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Netanyahu’s personal lawyer to be charged with money laundering

Published: December 7, 2019 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: Independent UK

Israel’s state prosecutor has plans to indict prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cousin and personal lawyer, alongside six other people, on charges related to a possible conflict of interest over a $2bn purchase of German submarines.

Shai Nitzan said in a statement on Thursday the seven would be charged on various corruption offences, including money laundering, bribery and fraud – pending a hearing.

Among them is Mr Netanyahu’s attorney, David Shimron, who represented the German firm involved and was suspected of using his influence over the prime minister in return for a hefty cut of the deal.


Also set to be indicted is David Sharan, who once headed Mr Netanyahu’s office. The former head of the navy, Eliezer Marom, has also been implicated.

Mr Netanyahu was questioned during the investigation known as “File 3000” but not named as a suspect. But the involvement of his closest aides has sparked questions about his earnings on a related German submarine sale to Egypt.


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