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King Of Spain Enraged At ‘Disloyal’ Catalonians Who ‘Systematically Undermined’ Rules

King Felipe of Spain lashed out against Catalan authorities on Tuesday in a rare televised statement, following the protest of a police crackdown on citizens following a hotly contested independence referendum. “With their decisions, they have systematically undermined the rules approved legally and legitimately, showing an unacceptable disloyalty towards the powers of the state — a state that represents Catalan interests,” Felipe said.

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40 percent of US cancers linked to excess weight

About 40 percent of all cancers in the United States -- more than 630,000 in all -- are associated with excess weight, health officials said Tuesday, urging a renewed focus on prevention. In a nation where 71 percent of adults are either overweight or obese, the findings by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "are a cause for concern," said the agency's director Brenda Fitzgerald.

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Russia threatens retaliation over U.S. ‘break-in’ at San Francisco consulate

The Russian Foreign Ministry said U.S. officials had broken into residences at Russia’s consulate in San Francisco, and threatened retaliation over what it called an illegal act. Russian staff had left the consulate last month, after Washington ordered Moscow to vacate some of its diplomatic properties, part of a series of tit-for-tat actions during a thorny phase in bilateral relations.

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Vegas Shooter Filmed Himself During Slaughter; Suicide Photo Emerges

Millionaire Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly shooting rampage on film, as well as various other surveillance equipment in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in on him, according to the NY Post. Citing ABC, the Post writes that the shooter had at least one lens set up to tape himself as he fired hundreds of rounds on thousands of unsuspecting concertgoers several hundred yards below his Mandalay Bay casino suite.

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Watching 'far-right propaganda' or accessing jihadi websites could result in 15-year jail term - Tory Home Secretary

Watching streamed extremist material online will be a criminal offence under plans to crackdown on terrorist propaganda. Home Secretary Amber Rudd will say those found guilty of repeatedly viewing terrorist material could face up to 15 years in jail. The new law will extend an existing ban on downloading and possessing the content on a PC to repeatedly watching it through sites like YouTube.

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Vegas suspect wired $100,000 to account in Philippines days before shooting

Multiple media outlets including alternative media and mainstream media are reporting that Stephen Paddock wire transferred $100,000 to an account in Philippines. NBC news reports that a woman known to be an intimate companion of the suspect, one Marilou Danley was travelling in Asia in the run-up to the shooting and that she may have been in Philippines at the time of the transfer. It has been reported that Danley has family in Philippines.

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Yahoo just said every single account was affected by 2013 attack — 3 billion in all

Yahoo on Tuesday said that every single Yahoo account was affected by a data breach that took place in 2013.

In 2016, Yahoo disclosed that more than one billion of about three billion accounts had likely been affected by the hack. In its disclosure Tuesday, the company said all accounts were likely victimized.

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Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, region's leader Carles Puigdemont tells the BBC

Catalonia will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days, the leader of the autonomous region has told the BBC.

In his first interview since Sunday's referendum, Carles Puigdemont said his government would "act at the end of this week or the beginning of next".

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Another Mass Shooting, Another Grab For Guns: 6 Gun Facts

Nothing is more deplorable than hijacking human tragedy to push an unrelated political agenda. A mass murderer taking the lives of some 60 people in Las Vegas this week has nothing to do with the majority of lawful firearms owners in the United States who aren't and have no intention of ever killing another human being.

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Marseille suspect had 7 identities, was released by police day before attack

The main suspect in a Marseille attack in which two women were stabbed to death had been arrested and let go in Lyon two days before the assault at the train station, authorities said. His details turned out to be tied to seven IDs in criminal databases.

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Las Vegas shooter’s father was on the FBI’s most wanted list

The Las Vegas shooter’s father was a violent bank robber who was on the FBI’s most wanted list in the 1970s. Stephen Paddock killed at least 58 people and injured more than 500 others when he opened fire on concert goers at a country music festival in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

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Nearly 150 Minnesota Police Officers Are Convicted Criminals

The state of Minnesota has allowed hundreds of police officers to keep their law enforcement licenses even after being convicted of a crime, according to a Sunday report from the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The Tribune investigated criminal convictions against Minnesota police officers since 1995 and found that of the 534 convicted officers, three-quarters were never disciplined by the state, four-fifths kept their licenses, and more than 140 are still cops. The Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), which handles law enforcement license removal, blames the inaction on disciplinary boards lacking jurisdiction over certain criminal convictions.

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Netanyahu and Erdogan Face Off Over Kurdish Referendum

Following the referendum in “Kurdistan,” Turkish President Recep Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are now engaged in a war of words over who is responsible for balkanizing the Middle East. During a televised speech following the Kurdish referendum in Northern Iraq Recep Erdogan accused Israel and their intelligence agency, the Mossad, of manipulating the events leading up to the ‘yes’ vote. Upon seeing the Kurds in what is called ‘Kurdistan’ waving Israeli flags, Erdogan made his thought clear, saying “This shows one thing, that this administration (in northern Iraq) has a history with Mossad, they are hand-in-hand together.”

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CBS legal exec axed over Facebook comments on Las Vegas mass shooting

A senior legal executive at CBS has been fired over comments she posted on Facebook that said she was “not even sympathetic” to the victims of the deadly shooting in Las Vegas Hayley Geftman-Gold, the network's now-former vice president and senior counsel, took to Facebook Sunday night after a gunman opened fire on more than 22,000 concert-goers at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, killing 59 and sending hundreds to the hospital.

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Gov. Rick Scott Declares State Of Emergency As 100,000s Of Puerto Ricans Flee To Florida

As mayors of cities with large Puerto Rican populations continue to advocate for federal assistance to help with the resettlement of hundreds of thousands of Puerto Ricans who are expected to temporarily seek shelter with friends and families in the US, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in Florida, allowing state agencies to take extraordinary measures to assist families that will soon be arriving in droves to cities like Orlando and Miami, both of which feature large Puerto Rican populations.

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Chilling In-The-Crowd Video Of Vegas Shooting As It Happened

This is one of the few on-the-ground videos of the horrific Vegas shooting as a man using a fully automatic weapon fires into a music festival crowd on the Vegas Strip. This weapon was not legal which actually gives further support to gun rights advocates who claim no amount of gun laws can prevent this kind of violence.

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Hillary Clinton attacks NRA over Las Vegas shooting and calls for gun control

Hillary Clinton has launched a scathing attack on the National Rifle Association - calling for people to stand up to the powerful gun lobbying organisation and demand greater gun control.

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Gun-maker stocks rally after mass shooting in Las Vegas

Shares of gun makers rallied Monday, in the wake of what has been described as the deadliest mass shooting on U.S. soil.

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The mass shooting problem, like organised terrorism, is a DRUG PROBLEM

Lone wolf mass shooters and members of terrorist groups like ISIS have something in common and this is drug use.

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