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Facebook Closes 'Robinhood Stock Traders' Group Page - Claims 'Sexual Exploitation' Amid GameStop Rally

Published: January 29, 2021
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Facebook has banned a ‘Robinhood Stock Traders’ group page on the platform Thursday, preventing a community of retail stock traders from discussing investment strategies and finance.

The purge represents the latest on the part of Big Tech to eliminate online communities that challenge the financial dominance of hedge funds and billionaire oligarchs.

In laughable fashion, Facebook censors told the administrator of the group that the page was being banned for policy violations of “adult sexual exploitation.”

Discord had previously banned a r/WallStreetBets server from its platform, making a sham accusation of ‘hate speech’ in order to prevent retail investors from discussing financial strategies. Facebook has followed in a similar fashion, making false accusations as a front for financially-motivated censorship.

We were first on the picking tree to be cut off because we are on Facebook, not a free platform like Reddit,” said 23-year old Allan Tran of Chicago, who created the Facebook group page.

Big Tech censors will dredge up whatever sacrilege they deem necessary to deplatform everyday people that challenge their interests and hegemony. They assume the general public is too stupid to notice that they’re enacting financial censorship to interfere in the stock market at the very moment retail investors jeopardize the shorting strategies of Wall Street hedge funds. has a group function which enables users to peacefully discuss finance, firearms, politics, religion and anything else they’re interested in.

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