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Published: July 31, 2014
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Source: Offiziere

The Islamist terror group ISIS’s big advantage is that it doesn’t fight conventionally. It’s held off the regular army of Bashar al-Assad and routed thousands of Iraqi troops. But now a group has emerged that turns ISIS’s tactics back against them.

The group is called White Shroud. There’s very little known about the group, but Syrian citizen journalism website Tahrir Souri reported on the group’s existence on July 24. According to the report, White Shroud is based in Abu Kamal near the border with Iraq, and the organization is associated with Syria’s melange of rebel forces, not the Assad regime.

It’s tactics include “secret assassinations, raids and surveillance” of ISIS targets, according to the report. The group uses improvised explosive devices, and stages attacks on ISIS gatherings at a distance with silenced sniper weapons. It also engages in kidnapping. Notably, these tactics are not dissimilar from those used by ISIS.

ISIS forces captured Abu Kamal in early July after pitched battles with “opposition battalions and the Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Nusra Front terrorist group,” reported Tasnim News. Whether White Shroud is affiliated with Al-Nusra or other opposition groups is unclear. 

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