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Israel Police to recommend Netanyahu be tried for media corruption

Published: November 17, 2018
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Israel Police are willing to submit their recommendations to the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding their investigation into allegations of corruption against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli media revealed on Friday.

Israel’s Channel 10 news reported that Case 4000 (sometimes known as the Bezeq case) will be the third file in which the police recommend Netanyahu be prosecuted for corruption, having previously recommended he be charged in both Case 1000 and Case 2000.

Channel 10 added that Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Benjamin Netanyahu, will also be investigated next month for her suspected involvement in Case 4000.

Commenting on the investigation, Netanyahu said that he is sure the case will be closed without presenting any indictments against him.

Case 4000 pertains to Netanyahu’s alleged arrangements with Shaul Elovitch – the head of telecoms giant Bezeq Communications and owner of news website Walla – which saw Netanyahu promise government concessions and services in exchange for favourable coverage on the news site. Under these alleged arrangements, Bezeq is thought to have earned hundreds of millions of dollars during Netanyahu’s term as Communications Minister.

Netanyahu is currently under investigation in three cases, with a fourth – dubbed Case 3000 – pertaining to his lawyer and cousin David Shimron’s involvement in arranging lucrative defence deals. On 13 February Israel Police recommended that Netanyahu be charged in two cases.

In June, the Israeli prosecution charged Sara Netanyahu with “fraud and breach of trust” after the police carried out a long investigation into allegations of forging family expenses. Israeli law requires any minister in the government to resign in the event of being officially charged with corruption.

Netanyahu has consistently stressed his innocence, arguing he is the victim of campaigns launched by the media and the opposition aimed at overthrowing him and his government.

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On Monday Netanyahu opened a parliamentary session at the Knesset by addressing his familiar theme of "Iranian expansion" in Syria, except that the timing is now more interesting given some of the public heat and attention has now been taken off Tehran for a time: "We must act against the Iranian regime in Syria," Netanyahu said.

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