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Former Mossad chief joins Israeli spy firm Black Cube

Published: December 8, 2018
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The former Mossad chief, Ephraim Halevy has joined the Israeli private spy company; BlackCube as a member of the board of directors, head of the committee to screen potential clients and a senior adviser on operational and intelligence issues, Israeli media reported.

According to the report, Halevy; 84 could also become the company’s president.

Some former senior Israeli security officials, including ex- Mossad chief, Meir Dagan, ex-Police commissioner, Yohanan Danino and ex-head of National Security Council, Giora Eiland have all joined the company.

Established in 2012, BlackCube is one of the world’s leading private spy and investigative companies, offering services to powerful clients with strong economic capabilities in the individual market to resolve trade disputes. However, the company has been associated with international scandals including working for Hollywood’s disgraced producer, Harvey Weinstein who had hired the company to collect information on accusers of sexual abuse.

In 2016, the Romanian police arrested two Black Cube operative on suspicion of wiretapping Romanian law enforcement officials in violation of the law.

Last month, Israeli Haaretz newspaper revealed that the company had attempted to obtain information from two members of the Obama administration.

Halevy served in the Mossad for 41 years, during which he held senior positions, including the head of the department responsible for Israel’s secret relations, before being appointed the head of the spy agency. In 1997, Halevy helped resolve a crisis between Israel and Jordan following the failed assassination attempt on Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal in the kingdom.

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An Israeli intelligence firm that reportedly helped Harvey Weinstein gather information on women accusing him of sexual harassment and assault has said it is sorry that it agreed to work with the Hollywood producer.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the story was the paranoid raving of the strangest of conspiracy theorists, but it’s true; alleged multiple-rapist and disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein really did hire former agents of Israel’s Mossad spy agency to snoop on his accusers and on journalists who were planning to report the story that has rocked the world since the start of October.

Harvey Weinstein reportedly hired journalists and highly trained ex-spies and military personnel who used fake identities to try to stop accusers from going public with sexual misconduct claims against him.

Romania has arrested two employees of an Israeli intelligence company on charges of spying on and trying to intimidate the country’s chief anti-corruption prosecutor, officials say. “An investigation has been launched and two people have been arrested,” Mihaela Porime, a spokeswoman for the anti-crime and terrorist prosecutors’ office, said on Wednesday, adding that the suspects work for the Israeli private intelligence agency, Black Cube.

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