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Angela Merkel Is A Zionist Sock Puppet

Published: March 14, 2014
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German Chancellor Angela Merkel in an address to their Parliament warned that Russia risks “massive” political and economic consequences if Moscow does not enter into “negotiations that achieve results” over the crisis in Ukraine.  She also said that the European Union and other Western nations would begin freezing bank accounts and implement travel restrictions on Russia if progress is not made.  In other words, if Russia doesn’t do exactly what the West wants then they will implement sanctions.  This should not be taken lightly as imposing sanctions is an act of war.  It is one thing to threaten sanctions against lesser powers and third world countries but it is completely crazy and reckless to make such threats to a military power like Russia.  By supporting these threats, Merkel has sold her nation’s sovereignty to the Zionist war mongers in Washington who manufactured this crisis from the beginning.

Merkel’s statements are incredibly disappointing because Germany is in a unique position to deescalate the crisis.  Germany is currently the most powerful and stable economy in the European Union (EU) and without their cooperation such actions would be ineffective.  Merkel also has a close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and is fluent in Russian.  She could have potentially played a key role in brokering a deal but instead appears to be fully siding with the Zionist regime in Washington.

What’s remarkable about this is the fact that Merkel is fully cooperating with Washington even after revelations that the National Security Agency or NSA was spying on her personal phone.  Other reports revealed that the NSA was also spying on important office holders within the German government.  The German people have been particularly angry about this intrusive activity.  After all, many Germans still remember the repressive tactics of the Stasi under the Cold War era East German government.

Germany like other countries in Europe is a huge importer of natural gas from Russia.  Applying sanctions against Russia will have a negative impact not just on Germany’s economy but all countries in the EU.  Russia will be forced to retaliate with sanctions of their own if the West goes ahead with such measures.  The EU’s economy is already in poor shape and would face significant problems if they could no longer import gas from Russia.

There is simply no logical reason for Merkel to go along with Washington’s plans.  Although we’ll never know for sure, it is possible that Merkel is being blackmailed into supporting sanctions because Germany does not stand to benefit from such actions.

Quite frankly, the whole situation is insane.  Zionist criminals in Washington financed the violent coup in Ukraine and are now recognizing an illegitimate regime led by the puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk a Jew with close ties to the international banking system.  At the same time they are claiming that the upcoming referendum in Crimea that asks the people if they want to re-join Russia is illegitimate.  This is despite the fact that the Crimean peninsula has historically been a part of Russia since the late 1700s.  In fact it was a part of Russia before the United States Constitution was even ratified.  The hypocrisy is astounding considering the West has previously applauded the right to self-determination in places like Kosovo which broke away from Serbia in 2008.  If not for the power of the Zionist propaganda machine, the West’s irrational arguments would have no validity.

Merkel has now shown the world that she is nothing more than a sock puppet of the criminal Zionist cabal in Washington.  Sanctions against Russia will prove to be a disaster for Germany and the rest of Europe.  The only question remaining is if this will lead to war.  Russia is not going to back down and give up their Black Sea naval base in Crimea.  They’d be crazy to do otherwise considering the irresponsible and threatening rhetoric from the West.  The power brokers in Washington have truly gone mad.  We know that much is certain.

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