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The Last of our Human Freedoms – Covid-1984 meets the Brave New Normal

Published: October 3, 2021 | Print Friendly and PDF

Source: off-guardian

In an age of angst, animus and anomie, ‘controversy’ still rages on all things Covid. Yet many scientists, researchers, health-care providers and medical professionals—even former pharmaceutical executives and senior staffers—bravely stand fast against the toxic tide of this new tyranny.

This alone is clear evidence something is decidedly wrong with the official narrative. My feature length essay on the subject earlier this year — “The Psychic Dangers of Infected Minds (With a Lie this Large)” — posited in fact the notion the real “virus” was of a different, less tangible, yet far more insidious, perhaps even incurable, kind. 

Since publishing it, the “minds” have become ever more infected, our responses more ‘Pavlovian’; the lies larger, more frequent, contradictory, absurd. And more widely spread. With the truth becoming more distorted, fragmented, censored. And soon to be perhaps punishable by law, a statement which is not by any stretch hyperbole. Oh that were the case.

That said, some of the natives are getting restlessHere’s an update cum sit-rep on the unsettling “settled” science of the ‘BigPharmafia-Medical’ papacy. Suit up, lock n’ load, secure the perimeters now. Prepare to engage the enemy!


In January 2020, I was invited to a small conference outside Edinburgh of independent political writers, activists, historians, and scribes of the dissident kind. There I was uniquely privileged to meet and greet with a broad range of kindreds.

Committed truth pilgrims and myriad political ‘refuseniks’ one and all, if there was a single thing we all had in common it might be found amongst any of the following: A nose for official duplicity, cant and perfidy; an unerring disdain for propaganda and hype; a palpable sense of creeping democratic devolution; and an abiding resistance to the manipulative, insidious agendas being imposed upon us by the upper echelons of the global ruling class elites.

Such “agendas” are of course all too eagerly facilitated by the elites’ ‘useful idiots’ and their craven commissars, who for the moment at least are a privileged, even protected species. Unlike the rest of us, as we’ll see!

The events of the past eighteen months have revealed for those of us looking at least who these people are, and what that overarching agenda is all about. For our purposes herein one such conference participant stands out. 

Helen Buyniski; a young, native New Yorker is as righteous as one might reasonably expect. Blogging under the wickedly seditious handle of “Helen of Destroy”, Ms Buyniski has an opinion or three about what is manifestly wrong with the Anglo-American-Zionist world in general, and is not shy about ‘spreading the love’.

In short, this is a political activist par excellence — who thankfully eschews the nominally disparate, yet decidedly tedious, dogmas and slogans that characterise the left v right political discourse — and one who sees little point in ‘taking prisoners’.

If you are, though, someone who can handle unvarnished revelations about the machinations of the elites and wish to get a handle on the chaos and calamity the Great Resetters seek to impose upon all of us, then Buyniski is your go-to (wo)man! We should be forever grateful she’s on our side and not theirs, and more than a little disappointed we can’t actually clone her!

After her 28 minute presentation, she left the stage with us all wanting for more. Which is not the same as saying what she had to say warmed the cockles of our respective hearts. Not by a long shot from the Grassy Knoll!

Having just revisited her presentation, it is now after eighteen months of Covid that the full import of her ‘diatribe’ is coming home to roost, and that all things being equal (rare to be sure), the much-touted benefits of hindsight can scarcely be overstated.

Now space inhibits a ‘blow by blow’ of the import of what she had to say, as she covered a lot of real estate. Below though is something of a ‘thumbnail’ — essentially an expose of the intricate synergies of the globally systemic propaganda, censorship, power, and control dynamics as they then stood — all themes which I explored in this treatise from 2019. And all of which I’ve touched on in most of my other outings, for the simple reason that such matters are key to understanding just about everything going on around us, and pretty much all that’s led us to this point.

We’ll return to Buyniski’s talk soon, but first, this. Whether we know it or not or like it or not, no matter how clever we think we are, or how mindful we might be of — and from that consciously resistant to — the pernicious effects of propaganda and censorship, we’re all susceptible to the enervating forces they unleash, with complacency, ignorance, and hubris being all but a few of them.

Like the rest of the Edinburgh conclave, Buyniski understands this reality indubitably. The regime under which we’ll all be expected to live out our lives according to the dictates of the fatuously tagged “new normal” is not about public health, or our well-being and welfare: that is most assuredly not the case.

