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Chicago: 'Black Lives Matter' Mural Painted Over to Read 'All Lives Matter'

Published: July 12, 2020
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Peaceful protesters on Tuesday painted over a "Black Lives Matter" mural in Oak Park to make it read "All Lives Matter."

The peaceful protesters were accused of "hate" and "racism" for their message of unity.

From ABC 7, "'Black Lives Matter' mural in Oak Park defaced, painted over to read 'All Lives Matter'":

A Black Lives Matter mural in west suburban Oak Park has been defaced, officials said.

Crews were working to clean the mural on Scoville Avenue just south of Lake Street Wednesday morning.

[...] Parts of the mural was painted over in order to make it read "All Lives Matter."

I love how these youths act like they're taking part in some anti-establishment revolution as they're reciting propaganda slogans put out by the Fortune 500.

Whereas state-sanctioned "Black Lives Matter" graffiti is being painted on streets all over the country a couple who painted over one of these murals in Contra Costa Country was hit with hate crime charges.

There are people getting fired from their jobs for tweeting "All Lives Matter."

Professors who tweet "White Lives Don't Matter" are rewarded with full professorships.

If Corporate America is pouring 1.7 billion into your coffers you're not fighting a revolution against the system.

The more I think about what's occurred since the corona-shutdown began the more it seems like this effort to spark a race war is just to divide and conquer the masses to keep them from uniting against the $6 trillion bailout which Rep Thomas Massie accurately predicted would be the "largest wealth transfer from taxpayers to the super rich" in American history.

The biggest companies in America looted the treasury for trillions, had all their competition deemed "unessential" and forcibly shut down for months on end (while nearly everyone's stimulus checks went straight to them) and then pushed this Cultural Revolution to distract from their crimes and shut down all dissenters in the name of fighting "hate" and "misinformation."

[Header image by Airickson via Wikipedia with thumbnail from ABC 7]

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