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Drug Cartel: Pfizer scores record profits via taxpayer funnel, on track for $100 billion in 2022 revenue

Published: May 4, 2022 | Print Friendly and PDF

The criminals and quacks who run Pfizer are getting filthy rich through the sale of their mRNA injection to governments, which, since 2020, have used taxpayer funds to place endless purchase orders for what was once described as a cure to the novel coronavirus, but is now quite clearly a failed product.

In a stunning earnings report published Tuesday, Pfizer announced they had logged $26 billion in Q1 sales, marking a quarterly profit of $7.86 billion. Revenue went up 77% while profit was up 61%. The company is on track to bring in over $100 billion in revenue and $32 billion in net income this year, and the vast majority of cash is coming from the American taxpayer and other government “customers” via their taxpayers, who have virtually no say in the matter.

More than half of their revenue ($13.2 billion) came from sales of their COVID “vaccine,” which has produced no actual demand in a consumer market. Another $1.5 billion came in sales of its oral COVID treatment Paxlovid, another product that is being financed entirely by governments.

It’s an impressive haul for a company that made most of its money off of a once-claimed immunizing “vaccine” — the mRNA COVID shot — that doesn’t currently work. Most countries are now on shot 4 of the Pfizer “miracle cure.”

The mRNA injection, branded as Comirnaty, has never been reformulated. It was designed in January of 2020 for an early strain that was reported out of Wuhan, China. That strain has not been identified in any human beings for about two years.

In order to keep profits soaring and expand its “customer” base, Pfizer is currently seeking authorization for three doses of its failed, expired vaccine for children under 5 years old, who are not statistically threatened by COVID-19.


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