What is it all about then?

It is about ‘old fashioned’ power and control, pure, simple, absolute. 

This time on a scale that, whilst it may have been hitherto imagined — perhaps by James Bond movie villains — has not been attempted. The one singular difference is that 007 only ever had one ‘bad-guy’ to contend with. We have a long ‘conga-line’ of them, all dancing in lockstep. And they’re both real and dangerous! And preternaturally evil.

For those who truly believe the official narrative of Covid, what follows is not for you. To wit: If you do choose to buy that spiel though, a check-up from the neck-up is highly recommended. Rehab is beckoning!


Ms Buyniski began her conference session by name-checking the estimable Edward (“More Doctors Smoke Camels”) Bernays, nephew of none other than Sigmund Freud, and author of the seminal book Propaganda.

From that point she had our ‘complete and undivided’. Bernays is arguably one of the most influential people of the past century or more that most people have never heard of, which given the nature of the man’s work is perhaps a fitting legacy. It’s instructive to note that Adolf Hitler’s go-to shill-meister Joseph Goebbels was a big fan!

Yet there can be no doubting the man’s vicarious impact on our recent history, our political economy, our society, our education, our culture, our communities, our lives; it’s there but for all the most ill-informed, myopic or self-absorbed to see. His influence is as enduring and incalculable as it is iniquitous and ubiquitous. The aforesaidPropaganda became the ‘go-to’ play-book for the nascent advertising, public relations and perception management industry, whilst he assumed the role of its reigning go-to guru, a roost he ruled for decades.

Here’s what HB had to say by way of introduction [My emphasis].

It’s been a century since Edward Bernays wrote his book Propaganda, unveiling a PR industry that had previously operated only behind the scenes and triggering its growth into an industrial behemoth that now reaches the far corners of the earth. Wars are fought on the level of “hearts and minds” as much as bombs and guns, and huge swathes of the population won’t make a move unless they believe it’s approved by public opinion.

In the past few decades, technology has allowed PR to consolidate its hold on the human mind in a way that was not previously possible…The end goal is to divorce us from everything that makes us human, creating hollowed-out automata eager to receive their marching orders.

Far from the days in which advertising was a resented intrusion, we now line up overnight to receive our personal propaganda-delivery devices, and for too many of us, received propaganda has supplanted the development of an individual self.

As she approached the denouement of her talk, Buyniski asked: ‘Where is this headed, and can it be stopped?’ She does not leave the questions, or us, hanging! Readers are strongly encouraged — even before proceeding — to imbibe her message. But the gist of it is this: at around the 20m mark of her riveting, now eerily prescient disquisition, Ms Buyniski subtly ‘laid a Claymore’ that exploded about four weeks after we’d all returned to base-camp. We’re talking here of course the pandemic du jour, Covid-19.

In short, Buyniski proposed only a few examples of the many possible global catastrophes — real, imagined, natural, concocted — whereby those in power might facilitate the “end goal” as set out above. We can all think of numerous such cataclysmic events and the prospect of their appearance: Everything from a financial meltdown, a major solar flare, super-volcano eruption, a dinosaur-destroying meteor strike, a cyber-terrorist attack, an economic collapse, and you guessed, last but not least, a world-wide pandemic!

Whilst Buyniski did not use the word “Covid” or suggest that said “pandemic” was around the corner, she was mos’ def’ on to something!

As I have noted before, in the wake of events which unfolded shortly thereafter and continue to do so as of this writing, it becomes increasingly apparent that the phrase ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ has rarely been more cogent. Certainly not since 9/11!

With crass opportunism, unbridled cupidity, and bloody cynicism hardly being concepts foreign to the political animal mind, this phrase not by chance shoehorned itself into the political lexicon in the wake of that memorable event. Though in both instances perhaps, we might add that the subtext of the meme was then and remains now: ‘if we get tired of waiting for a crisis to show up out of the blue ether, go the extra mile and have one tailor-made, fit-for-purpose as it were…’


In order to convey something of the monstrous fraud that’s been perpetrated upon us these past eighteen months, the following trip down the Memory Hole is as good a place to start as any.

