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FBI Doesn’t Care About Government Corruption

Published: January 4, 2017
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The reason the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”) doesn’t care about governmental corruption (judicial, executive, legislative) is because they are also in fact, completely and totally corrupt.

It appears that their main job is to protect the wealthy elite Deep State Oligarchs/Plutocrats, while nailing to the wall free thinkers, political dissidents, patriots, soft targets, opponents of the oligarch elite, and other real or imagined targets.

The FBI has been caught engineering false terrorism arrests (, unlawfully surveilling and harassing innocent Americans (, developing and using “informants” who are actually arch-criminals themselves (, and otherwise creating problems that don’t exist in order to justify their annual federal budget.

Before 1975 when the Frank Church Senate Hearings outlawed this corruption, they did this under the aegis of the COINTELPRO program, while after 1994 they have been doing this under the Bill Clinton/Joe Biden Community Oriented Policing (“COPS”) program.


This should come as no surprise, since the FBI was founded by legendary cross dresser and alleged pedophile J Edgar Hoover (, who was a high-level Freemason and Shriner (, whose links can be connected to the grand pedophiles haunting London’s national security apparatus GCHQ and other freaky Masonic lodges scattered throughout the world (

This is a secret society club, and you ain’t in it.

Legendary FBI Whistleblower Ted Gunderson, who literally ran the FBI in several different jurisdictions throughout the United States, complained bitterly about how he was stifled and his investigations routinely “shit-canned” whenever he got close to the very real and underground Satanic Pedophile Networks and other organized crime creeps that were being protected and covered up by the wealthy Oligarch/Plutocrats powers that be (, and many suspect that he was murdered surreptitiously for daring to go on the lecture circuit to announce his findings (

Long-time NYPD Detective Jim Rothstein, assigned for more than 40 years to a special investigative unit investigating amongst other things, child prostitution/trafficking/pedophile networks recently only last month did an interview wherein he echoed the same sentiments, that whenever he got too close to the source or origin of these satanic child molesters, that he was routinely told to “back off” or “stand down,” or face career destruction or even worse (

This is apparently how the elite keep each other from talking, from divulging their secrets, or keep each other from testifying against one another.

When are we the American people going to demand that our lousy dishonest Congress and Senate drag these criminals in front of them to conduct in-depth investigations on the FBI, members of the corrupt judiciary, and others “on the take” within the American government?

After all, the American people are the ultimate arbiters of justice – we should be faxing/emailing/texting/calling our Representatives incessantly demanding that they take investigative action immediately.

There are no doubt scores and countless numbers of patriotic, courageous, and heroic FBI Special Agents roaming the halls of all jurisdictions within this entity throughout the United States, but it appears that these “beat cops” are literally kept out of the loop and away from the levers of power by their higher ups, director, and special agents in charge within all of the various field offices, because these “leaders” are also part and parcel of this same criminally corrupt oligarchy/plutocrat power structure, going to the same parties, hanging out at the same clubs, making financial deals with one another, and otherwise covering up for the crimes and misdemeanors of their cronies in exchange for gifts, benefits, sweetheart deals, money, sex, drugs, and other types of bribes and coercions.

Since FBI Whistleblowers have until recently had the worst protections for a government agency (, secrecy and retaliation are cultural problems within the FBI and many patriotic agents probably wonder what they were thinking by signing up for such a disgustingly corrupt and incompetent agency in the first place.

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