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Trending Articles:

Israel Will Begin Training Ecuadorean Military Units

Ecuador’s minister of Defense Oswaldo Jarrin confirmed Thursday that ‘elite’ units of Ecuador’s military will begin training in Israel. Jarrin made the announcement as he hailed a new era of close Israel-Ecuador relations, a turn away from the approach of leftist former President Rafael Correa who cut military ties in 2010, in solidarity with Palestine.

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Margolis: Who Was Really Behind 9/11?

What’s also pretty clear is that Israel – at minimum – knew the attack was coming yet failed to warn its American ‘allies.’ Israel was the chief beneficiary of the 9/11 attacks – yet its bumbling Arab foes and bin Laden were blamed for this crime.

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"Drone Attack" on Saudi Oil - Who Benefits?

Huge blazes were reported at two oil facilities in Saudi Arabia owned by Aramco. While Saudi authorities refused to assign blame, media outlets like the BBC immediately began insinuating either Yemen's Houthis or Iran were responsible. 

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Damage At Saudi Oil Plant Points To Well Targeted Swarm Attack

The U.S. government published two detailed pictures of the attack's result. The pictures show some 17 points of impact. There are cars visible in the second more detailed picture that demonstrate the gigantic size of the place. The targets were carefully selected. At least 11 of those were egg shaped tanks with a diameter of some 30 meter (100 foot). These are likely tanks for pressurized (liquidized) gas that receive the condensate vapor from the stabilization process. They all have now quite neat holes in their upper shells.

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Apple to challenge EU over record $14 billion tax dodging case

A panel of judges in Luxembourg on Tuesday will begin hearing arguments concerning the US tech giant Apple and the world’s biggest tax case. The EU General Court (EGC) will begin hearing the appeals lodged by Ireland and Apple against the EU tax ruling. It has to weigh up whether regulators were right to levy a record €13 billion ($14.4 billion) fine on the company.

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Drones: A Rising Menace To UK Aviation

Heathrow could be set for a turbulent week after environmental protesters vowed to shut the airport down by flying drones within its 5km exclusion zone to highlight climate change. Even though they say nobody will be put at risk, the police disagree and stated they will take any opportunity to pre-emptively stop the protest from taking taking place.

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