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Parents Denied Right to See Pro-LGBT Videos Forced on Their Children

Published: July 9, 2018
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A lawsuit against a Pennsylvania school district will be filed later this month, if the district continues its refusal to allow parents to see a series of pro-LGBT videos that their children were forced to watch in April. In a June 22 letter to the East Penn School District, Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast said that Pennsylvania state law dictates that parents are entitled to all such curriculum information.

Almost three thousand students at Emmaus High School were required to see the videos during the school district’s LGBT “Unity Week.” Students could not opt out, and not only were parents not allowed to see the videos, they were not even informed that the videos were being shown.

The national LGBT lobbying group GLSEN sponsored the “Day of Silence” across the United States. The four videos that the students were forced to watch were sponsored by the Gay Straight Alliance Club.

The principal, Kate Kieres, has revealed the general content of the videos, however. One video was entitled “Nine Questions Gay People Have About Straight People.” A second video was from a CBS News story explaining what it “means” to be “gender fluid.” The video highlights negative experiences of “gender fluid” people have in interacting with others.


The third video celebrated “marriage equality” (the politically correct euphemism for same-sex “marriage”), while the fourth video was entitled “Show your Pride. Share your Love.”

Kieres explained that the short clips were shown as part of the “morning announcements.” The videos were selected by members of the Gay Straight Alliance club as part of their “Day of Silence” project. Kieres defended the action by saying that it was “not new this year. Similar videos have been shown during the week leading up to the ‘Day of Silence’ for at least the past four years.”

When some parents became aware of the videos, they asked to view them for themselves. They were denied, with Kieres arguing “these videos cannot be sent to you, because they are part of a student project.” Outgoing Superintendent Michael Schilder supported Kieres’ refusal to allow parental viewing of the videos, insisting that “student expression must always be protected. A parent or member of the public has no right to view or access a student’s term paper, speech, or multimedia project just because he or she objects to the topic.”


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