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America’s Largest Teachers’ Unions Push Vaccine Mandates That Will Usher in Technocratic Digital ID

Published: November 3, 2021 | Print Friendly and PDF

Touting public health rationales, the USA’s two largest teachers’ unions have rallied behind Biden’s call for vaccination mandates. However, those mandates are a stepping stone to a technocratic digital ID system, the ed-tech applications of which have been of great interest to these teachers’ unions and their benefactors for decades.

Back in February 2021, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA) lobbied the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to extend COVID restrictions that perpetuate public education’s reliance on privatization, specifically from Big Tech companies, which have been raking in record profits by selling schools ed-tech products to deliver online instruction during lockdowns. While the AFT and the NEA appealed to public health and safety rationales, their CDC lobbying efforts were couched in their conflicts of interest with Big Tech companies, such as IBM; corporate philanthropies, including the Rockefeller Foundation; globalist non-governmental organizations, like the Trilateral Commission; and world governance institutions, such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  

Lobbying the CDC to add COVID restrictions for in-person learning that perpetuate Big Tech privatization was just a pit-stop on the way toward these same teachers’ unions pushing mandatory coronavirus jabs for students and educators who will be required to verify their vaccination status with compulsory digital immunizations passports platformed on blockchain and other “distributed ledger technologies” (DLTs). Now that President Joe Biden has called on state governors to mandate COVID vaccination for all school employees and students, the AFT and the NEA are fully on board with the state and federal proclamations forcing their dues-paying teachers to get jabbed along with students. By backing government-mandated vaccinations for school employees and students, the AFT and the NEA are rolling out the red carpet for digital vaccine passports through blockchain DLTs that will be used to aggregate students’ electronic health records (EHRs), “learning analytics,” workforce competency algorithms, and criminal histories into “Social Credit” scores which will determine access to the public square and private markets – a technocratic system planned out in detail long before COVID-19 emerged.

The IBM-AFT-NEA Love Triangle Builds Big Databases for Social Credit

For at least sixty years, the AFT and the NEA have been collaborating with IBM to drive the evolution of automated “teaching machines” into digital ed-tech programmed with artificial intelligence (AI) engineered to psychologically condition students for corporate-government workforce compliance. Today, the AFT and the NEA are cheerleading for Biden’s vaccination mandates, which will kickstart a long-anticipated market boom for digital vaccine passports that can be platformed on DLTs, including IBM’s blockchain DLT. IBM’s DLT can be expanded to keep ledgers of students’ learning outcomes and job competences in order to extrapolate “predictive analytics” for Social Credit. At the same time, IBM is also on the front lines of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, which is calling for public-private ed-tech partnerships to “Reimagine Education” through AI algorithms that are programmed to data-mine students’ psychometrics for Social Credit algorithms. Those algorithms, in turn, track students into “career pathways” in order to fill job quotas for the global economy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Meanwhile, IBM is also teamed up with UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition, which is a consortium of Big Tech companies that facilitate virtual “distance education” through online adaptive-learning courseware and other “predictive” AI ed-tech that can feed student data into Social Credit surveillance grids. 

IBM’s extensive ties to the NEA go back several decades. In 1960, the NEA’s “Educational Implications of Automation” was financed “with an unrestricted grant from IBM.” Later, IBM partnered with the NEA’s “Mastery in Learning Project” in 1986, at the tail end of UNESCO “Study 11,” which orchestrated international public-private partnerships between Big Tech corporations, including IBM, Microsoft, and Apple, along with national government agencies, such as the US Department of Ed, to set up the global “information technology” (IT) infrastructure necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s ed-tech panopticon. In 1988, the NEA-IBM partnership launched the “Mastery in Learning School Renewal Network,” which was “an asynchronous teleconferencing and messaging system using PCs [for] the first electronic network dedicated specifically to school reform.” Two years later, in 1990, UNESCO collaborated with the World Bank to hold the World Conference on Education for All, which was followed up by a conference hosted by the United State Coalition for Education for All (USCEFA) in 1991. According to the USCEFA “Conference Report” titled Learning for All: Bridging Domestic and International Education, USCEFA was sponsored by the NEA, the AFT, IBM, Apple, the US Department of Education, and USAID, which has a long history of fronting for CIA operations.


