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Cops and citizens will be forced to buy 'smart guns'

Published: November 29, 2016
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Three private companies, Armatix Smart System, iGun Technology and Kodiak Intelligun have recentlyy developed "smart gun" technology using RFID sensors and biometric sensors.

So why would the feds, spend two decades and millions of dollars trying to develop "smart guns"?

The answer is both disturbing and predictable.

A National Institute of Justice (NIJ) report, noted that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has used $12.6 million in taxpayer money to develop 'smart gun' technology. Most of the funding—approximately $11.1 million—was provided by NIJ itself and the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Fyi, the Feds have been working on 'smart gun' technology for over two decades (see page 5).

It seems, the Feds have forgotten about 'Fast & Furious' which also used RFID sensors in a failed attempt to disrupt drug cartels. RFID tags implanted into guns killed hundreds of innocent Mexicans.

Whistleblowers and investigators confirmed, that the ATF made no effort to trace the guns once they arrived in Mexico. (Click here to find out more about 'Fast & Furious'.)
Predictably, the Feds use American's fear of gun violence as the main reason they're developing 'smart guns'. If you believe the hyperbole, the only way the government can stop gun violence, is by forcing gun manufacturer's to produce nothing but 'smart guns'.
image credit: Whitehouse

The Feds, use scare tactics to convince Americans, there's an epidemic of stolen law enforcement weapons.

"Nationwide, the theft and loss of firearms remains a serious problem. In 2012, for example, the FBI’s National Crime Information Center received reports of nearly 200,000 lost or stolen firearms in the country, although it is unknown exactly how many of these weapons were owned by law enforcement."

What everyone should be asking is, if cops are 'held to a higher standard' then why don't they report stolen weapons?

The Feds, also claim there's an epidemic of police family members accidently killing each other.

"Although it is unknown how often an officer’s weapon is mishandled by a child or other family member, there are reports of accidental shootings and deaths."

It's 2016 soon to be 2017 and we still have no idea how many cops kill innocent Americans each year. And we have no idea, how many stolen police guns there are or how "many accidental deaths" are caused by officer's own guns?
Feds, admit "smart gun" technology is a failure

"Although the reasons for terminating these projects have varied, there has been a consistent theme: the difficulty of integrating new technology into a firearm’s design without compromising its core functions. Generally speaking, additional complexity brings increased risk of malfunction and error."
 Hackers could disable 'smart gun' technology

"...the technology should be protected against computer hackers and others who might try to disrupt the electronic systems that allow the devices to operate."

Imagine, how many lives would be saved, if someone could disable a cops gun so they'd stop killing Americans with impunity.

 DHS & Police to force manufacturer's to make 'smart guns'

"The government nonetheless can play an important role in furthering this work. As significant purchasers of firearms, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies can use their combined purchasing power, where appropriate, to spur additional development and help establish a robust market for firearms equipped with this technology."

"By developing “baseline specifications,” federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies can make clear to private manufacturers what they expect from this technology, which in turn will make it possible to determine what additional research or development is required."

 DHS is behind 'smart gun' technology

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about 'smart guns' is finding out who's behind it. According to page 12 of the report, DHS and the DOJ have already determined what 'smart gun' requirements will be used.

"The federal government stands ready to assist state and local governments as these devices enter the commercial market."

"In the coming months, the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Defense look forward to working with state and local law enforcement in a collaborative effort to strengthen public safety and reduce unnecessary gun violence in this country."

Still think  'smart guns' are fiction and are years away from happening?

Please, read the NIJ's 'smart gun' plan titled "Baseline Specifications for Law Enforcement Service Pistols with Security Technology." And check out, the DHS/DOJ list of over ONE HUNRED 'smart gun' technology patents they want implemented!
  • Imagine a future, where American's right to bear arms is controlled by DHS.    
  • Imagine a future, where DHS controls weapons purchases and development.
  • Imagine a future, where Americans will only be allowed to purchase DHS approved 'smart guns'.
That's our future, if we allow the Feds (DHS) to control guns.

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