warning during training

In a somewhat disturbing case of deja vu, the emergency warning sirens sounded in several parts of Hawaii early Wednesday evening, evoking memories of January’s false ballistic missile alert. The alarm was inadvertently set off during Honolulu Police Department dispatcher training, which for some bizarre reason was being done on live equipment rather than with training software. 

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The Untold Story: Joe Biden Pushed Ronald Reagan to Ramp Up Incarceration — Not the Other Way Around

Joe Biden this weekend continued to draw attention to the complicated role he has played in the country’s history of race relations. On Thursday night, he drew criticism when he was asked what Americans can do about the legacy of slavery, and answered by suggesting parents put on a record player for kids, and that social workers should visit parents’ homes to teach them how to care for their children. He followed that by recounting on Sunday his run-in in the 1960s with a young gang leader named “Corn Pop,” a story that involved “the only white guy” at a city pool cutting him a 6-foot piece of chain to defend himself against the razor-wielding teen and his friends.

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