It is worth noting that, in a 1985 “Special Issue” of Today’s Education, which is the NEA’s journal, there are advertisements for ed-tech products, including an ad for IBM “computerized instruction” for “a single terminal or a whole school system.” This “Special Issue” also contains infographics, including two illustrated graphs titled “High-Tech Happy” and “School Computer Use Soars,” which chart the regional proliferation of computerized ed-tech across the United States from 1981 to 1985 during the rollout of the US Department of Ed’s Project BEST (Basic Education Skills through Technology), which was America’s domestic version of UNESCO Study 11. 

This special edition of the NEA’s journal also included a collection of articles from trailblazers in the computerized ed-tech movement:

  • Mary Futrell: The former President of the NEA, Futrell would also later sit on the Board of Directors for K12 Inc., one of America’s largest online virtual charter schools, which was founded by US Secretary of Education, William “Bill” Bennett, who oversaw Project BEST after he took up the mantle from Secretary Terrel H. Bell.
  • Theodore Sizer: An acolyte of Goodlad’s technocratic model of community schooling, Sizer founded the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) where he advocated for hi-tech “small schools”; and he also founded the Annenberg Institute. The Annenberg Institute oversaw the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where a “community organizer” named Barack Obama served on the Board of Directors alongside Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon and the US Capitol building when he was a member of the infamous Weather Underground.
  • Linda Darling-Hammond: The President and CEO of the Learning Policy Institute, which is nowfinanced by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Hewlett and Packard Foundations. Darling-Hammond has been an advisor to President Barack Obama and President Biden and she sits on the Executive Board of Theodore “Ted” Sizer’s CES.

In sum, the NEA’s 1985 “Special Edition” of Today’s Education included an all-star cast of ed-tech proponents while promoting the expansion of computerized learning during the years of Project BEST and UNESCO Study 11. At the same time, this “Special Edition” advertised IBM ed-tech products just before the NEA partnered with IBM to build the proto-internet Mastery in Learning School Renewal Network, which was followed by another NEA-IBM partnership through America’s domestic spinoff of UNESCO’s Education for All coalition.

Like the NEA, the AFT also has decades-long ties to IBM. In fact, the year that the NEA published this “Special Edition” of Today’s Education, in1985, was the same year that AFT President Albert Shanker was cavorting with “the head of IBM” and unspecified “bankers” at Trilateral Commission meetings. Fast-forward to 2016, when AFT News announced “AFT and IBM Launch New Tool for Teachers.” Through this AFT partnership with the IBM Foundation, AFT-affiliated teachers were given premier “access to Teacher Advisor with Watson, a first-of-its-kind, innovative professional development tool using IBM’s Watson cognitive technology to help strengthen instructional skills and customize lessons.” With the help of the AFT, this early pilot development of IBM’s “Teacher Advisor with Watson was trained by third-grade math teachers and designed . . . to tailor lessons to meet individual classroom needs.” In other words, the AFT lent its teachers to IBM so that Watson AI could data-mine them to develop learning analytics that will automate their jobs with “personalized” cognitive-behavioral algorithms.

Skipping ahead to this year, on May 20, 2021, the AFT-endowed Albert Shanker Institute promoted IBM’s public-private “P-TECH” partnerships through a virtual discussion event entitled “Breaking Barriers: A Conversation with AFT President Randi Weingarten and Stan Litow.” The event also promoted Litow’s book: Breaking Barriers: How P-TECH Schools Create a Pathway from High School to College to Career. During the virtual talk, Weingarten, who wrote the foreword for Litow’s book, states that, for several “decades,” she has partnered with Litow, who was the President of the IBM Foundation when he founded P-TECH charter schools that partner with IBM’s Open P-TECH. Those schools work to “orient” students “to the wide world of technology— . . . AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Quantum and more,” including “Data Science” and “Blockchain.” Through the public-private P-TECH (Pathways in Technology Early College High Schools) system, students can earn “[i]ndustry-recognized digital badges” enabling them “to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as they apply for employment” through “career pathways” which can be pipelined through a blockchain “pay for success” system. That system, in turn, is funded by “social impact investments” that are part and parcel to the Social Credit economy of the WEF’s Great Reset. Meanwhile, the NEA is also trafficking in “competency-based” teacher-training courses that award “micro-credentials” certified through “digital badges” which can likewise be tracked and traced with Social Credit “smart contracts” through blockchain and other DLT networks financed by pay-for-success impact investments.