In a report from Britain’s Channel Four from 2010, Wolfgang Wodarg, the then Council of Europe health chief, accused Big Pharma of “unduly influencing World Health Organisation (WHO) decisions” and blueprinting a global “campaign of panic” in response to the so-called Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreak that made its inauspicious debut around twelve months before.

By the time the penny dropped that this much touted existential threat to humanity was far less than the sum of its overblown parts, major European countries (Britain, France, Germany etc.), were “burdened” with tens of millions of doses of useless vaccines for which they’d forked out “hundreds of millions of dollars” of the taxpayers hard-earned. A similar fiasco and furore played out in the US.

Now for those people still ensnared in the net of the official Covid narrative, the preceding alone should provide ample doubt as to its veracity and integrity.

Whether induced by enforced isolation, social distancing, and lockdown fatigue; travel, work, and social restrictions; media fuelled polarisation between “anti-vaxxers” and “pro-vaxxers”; workplace coercion and bullying; truncated and disrupted education for our kids; Stasi-state edicts from on high from leaders getting in touch with their respective inner tyrant; loss of income and business revenue; or fear of mandatory injection with substances that are at best experimental — or any other legitimate concerns which have arisen as this bespoke crisis has unfolded and whose twists and turns are increasingly improvised ‘on the fly’ by self-serving politicians and health bureaucrats — for those predisposed to seeking a more enlightened insight into the agenda of the Great Resetters, I trust the rest provides something of an additional reality check on our collective predicament and the looming perils unleashed upon us by these ‘Pandoras’ of the pandemic.

All the “grim predictions” about the Swine Flu from the hand-wringing hordes in Big Pharma—the Cartel from Hell—in addition to their accomplices in the medical and scientific establishment itself and the ever-reliable wolf-criers in the corporate media—proved to be a giant ‘fizzer’. Though it may not have been viewed that way at the time, in terms of furthering the longer-term agenda and prepping the ground for what was to come, it might now be seen as a roaring success. That’s that “hindsight” thing working overtime again.

It’s notable moreover that the source of upwards of 70% of the corporate media’s advertising revenue comes from the pharmaceutical industry, though there is perhaps nothing much to see here folks.

And there can be little doubt that far too many of our medical professionals and health care providers have made themselves far more secure and comfortable in their sinecures than they might otherwise have been had they not put their names on Big Pharma’s dance-card. (My own doctor abruptly ‘went into lockdown’ when I tried to discuss my concerns re: all matters Covid. And an old friend—a now retired medical specialist of no small repute—refuses to have anything to do with me now after I questioned the gospel!)

With this in mind, some might be forgiven for suspecting that the ‘pig-pox’ was a dress rehearsal of sorts, as already suggested, to soften us up for a more ambitious gambit.

To fully comprehend this as a real possibility (as distinct from conspiracy theories concocted by cognitively impaired, lizard-brain, loony-toons with too much time on their hands), the following should serve as another all-important reality check. (See this link for some Covid myth-busting analysis.)


In a recent interview on RT, the high profile US trial attorney Mike Papantonio, host of the channel’s America’s Lawyer program, let rip on Johnson & Johnson (J&J). J&J are of course the health-care and pharmaceutical behemoth (indeed the biggest), at least one of whose self-styled (albeit ironically so) “family of products” are likely to be found in every home on the planet at any given time. They are also one of many such companies in the industry looking to cash in on Covid.

Before continuing, it is perhaps worth having a gander at the claims J&J make in their ‘brochure’ (i.e. their website) [my emphasis].

At Johnson & Johnson, we are driven to improve the personal health of people everywhere. We deliver products that are rooted in science and endorsed by professionals. Our differentiated portfolio of iconic brands…delivers life-enhancing, first-to-market innovation. By combining the power of science with meaningful human insights and digital-first thinking, we help more than 1.2 billion people live healthier lives every day, from their very first day.’.

Now not much therein other than the fact that the self-ascribed, feel-good corporate beneficence is ever so frequently at odds with our consumer reality, something which we all too often forget, or choose to ignore. Which many folks seem to be doing now by embracing the Covid vaccine gospel.

And though J&J may have cornered the market in many of product categories within the industry, their notional ‘competitors’ are equally adept at inundating us with the same obsequious, mealy-mouthed, touchy-feely, ‘we have you best interests at heart’ corporate hype. 

