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N.Y. governor's office "covered up" nursing home Covid deaths

Published: February 13, 2021
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Source: Boing Boing

We've known for at least a month that New York undercounted Covid deaths in nursing homes last year. Now we know that it was undercounted at the direction of the office of the state's governor, Andrew Cuomo.

According to a source who participated in the call, "DeRosa said the administration essentially 'froze' because it wasn't sure what information it was going to turn over to the DOJ, and didn't want whatever was told the lawmakers in response to the state joint committee hearing inquiries to be used against it in any way."

And that is a very different animal. Because the latter explanation suggests that the reason the Cuomo administration didn't release the full details of deaths in nursing homes to state legislators is because they were concerned about how that data might be used against them, politically speaking, if it fell into the hands of the Trump administration.

Which is a very bad look — to say the least.

Did you notice how many journos were mocking of the Hero Cuomo train last year, but oddly unwilling to burn themselves saying why? This was why. It was suspected from the outset that a cover-up was going on, because stuffing hospitalized seniors into nursing homes to free beds was (openly and admittedly) the reason for Britain's shocking number of Covid deaths and New York adopted the same strategy, at the same time, in very similar circumstances. QED.

A question now is whether Cuomo, a profoundly Trumplike man who generates profoundly Trumplike outcomes, will benefit from the scapegoating of his underlings.

P.S. Time to update your "fact checks", fact "checkers".

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