While IBM and the AFT partnered together in the development of Watson AI and P-TECH “micro-credentialing” through “digital badges,” which are likewise being disseminated by the NEA, IBM is also an active member of UNESCO’s NEA-endorsed Global Education Coalition. That coalition has teamed up with Chainlink DLTs to service social impact investments. Specifically, this partnership between Chainlink and UNESCO is financing a grant program to “inspire developers to build universally connected smart contracts that positively impact humanity in any number of ways,” including: 

  • “IoT-based [internet-of-things] projects that leverage Chainlink External Adapters to connect smart contracts to real-world sensors and automate outdated, paper-based processes.”
  • “Educational certificates, for both formal university and skills-based courses, that are recorded on-chain and in universal passports.”

In brief, through UNESCO’s NEA-endorsed Global Education Coalition, which includes Chainlink and IBM, social impact investments are being funneled into DLT innovations that incorporate Chainlink “middleware” to integrate “real world sensors” for tracking “gamified” learning analytics into tokenized “educational certificates,” such as NEA and IBM “digital badges.” Those “badges” are supported by the AFT through “smart contracts” that are logged onto “universal” blockchain passports, such as IBM’s Excelsior platform, and linked to the internet-of-things. 

In a December 2020 article for the Activist Post, I documented how an infrastructure of Chainlink middleware has been in the works to integrate blockchain and “hashgraph” DLTs with “off-chain” data in order to streamline the ubiquitous monetization, or tokenization, of all digital forms of personal data for the purposes of tracking Social Credit metrics through the “internet-of-everything” in a “surveillance capitalist” Fourth Industrial Revolution. Now that UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition is impact-financing Chainlink applications for connecting off-chain and on-chain data, IBM’s blockchain platform for vaccine passports, such as New York’s Excelsior, is primed to be Chainlinked to aggregate off-chain learning analytics and digital “workforce competency” badges that can be algorithmically tracked into a global Social Credit system bankrolled by impact investments under the world governance bodies of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum.

To tie it all together, IBM has spent at least sixty years collaborating with the AFT and the NEA in order to evolve Skinnerian teaching machines into AI adaptive-learning computers which data-mine students’ psychometrics for Social Credit algorithms that can be monetized, or tokenized, through blockchain passports linked to the internet-of-everything. Now that the adaptive AI learning infrastructure is firmly in place, thanks to COVID lockdowns which have forced schools to install Big Data ed-tech, all that’s left is to hook up these psychometric data-mining technologies to a blockchain passport system. IBM is already platforming this through its contract with New York’s Excelsior vaccine passport. To put the nail in the Orwellian coffin, the NEA and the AFT are now championing Biden’s federal vaccination mandates, which are ushering in blockchain vaccine passports that will allow for the laying of the cornerstone for the DLT digital ID system that is necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s Social Credit panopticon.

NEA and AFT “Reimagine Education” with Google, Gates Foundation, UNESCO, and WEF

The NEA and the AFT are further accelerating the COVID “leap forward” into the Fourth Industrial Revolution as both national unions are calling for teachers to “reimagine” schooling through the publicprivate ed-tech partnerships touted by UNESCO and the World Economic Forum. Meanwhile, those organizations are also parroting the Reimagine Education campaign of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in collaboration with former Alphabet/Google head Eric Schmidt. Of course, the NEA and the AFT both have a history of being funded with millions of dollars from the Gates Foundation, which is a member of the WEF, and both unions have also endorsed school integration of ed-tech products from Google, which is also a member of the WEF. At the same time, both the NEA and the AFT have collaborated with the Gates-owned Microsoft corporation, which signed a 2004 “Cooperation Agreement” with UNESCO, contracting to globalize “Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)” through “community-based” public-private ed-tech partnerships. 

Now, as the WEF spearheads the technocratic Great Reset, these alliances between the NEA, the AFT, Google, the Gates Foundation, the WEF, and UNESCO are coming together as the global Reimagine Education movement, which aims to exploit COVID lockdowns in order to permanently lock in a “Screen New Deal” that deploys ed-tech to data-mine students’ learning algorithms for predictive analytics. This ed-tech system of Big Data-mining is being built to lay the groundwork for a Social Credit surveillance network plugged in to an AI internet-of-things hooked up to a transhumanist internet-of-bodies (IoB). Meanwhile, Gates’s Microsoft corporation has been advancing the ID2020 project to set up a global digital ID apparatus through DLT platforms that can aggregate off-chain and on-chain biopsychosocial data, including blockchain vaccine passports and learning analytics, which can be tracked on Social Credit ledgers through the IoT and the IoB.

