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Trending Articles:

New Study Shows Honeybee Venom "Rapidly Destroys" Cancer Cells

Honeybees have long provided humans with vital tools for our survival like the pollination of fruits and vegetables as well as honey which has medicinal and antibiotic properties. A new study published this month in the journal npj Precision Oncology reveals that the role of honeybees in helping humans may have just taken a massive live-saving step forward.

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"We Do Not Consent" - 1000s Rally In London To Oppose Another COVID-19 Lockdown

Six months after parliament passed the Coronavirus Act 2020, which gives the government powers to impose lockdowns and other restrictive social distancing measures (measures that have been accompanied by stiff fines), thousands of Britons packed London's Trafalgar Square bearing signs reading "We Do Not Consent" and "Think Before It's Illegal" during a rally that was billed as a "We Do Not Consent" anti-lockdown demonstration.

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A Guide to the Ronavax - Understanding the Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines - Activist Post

Around 150 vaccines are being developed for the alleged* rona virus, but the ones that deserve the most attention are the ones winning contracts and/or being trialled already, because their success is almost guaranteed. Some people want them, some never think about it, and others worry they could be coerced or physically forced to get them. The thing is, everyone should have access to information so they can make informed choices about what is right.

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Hunter Biden: Poster Boy for Cronyism in Corporate America

Although Hillary Clinton was regarded as “crooked,” as Donald Trump used to derisively taunt her in the run-up to the 2016 presidential elections, compared to explosive allegations leveled against Hunter Biden in the recently released interim report of the Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees, she seems like a saint.

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Will a Second Covid-19 Lockdown Coincide with a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

Earlier this month, with trade negotiations floundering, Boris Johnson announced that if a deal cannot be agreed by October 15th the UK will walk away and revert to WTO tariffs. Following on from this was his latest intervention came just days ago when he unveiled renewed Covid-19 restrictions on the population after a rise in those testing positive for the virus, just as the final rounds of Brexit negotiations are due to begin.

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COVID World... Resist!

COVID 19 is being used to create a global fascist dictatorship: You are no longer a human being, you are a biosecurity risk. All protest will be outlawed unless the protest suits the agenda of the parasite class. We have a diminishing window of opportunity to stop this global fascist dictatorship

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