What you won’t find featured on their website is anything to do with the following. Again, like their competitors, J&J are no slouches when it comes to ‘damage control’, of which there have been countless case studies in this industry. That being the real “damage” inflicted on consumers by their products, the extent, criminality and tragedy of which is all too frequently only realised by the critical masses after the said “damage” is done and then publicly revealed. After which, their senior ‘suits’ all begin a mad scramble for the exits, their lawyers all screaming at the top of their lungs, “nothing to see here folks!”

That is, any such “damage control” measures are all about ‘ring-fencing the risk’ in order to protect the corporations’ brand image and to minimise any negative impact on its revenues and profit margins. Rarely are the concerns or welfare of those most affected by their poisonous fare factored into the risk minimisation calculus. It’s all about shilling the next pill, shifting the units, and raking in the filthy lucre! And suppressing any and all adverse publicity.

Of course many people might say this is stating the bleeding obvious! Perhaps! But can anyone explain why so many ordinary folks seem to have forgotten this in the age of Covid?

Even for those disinclined toward such conspiratorial musing, one would have to at least wonder if indeed the Swine Flu was not one hell of a shell-game, a swindle in short. It’s a pity that so many seem to have ‘deep-sixed’ the sorry episodes of previous virus scares into the communal Memory Hole. An anamnesis of this sort might have stood us all in good stead in comprehending our current dire travails.

Which is to say, doesn’t any of this ring any bells? It should do! Are we not experiencing a palpable sense of deja vuhere? We should be! Alas, the “once bitten, twice shy” refrain doesn’t seem to cut it anymore for an increasing number of people! We have all but adopted a penny-wise, pound-foolish mindset when it comes to facing the existential challenges confronting us.

[Author Note: To underscore this conundrum, the following is worth noting: I posted recently a simple straw-poll on Twitter, which sought to ascertain from people the measure of trust they placed in BigPharma. The result from over 16,500 respondents? Ninety-two percent indicated they placed “no trust” in these companies at all, with many comments scathing in tenor! If only we could get 92% of our fellow citizens marching in the streets against this medical tyranny…If only! We probably wouldn’t be having this ‘chinwag’ now!]

Part of this indoctrination process involves keeping everything from us we need to know for as long as possible, and overwhelming us with information that we don’t need. That’s called ‘shaping the narrative’ of course, a time honoured practice in public relations, moulding public opinion, and from there, the confection of consent. To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, it’s ‘massaging the message’ via every possible medium at their disposal. BigPharma are masters at this!

Moreover, to the best of this writer’s knowledge, no pharmaceutical company has ever voluntarily or unconditionally ‘fessed up to the damaging impacts of any of their products when confronted with incontrovertible evidence to that effect, and done everything to make amends and repair such damage—that is, adequately compensate those affected or so damaged—in a timely, ethical, responsible and satisfactory manner. 

But another way, few companies that I’m aware of did not have some knowledge of the damaging effects of their products and did not move heaven and earth to keep such information under-wraps for as long as it was legally and practically feasible to do so.


In June this year, the aforesaid J&J was saddled with a $5billion fine for its part in the opioid pandemic, and in keeping the research findings regarding the effects on people of these ‘killer drugs’ under wraps. In this same segment, the feisty Papantonio raised the not insignificant matter of J&J’s conduct over the carcinogenic effects of its ubiquitous J&J Baby Powder®. Like its product ‘stablemate’ BandAid®, this product is one of the world’s most famous, enduring brands, the quintessential household name.

Such products have one defining feature: They are a licence to print money! Unlike BandAid® (which for the sake of this discussion we’ll assume contains nothing toxic which has heretofore not been publicly revealed), it is far from benign. As with the opioid products it was hawking, J&J had known—for several decades in the case of its baby powder — that its iconic ‘cash-cow’ was a dangerous product (it contained of all things asbestos, a highly toxic substance if ever there was one), and throughout they kept such information out of the public record.

One wonders for example how those women (and their families) who contracted ovarian cancer as a result of using this product for decades might react to J&J’s insipid, ingratiating corporate gobbledygook as presented above.

This, to say little of the company knowingly and negligently exposing their customers to such debilitating, life-threatening products. Papantonio described these folks as criminal sociopaths. No hyperbole here to be sure! They be DSM-5 certified.

