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Brzezinski's Warning To America

The liberal world order, which lasted from the end of World War 2 until today, is rapidly collapsing. The center of gravity is shifting from west to east where China and India are experiencing explosive growth and where a revitalized Russia has restored its former stature as a credible global superpower. These developments, coupled with America’s imperial overreach and chronic economic stagnation, have severely hampered US ability to shape events or to successfully pursue its own strategic objectives. As Washington’s grip on global affairs continues to loosen and more countries reject the western development model, the current order will progressively weaken clearing the way for a multipolar world badly in need of a new security architecture. Western elites, who are unable to accept this new dynamic, continue to issue frenzied statements expressing their fear of a future in which the United States no longer dictates global policy.

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It's 2016 All Over Again. Or Is It?

Conditions today mirror 2016, when growing weakness in the global economy and wobbling financial markets caused the world’s central banks to absolutely freak out. They responded by dumping more thin-air money into the system than ever before in history. And it worked (for them at least).

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Time to Kill the U.S. sugar cartel?

For decades, the federal government has been operating a program to control the production and importation of sugar. One of the program’s main purposes is to ensure minimum price levels for sugar that are typically significantly higher than those found on international markets, leading to higher costs for U.S. consumers. As a result, the federal government is, in essence, the leader of a nationwide sugar cartel.

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Counties Where the American Dream May Already Be Dead

It used to be that the vast majority of children ended up earning more than their parents. Today, however, the situation is considerably different. According to recent research on intergenerational mobility, approximately 90% of those born in the 1940s earned more than their parents, while only about 50% of those born in the 1980s do.

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WATCH: Cop Tasers Innocent Man in the Back Then Asks Fellow Cops to Help 'Make Up Charges'

As the Free Thought Project often asserts, being entirely innocent is no defense against bad cops who couldn’t care less about upholding the law or justice. A recent lawsuit over a case out of Chattanooga, in which an innocent man was tasered, beaten, and falsely arrested, illustrates this point quite accurately. Nate Carter had done nothing wrong, had harmed no one, was not suspected of a crime, and was merely getting his mail last April when he was shot in the back with a taser and falsely arrested. The cop who did this to him knew he had an innocent man, but still moved to oppress him.

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Journalist Killed By 'New IRA' During Riots In Northern Ireland

Twenty-one years after the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, a resurgent 'New IRA', which has taken responsibility for a car bombing and a series of parcel bombs discovered at landmarks in London and Glasgow, was blamed on Thursday for the killing of a journalist during riots in the city of Londonderry, Northern Ireland's second-largest city.

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Four prisoners dead in six weeks: the crisis unfolding in San Diego county jails

The recent deaths have reignited long-running concerns about medical and mental healthcare inside the jails of California’s second most populous county, and the ways the system puts at risk some of the most vulnerable prisoners. The jail system’s inmate death toll stands at 135 dead over the last decade, according to public records. Between 2000 and 2007, San Diego had the second highest death rate of inmates among the state’s large jail systems, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Since then, those numbers have only increased. A majority of the 135 deaths involve inmates who struggled with serious mental illness. Some prisoners died of a lack of medical care. And many took their own lives.

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TSA admits that its pornoscanners flag Black women and others with curly hair for humiliating, invasive searches

The TSA has officially asked the scanner manufacturers to suggest ways to modify their products "to improve screening of headwear and hair in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act." Propublica's excellent story on the problems with the machines quotes an anonymous TSA screener who admits that the body scanners also struggle with turbans and wigs, singling out people who wear them for additional screening.

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Assailants attacked an Ebola treatment center in Congo — again. It’s a major setback.

An attack on a hospital at the epicenter of an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Friday has left at least one health worker dead and others injured, according to the World Health Organization’s director general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus... The attack occurred at a hospital in Butembo, one of the hotspots in an outbreak that’s been ongoing since last August. At least 1,200 people have contracted the virus and 830 have died.

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U.S. to defend Japan from cyberattack under security pact

The foreign and defense chiefs of Japan and the United States confirmed on Friday for the first time that Article 5 of the two countries’ security treaty, which sets out Washington’s obligations to defend territories under Tokyo’s jurisdiction, could apply to cyberattacks against Japan. 

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CIA Chief Says Russia And Iran Are New Focus, Praises Trump's North Korea Efforts

On the same day the Mueller report went public, CIA Director Gina Haspel made a rare public appearance at Auburn University outlining the Central Intelligence Agency's new priority to better understand "nation-state adversaries such as Russia and Iran," according to a new WSJ report.  Though she made no mention of the special council's now public report, she said the agency had made both Russia and Iran a central focus over the past year, shifting resources to these areas to better prepare for the threat. 

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Bronfman heiress pleads guilty in NXIVM sex slave case

A wealthy heiress pleaded guilty on Friday in a sensational case accusing a a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group's self-anointed spiritual leader. Clare Bronfman admitted in her plea in federal court in Brooklyn that she harboured someone who was living in the U.S. illegally for unpaid "labour and services" and that she committed credit card fraud on the behalf of Keith Raniere, the lead of the group called NXIVM.

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