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In Venezuela First They Came For The Toilet Paper; Then They Came For The News Paper...

Published: September 12, 2014
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Source: Zero Hedge

Bidet sales across Venezuela are set to soar as just months after running out of toilet paperAP reports that Venezuela's oldest newspaper is shutting down due to falling advertising, mounting inflation and a lack of basic materials. In addition, at least nine Venezuelan regional newspapers have stopped circulation because of the shortages. Of course, this is likely great news for President Maduro who can now manage his people's minds direct from his Twitter feed... welcome to socialist utopia.

As AP reports,

Venezuela's oldest newspaper is shutting down because of a lack of newsprint and a difficult economic climate as the country grapples with chronic shortages.

El Impulso announced Wednesday that it will stop circulation because of falling advertising, mounting inflation and a lack of basic materials. The daily has reported on the western city of Barquisimeto for 110 years.

Venezuelan newspapers have long been beset by currency controls that make it difficult to import supplies. In recent months, large newspapers have reduced pages, while smaller publications have closed down.

At least nine Venezuelan regional newspapers have stopped circulation because of the shortages, according to journalism watchdog Public Space.

Meanwhile, the share of independent media has fallen, with opaque or government-friendly buyers taking over outlets and softening their editorial line.

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We suspect the last resort will be to use the Bolivar notes for basic cleanliness...

Artist's conception of what the country's TP (single-ply) may soon
look like: all it would take are a few more sequential devaluations.


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