With over 33,000 lawsuits pending against J&J in the U.S. alone—and with many more expected—Papantonio reported that the company is looking at a new strategy to dump its Baby Powder®-related liabilities in a new business (effectively a shell company) that would then be ‘entitled’ to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This arcane but very real corporate/legal avoidance manoeuvre—is called a “divisive merger”. The “Texas Two-step” as Papantonio acerbically describes the “divisive merger” (it originated in the Lone Star State), is the equivalent of the “Get out of Jail Free Card”.

That is, it would be if indeed the prospect of doing time in the Big House for any of these real-life-Monopoly®playing misanthropes was the rule rather than the exception. Indeed, Papantonio’s palpable sense of injustice and outrage went as far as the following: “There’ll never be any change [to the status quo] until we throw a few of these people in jail”.

When we think of the denizens of Wall Street after the GFC (many still laughing all the way home from the bank today), it’s hard to argue with that logic!

But the DM’s purpose is to provide a financial (as distinct from a criminal) liability ‘escape pod’ for J&J to substantially minimise its exposure to these lawsuits or preferably avoid paying any compensation at all. From the off, this latest revelation of corporate malfeasance and white collar criminal negligence raised any number of questions and concerns.

It also presents for us all any number of implications for our own individual and collective roles as consumers. Not least of these are the choices we make, less so of our own volition without some due diligence than those based on the quality, reliability, and credibility of information we are presented by these companies. And which they are compelled—theoretically—by both civil and criminal law requirements and basic ethical standards—good corporate governance anyone?—to provide. Once again, the Covid phenomenon presents us all if we’re willing to see it, enormous implications going forward.

There are a number of factors common to these instances of companies eventually found guilty of malfeasance, negligence, and/or criminal behaviour. To stress: These commonalities are rendered all the more noteworthy with the emergence of the Covid crisis and the attendant controversy surrounding the use of experimental (pseudo) vaccines being evangelised as the panacea by Big Pharma, and all of us who’ve chosen to embrace the “shill” regarding their effectiveness, safety, even necessity.

  1. It can takes years—even decades—for issues re: product dangers to come to light, with offenders often found to have hidden, distorted or otherwise prevented damaging findings being released;
  2. It can and often takes years—again decades—of lobbying and litigation for those seeking compensation to obtain it, with people’s very lives and those of their families frequently in the balance throughout;
  3. Companies will pull out every trick in the legal—and not so legal—playbook to avoid or defer accepting moral, ethical, financial, and/or legal responsibility for their actions and decisions;
  4. Rarely are mainstream media organisations for many reason proactive in taking the fight up to the big corporates, not least of which is refusing to risk the advertising revenue stream upon which they depend;
  5. Rarely do politicians of any note regardless of their party affiliations enter the fray on behalf of victims as their own parties are so dependent upon corporate funding with themselves unwilling to place at risk future job prospects once outside public office;
  6. Rarely do any of the relevant regulatory bodies do likewise as many have been neutered, corrupted or at least compromised by ‘regulatory capture’ and the revolving door syndrome;
  7. Rarely do the details of any final—invariably belated as noted—negotiated settlements become public as the agreements frequently bind successful litigants to non-disclosure;
  8. Rarely do any of the companies or their senior executives ever admit any serious liability for the decisions taken, apologise for, or demonstrate any genuine remorse for their past actions and decisions;
  9. Rarely is anyone—past or present—responsible for such decisions in the companies’ concerned personally held accountable or for that matter prosecuted for their actions and the consequences thereof;
  10. And almost no-one, in the U.S. or elsewhere—including here Down Under—ever does serious time in the Big House for their criminal recklessness, duplicity, or fraudulent behaviour and conduct.


It is perhaps notable that the Swine Flu “pandemic” that wasn’t arrived in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) and prevailed more or less throughout the peaks and troughs of its aftermath.

Was this just anothercoincidence? Or was the Swine Flu scare a distraction from the main game? Or was this the predecessors of the Covid Commissars running this up the flagpole whilst the rest of were more concerned with the stability of the global economy and getting on with our daily lives? 

To answer these questions, it’s important to recall what occurred during this period: it was nothing less than the greatest transfer of wealth and property in history from the lower and middle classes to the already super rich and to the large multinational banks, financial institutions, and corporations. Who in themselves are more or less fully owned or controlled subsidiaries of three to four mega corporate entities with only slightly less than the total value of the US economy (20 trillion dollars) in assets under their management.

