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The Transformation of the Economic World as we know it into a Grander Illusion

Published: October 16, 2016
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The economic system of the world post the 2008 financial meltdown has morphed silently into a newer world order.

What we have today is a shadow of the old system of capitalism. If I am forced to give it a name I will call it an “economic grander illusion” which is a remnant of the system gone by. This economic grander illusion is pretty much fuelled by the residual momentum of capitalism.

There properly were more than likely thousands of these events in the unrecorded mists of time that spans through the millions of years of the history of the world.

Only in the past one hundred years alone “head honcho” America has had a few fundamental deep turnings. 

Some of these deep turnings were the formation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 which formally set in motion the institutionalisation of the fiat paper money system that has ensnared the greater population as debt slaves.

1954 was the start of the Vietnam War, aside from the elites achieving some of its goals by gaining control of various contraband routes and its trade, the world was placed into further debt with the advent of this war.

We are still witnessing its unravelling today in the economic sphere as well as the cost in the immense human suffering.

American President John F Kennedy was aware that a revolution by the elites had usurped the government and the constitution enshrined by its founding fathers. He made mention of this fact in a speech

"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system that has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumour is printed, and no secret is revealed..."

This was “a situation not dissimilar to what Major General Smedley Butler the highest rank at the time spoke of an alleged political conspiracy in 1933 in the United States. Retired Marine Corps Major GeneralSmedley Butler claimed that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans' organization,” within the United States of America.

President Kennedy realised that there was a secret coup staged and that the bankers or powers that be, had taken over the commercial military industrial complex. He   threatened and made more than a few overtures to dismantle this fiat banking cabal and was more than likely assassinated as a result.

In 1971 the Woodstock music festival institutionalised the various social ideologies and other class distinctions and its acceptance in the hearts and minds of the impressionable young through protest songs, the lyrics of these songs is actually Hegelian in its nature.

In 1971 American President Richard Nixon officially closed the gold window and America’s gold hoard more than likely disappeared into thin air with that executive order.

“Nixon ushered in an era of floating fiat currencies not backed by gold but rather deriving value through government “fiat” or diktat”. Thus the continuation of the fiat money system that was created in 1913 that had been brought full circle to the counterfeit paper notes that we have today.

In 11 September 2001, the bombing of the World Trade Centre twin towers heralded in another chapter from the “book of newer world orders” this was enacted through the promulgation of the draconian patriotic acts. This was the start of an overt iron like vice that tightened on the freedom of America and the rest of the world.

I don’t believe that the greater financial meltdown of 2008 was any different from any or all of these other American turnings. These turnings were carefully planned and executed by the elitist powers that be.  Lehman Brothers, and Bear Stearns bank and AIG Insurance Company were used as a dry run for the controlled demolition for the now defunct fiat economy.

The custodians for the architects of fiat currency are fully aware that fiat currency as “we know it” had run its cause. 

This business that has been dubbed the “sub prime crisis” was not some random unforeseen event. From all the information written and at my disposal and there is much! I view this as a slick operation carried out with military precision by the elites   

This “sub prime crisis” has the somewhat bitter taste and effects of an intoxicant that has been brewed in elitist think tanks. 

I opine that the sub prime lending was a deliberate scheme executed to inject the toxic assets into the planets financial ponzi system, “think stuxnet virus” In other words the sub prime lending scheme had achieved its desired results.

It had been used to cause a momentarily paralysis of the world wide economic system. In which the elitist guerrillas “stole the economic system of old” and covertly replaced it with this unnamed chimera.

If I am correct this would be the “largest financial heist” in the history of mankind.   

It is more than likely that big banks like Deutsche bank were deliberately loaded with a huge derivative book in order to act as a bad bank. These bad banks could be set into controlled demolition mode in effect wiping that derivatives book clean. The venerable Deutsche Bank is an integral vehicle in the journey to a new world order.

Deutsche Bank played a fundamental role as a bridge in the formation of the Third Reich.

In the unlikely event of Deutsche Bank surviving its roles as a vehicle for the eradication of elitist dark matter, I may take a different view of its esoteric symbolic logo of a toppling domino like object quarantined in a box! 

Without a great stretch of ones  imagination It goes without saying that the implosion of   Deutsche or any of the other big banks with a huge exposure to derivatives will be so devastating that it could  send the world into a depression that would last for scores of years. The ravage of this depression threatens to permanently change the financial landscape.

In the alternative, we could enter as a result of unintended consequence of this centrally controlled charade by the masters of the kabuki theatre, into a vicious cycle of never ending economic depressions.

This may not be such a bad thing, as mankind after a long phase of the great unravelling will endure much squalor and misery but may escape his current march to a bondage of transhumanism. He just may revert back to the Essene like minimalist way of living which would make for a happier world.

This is the great risk to our lives and future as it stands, but the bankers have Hobson’s choice. This is the great perilous risk that needs to be taken in order to tighten control of the masses through the regiment of a totally new complete version of a cashless society.   

The business of a cashless society is really no big deal from a currency point of view, electronic fiat will take the place of paper fiat currency. At the end of the day fiat currency is fiat currency in ant shape or form.

The greatest advantage to the elites is that the electronic fiat currency can be closely monitored which means that – you - are also closely monitored.

