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Apple to Install Vaccine Passport Feature on All iPhones

Published: July 22, 2021
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Apple has announced the coming iOS15 update will include a vaccine passport-like feature within the Health app.

The new feature will allow users to store their medical records within their phone, which can then be shared to regain access to basic aspects of society, such as travel, work, and entertainment.

According to Apple’s website: “Institutions will be able to issue verifiable lab results and immunization records, including COVID-19 test results and vaccinations, that can be downloaded and stored in the Health app.”

Screenshot from Apple’s website.

The site goes on to say: “You can securely share verifiable immunizations and lab results to facilitate flights, workplace screenings, event screenings, and more.”

Screenshot from Apple’s website.

The update will be released in the fall and will be available to download as a public beta in July.

Critics of vaccine passports have warned they will be used to discriminate against those who are vaccine-hesitant or refuse to take the COVID jab. The passports will essentially be employed as a means of applying pressure through social exclusion and denial of services, a tactic being pushed by mainstream media in the United States and Australia.


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