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Second Amendment sanctuaries now expanding into Kentucky

Published: January 6, 2020
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Source: natural news

With Democrats set to take over all lawmaking apparatuses in the state of Virginia within days, tensions are high ahead of expected new gun control legislation that could include outright bans and registration schemes. 

For weeks after the November elections, newly empowered Democrats have said they plan to introduce a new Fifth Amendment-violating “red flag” law that allows guns to be taken away from citizens before they’ve even committed a crime; gun registration, which critics and historians say is the first step towards widespread confiscations; and a so-called “assault weapon” ban, which may also include a confiscation provision if residents who own those firearms don’t voluntarily turn them in.

In response, counties, cities and towns throughout the state have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries” along the lines of the Left’s “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens: Officials and authorities in gun sanctuary jurisdictions have vowed not to enforce any new gun laws they feel violate the Constitution, much as state officials in some localities ignore federal immigration laws to protect illegal aliens.

Virginia officials and Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration have hypocritically declared that gun sanctuaries will have no force of law or any effect while doing nothing to push back against illegal alien sanctuaries. 

The gun sanctuary movement actually began in Illinois in April of 2018 after officials there grew tired of state Democratic lawmakers pushing their anti-gun agenda. It has since spread to other states including Virginia, Colorado, Kansas — and now Kentucky.

Gov. Andy Beshear (D) has a new gun control agenda of his own (because all Democrats hate the Second Amendment, in case you haven’t noticed), and in response, several counties thus far have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries, according to Breitbart News.

As noted further by the Lexington Herald-Leader, those counties include Cumberland, Harlan, Leslie, and Letcher, among others. Authorities there have said they’re not going to enforce any new gun control laws passed by the state or the federal government.

‘There are so many people angry…’

“Tonight, I feel that we the people of Letcher County, and not just Letcher County but the state of Kentucky, and not just the state of Kentucky but of these United States of America, can stand up as law abiding citizens and proclaim that we are constitutional to the bitter end,” said resident David Johnson, according to the Herald-Ledger. 

Others are concerned that arrogant Democrats are pushing their anti-gun agenda to the point where they will force citizens to defend their rights by extreme means.

As reported by The National Sentinel, last month Marine Corps Reserve Maj. Ben Joseph Woods, who is also a civilian police officer, addressed the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and admonished state Democrats for ramming through gun control laws despite obvious widespread pushback (some 90 percent of Virginia jurisdictions have passed gun sanctuary declarations).

“I’m not going to address the bills themselves,” Woods told the supervisors, adding that a large number of residents believe they are patently unconstitutional as well as pointless.

“The ugly truth of our situation is that is just scratching the surface of what is happening…I work plainclothes law enforcement…I walk around without a uniform, people don’t see my badge, people don’t see my gun, and I can tell you: People are angry,” he continued, Law Enforcement Today added.

He said the situation was becoming so frightening to him that he is considering moving his wife and child out of the state if the bills pass. 

“…[T]here are so many people angry in gun shops, gun shows, at bars, we have heard it now, people talking about tar and feathering politicians in a less than joking manner,” he said. “The legal precedent we would set by allowing the legislature to selectively ignore enumerated rights at will is the same mindset that 150 years ago led this country into a civil war.”

Is a showdown coming with Democrats in several states over guns? It would appear so.

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