Like capitalism the system of a full blown cashless society stands fragile. There are threats that can easily piece the bulwark of a cashless society and destroy it in a heartbeat. For one there are cyber crimes, and then there is also the possibility of random solar flares that has the potential to fry the sum total of the power grids on earth. There are even rogue electro magnetic pulse weapons which could collapse the cash less system in the blink of an eye, advancing us all the way back into the Stone Age.  

There simply is no amount of planning by government or the deep state to control or prevent this Armageddon situation. This situation hangs over us perpetually like the sword of Damocles.

We live our daily lives at none else but solely at the mercy and intellect of our supreme creator and none else.

In the event of a full blown cashless society being enacted, at best for the elitist is a new cashless society that breezes in without too much resistance from the masses, but on the flipside lays the great mother of all central planner fear! What if…? It does not proceed as planned?

The elitist has had setbacks and there have been many in their timely and gradual launch of newer world orders, but they have no illusions about being in uncharted waters. They are also fully aware that their “experiment”  in what they call “globalisation”  could result in the breakdown of their concept of big government.

Other dire consequences would be much succession of states and the resurgence of small tribes and a total loss of control by big government.

In the event of a ravaging great economic depression, the elites would not waste a good crisis; they would then step in and offer the embattled and bewildered people a solution!  The pre - planned idea of a cashless society will be sold to the masses as the only way out of the dystopia, and on the surface it would seem that way too.  

 Imagine all your toil sweat, astute business decisions and or scheming that you store as units in nothing more than a series electronic pulses stored in an equally illusionary databank that you have no command over.   

Although the system of capitalism as we know it since inception has lurched from one crises to the next, the crown of capitalism had always but always lain uneasy.

What we have today and commonly refer to as capitalism is no more and does not exist except in the hearts and minds of many in a somewhat nostalgic kind of a way.

This economic grander illusion has rendered economic disciplines useless. Many of those individuals that have studied economic and took it up as a profession have been rendered bewildered with the advent of this invisible yet forceful invisible and nameless kind of a chimera.  

The American stock exchange is controlled by algo robots that take instructions from its elite masters. At a whim and fancy, entire markets across the world can be controlled by a handful of elites; the artificial intelligence in this regard is so finely calibrated, almost as one would tune a guitar or violin.

Price discovery of asset classes have all but disappeared, today assets are valued by a guess, a rumour or a thumb suck. 

Even more scary is that a large sector of the mass media and financial press whose articles are written up by robots that are also under the control of these elites, so in effect much of price discovery in asset classes across the board may very well be determined by these robots in their proliferation of financial articles, the basis of which rests on a dubious foundation.

The system of today is quite frankly un analyzable and unfathomable even by astute economic minds.

Many businesses no longer rely on trade to stay alive. Today most businesses source their revenue streams to keep them afloat by creating new debt and the printing machines.

What we have is a paper mache version of Camelot, a kind of a façade that shields the grotesque landscape of the failed ideology of capitalism, in other words what we have is a Hollywood type soundstage or a kind of a Potemkin village.

It is only real if you believe or want it to be real.

The basket case Japan has proven that current macro and micro economic principles can be made to stand on its head, and hyper inflation will not necessary result immediately or even for a very long time as a result of excessive currency printing and other forms of conjuring paper wealth out of thin air to act as fuel to all sorts of equally paper Mache types of special purpose vehicles (SPV).  The economic principles pertaining to the velocity of money becomes a moot point.

This proves contrary to popular believe that the inflationary wolfs can be kept at bay for a long long long time. One of the downside of this excessive currency printing is the polarisation of the world wide population where the middle class disappears due to a lack of currency, whilst financial institutions and its inner circle are awash with currency work to expand the illusionary web of prosperity.

The model of market efficiency has been usurped by slight of hand almost akin to former British Prime ministers Gordon Browns “light touch” theory

The torrential flow of paper currency can easily be disappeared by creative double entry systems and the controlled implosion of entire financial institutions. In this environment nothing is sacred. One only has to look at the storied Lehman Brothers or even Baring Brothers Banks that imploded 

The holy trinity of maintaining the illusion is through centralised control of the stock exchange, mass media and maintaining of the wealth effect by Potemkin villages, all of this is executed in chess like fashion against a sea of disorganized masses. 

The main street ceases to rely on actual trade for profitability but rather it has become a grand show of exhibiting the wealth effect with printed money that washes through their back doors in effect obscuring the downtrodden and financially destitute.  The freshly printed paper currency acts as a drapery to all of this.

As mom and pop stores shutter all around us at the speed of light  the corporations step in and fill up these vacant  spaces with their own brand of fancy and brighter stores which are nothing but affluent looking monuments to the system of old.

Pretty shop assistants stand in these stores with painted smiles on there faces as the sea of people rolls by. In these newer business model customers are welcome but not a necessity for their survival. 

These retail markets and a slew of other markets have become nothing but a paper currency kabuki theatre.    

The pseudo incentive of currency is slowly dying in the minds of the common man. The acceptance and faith of false money can only be repressively reinforced through the medium of devastating outcomes; perhaps a horrible war coupled with pain, suffering, and famine and off course a greater depression thrown into the cocktail for good measure.

The question is! Will the implementation of a cashless society by the elites be, the unintended consequence of which may act as a   tipping point to the great unravelling of the kabuki grander illusion system economic? 




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