In 2019, a whole year before the global COVID lockdowns, the NEA’s newsletter, NEA Today,published an article entitled “The Reimagined Classroom,” which showcased classrooms where teachers “personalize” lessons through Google Docs data along with “QR codes, Apple TV, and a smartboard”. This “reimagined classroom” also envisioned students typing their essays on their smartphones and Google Chromebooks in addition to posting Twitter comments for discussion assignments. Just a few months after COVID lockdowns began in the United States, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his own Reimagine Education partnership with the Gates Foundation and Bilderberger Eric Schmidt, who is still the Technical Advisor of Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google where he was previously the CEO. In several articles published by the Activist Post, I documented how the Gates-Google Reimagine projects are building Social Credit Big Databases through data-sharing arrangements between InnovateEDU, which is funded by the Gates Foundation, and Google’s BigQuery datahub, which contracts with the Chainlink DLT middleware that services social impact investments through its partnership with UNESCO.

In the meantime, the Gates-Google Reimagine initiative is currently being advanced by the NEA Foundation. In July of 2021, just a few months after the National Education Association lobbied the CDC to tighten up COVID-mitigation policies perpetuating virtual blended learning, the NEA Foundation announced that it would begin offering “Reimagining Education Grants” designed to “support broad systemic changes and a reinvention of schools.” 

Prior to announcing these Reimagine Grants, the NEA and the Gates-owned Microsoft corporation co-financed a 2010 coalition between the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, which were also funded by Intel, and Pearson, the latter of which partners with IBM’s Watson AI and is the largest edu-corporation in the world. As a result of this funding from the NEA and the ed-tech industry, the AACTE and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills published a white paper titled “21st Century Knowledge and Skills in Educator Preparation.” That document calls for “the application of technology to support more robust instructional methods” grounded in “Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) theory and research” with the “outcomes-based” goal of developing workforce “competences” for “21st century skills” in a “global economy.” In the interim between this 21st Century technology project and the Reimagine Education partnerships, the NEA has also been funded by multiple Gates Foundation grants, totaling at least $9,227,812. 

Similarly, beginning in 2009, the Gates Foundation bankrolled the AFT’s Innovation Fund to the tune of $1 million dollars each year until 2014 after public backlash emerged concerning the financial relationships between the AFT and the Gates Foundation. According to Department of Labor filings, AFT President “Weingarten earned nearly $560,000 in total compensation during the 2013-2014 school year.” Additionally, the Gates Foundation also endowed the AFT Foundation with at least $1,922,200, including a grant “[t]o enable the American Federation of Teachers Educational Foundation to support the Minnesota Guild of Public Charter Schools to become a self-sustaining organization.” Last year, on August 20, 2020, the Gates-owned Microsoft corporation sponsored an Axios Event titled “The Future of Employment” where AFT President Weingarten and Microsoft President Brad Smith called for policies and programs that would “bridg[e] the digital divide” by expanding “broadband access” to accommodate “distance learning and distance working.”

This year, on May 13, 2021, the AFT, which has adopted the Google Certified Educator Exam, published a white paper titled “Return, Recover, and Reimagine: Toward a Renaissance in America’s Public Schools,” which calls for schools to “Reimagine Teaching and Learning” by preparing students for “[f]ascinating breakthroughs and vexing challenges [that] are all around us—nanotechnology, gene editing, sustainable cities, even advances in 3-D printed organs. What seemed like the future is here—so it must be in our schools.” Stated differently, the AFT’s “Reimagine Teaching and Learning” campaign seeks to assimilate students into the transhumanist future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This “revolution” essentially aims to “reimagine” the human species into a cyborg collective of human resources commodified through biotech and nanotech that are controlled by AI for the purposes of “human capital management” in a Social Credit-based technocracy. Meanwhile, to facilitate this post-humanist Social Credit system, Microsoft is advancing the ID2020 project to set up a global digital ID grid linked to blockchain vaccine passports and other DLTs that can log Social Scores based on biopsychosocial data, including EEG algorithms from transhumanist brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).



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