This includes Big Media, Big Tech, BigFood, BigAg, and numerous other “Bigs” of the global economy. (To see what just one ‘trill’ actually looks like, click here. It’s an eye-popper!)

It then should not come as any great surprise that the recent crisis has again similarly facilitated by stealth an even greater transfer of wealth to these same groups, making the ‘09 heist pale in comparison.

As I’m fond of saying, ‘we don’t need the test results back from the lab to know there are rats in the gravy!’ Bill Gates himself, who has a long history of creating and selling viruses and then offering fixes for them that worked sporadically but still made lots of money off the back of these promises, now reportedly owns anything up to 65% of America’s prime farmland.

As one of the principal actors in our unfolding drama, one could write a ‘door-stopper’ on the estimable Gates and his role therein along without making much mention of his input into writing its script. (Much less his involvement with the execrable, late Jeffrey Epstein). Yet that would appear to be only one of the more visible, questionable signs that something far bigger—indeed far more insidious than most of us might like to think—is afoot with the Covid agenda; more precisely, ‘[something] rotten in the state of Denmark’.

In any event, all of the above is rendered somewhat academic now that Big Pharma has finagled legal indemnity from prosecution (essentially ‘suit-proofing’ them) for any and all ill-effects resulting from the use of these Covid vaccines.

But the key point here is that we continue to trust their earnest proclamations that the cure will not be worse than the disease. That they have been properly tested. That they are safe and will cause no harm or minimal side-effects. If Big Pharma’s dodgy track record is any indication, the basis for such trust is shaky indeed.

To underscore this, consider the following. The prohibition on prescribing hydroxy-chloroquine or Ivermectin for COVID-19 as suitable alternatives to Big Pharma’s experimental solutions should be of grave concern. Well over 120 peer reviewed scientific studies have shown either drug to be effective in treating and preventing the disease. 

Yet here in Australia — where as I write nearly half of the population (of 26m) are under strict lockdown conditions with the Army at one point patrolling the streets of our biggest cities (Sydney & Melbourne), massive, unprecedented citizen unrest nationally, and no end in sight—the federal government has done a deal with AstraZeneca and we are told we ‘cannot expect to go back to normal until a vaccine arrives’.

All the while new variants are mysteriously appearing, which doubtless will require ever more testing, lockdowns, follow-up vaccinations, and which will engender more social disunity, economic chaos, psychological disfunction, financial detriment (though not for the political, bureaucratic, financial, and business classes) along with increasing uncertainty—and collective anxiety—amongst ordinary people, about their futures and those of their families.

What we don’t hear in the corporate media is this: Like J&J, AstraZeneca also has a long rap-sheet of corporate malfeasance, corruption and criminality. They have been found guilty of offences relating to off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products; making false claims; kickbacks and bribery; consumer protection violation; sundry healthcare offences; government-contracting violations, and more. 

Since 2000 they have reportedly been fined over US$1.1 billion dollars for these offences and violations. All treated as a cost of doing business, all factored into operational expenses yet retrieved by excessive profiteering. 

And to take our discussion full circle, we cannot leave the corporate media itself out of the big picture here. Their own malfeasance is well documented by myself, Helen Buyniski, and countless others, not simply in capriciously propagating and perpetuating their own brand of truth or creating their own bespoke, self-serving reality on all manner of issues and concerns.

This is especially so wherein accurate, unbiased, and timely information that’s in the public interest is crucial for a well-ordered, stable, functioning, prosperous political economy and the democracy and freedom that’s purportedly an integral part of the milieu of a modern, healthy nation.

You know what I’m talking about here folks: One that’s a better world to live in for our kids and theirs than the one we’ve enjoyed! Let me ask the question one more time. Why do we keep trusting these people? All ‘donations’ in this regard gratefully accepted. But they better be big ones! If you gets my drift.

Greg Maybury is a freelance writer based in Australia. His main areas of interest are US history and politics in general, with a special focus on economic, financial, national security, military, and geopolitical affairs. For 6+ years he has regularly contributed to a diverse range of alternative, independent media (AIM), news and opinion sites, including OffGuardian, Dissident Voice, OpEd News, The Greanville Post, Consortium News, Information Clearing House (ICH), Dandelion Salad, Global Research, and others.



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